Location of the Island

In the first episode, the pilot said, "Six hours in, our radio went out, no one could see us. We turned back to land in Fiji, by the time we hit turbulence we were a thousand miles off course." Based on some research, a normal, nonstop flight from Sydney to LA is about 13.5 hours, so the plane turned around half way into the flight (marked by the star). It is safe to assume that they are somewhere in that circle of islands.

Location of the Island - ABC.com - Official LOST wiki
The Estimated Flight Path

Bermuda Triangle: The island cannot be in the Bermuda Triangle because the plane never went anywhere near it.

The Dragon's Triangle: The Dragon's Triangle is similar to the Bermuda Triangle, but it covers a larger area. The triangle area connects Japan, Taiwan, and Yap island. Yap island is located East of the Philippines approximately 700 Nautical Miles, and 700 Nautical Miles North of Paupa, New Guinea.
Although it is likely that their plane didn't travel as far North to Japan, the southern tip of the Dragon's Triangle would be reachable if the plane traveled West from where the Star is indicated on the map.

A Bubble at the Poles: It is difficult to assume that they are in a bubble near the poles.
  • The sun appears high in the sky, not low in the sky as it is at the poles.
  • In an early episode in the first season, Sayid told Shannon that she may not be used to the sun's rays this close to equator.
  • There is a normal occurrence of day and night. If they are at the poles, days and nights would last about six months.
  • If they are at the poles, how could Desmond and Danielle simply sail into it. They would have hit icebergs and other such iced landforms.

4 8 15 16 23 42
If you use these numbers as coordinates (4 8' 15"N 162 3' 42"W) you will be very close to the star on the map. The point these numbers produce is located in open water just West of Palmyra Island and Teraina Island. These islands are South of Hawaii. ()

The Indian Ocean: It has been rumored that a real life event will effect the island. This rumor has led to speculation that the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami will occur in the Lost Timeline and it will effect the islanders.
The epicenter for the tsunami occurred off the West coast of Sumatra. This can actually be seen on the map above. The tiny dot on the far Western edge of the map is a small island off the Western coast of Sumatra, it is near that island where the epicenter occurred.
In order for Flight 815 to crash on an island in the Indian Ocean, and feel the effect of this famous 2004 tsunami, their plane would have to crash on the other side of Australia and the Indonesian Islands.
Actually, the Tsunami was strong enough to cause numerous aftershocks in California (which is on the other side of the globe). If the rumor is true, they my be affected by an aftershock rather then the actuarial Tsunami.

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Ms_Shadeslayer *face salad* 1 Feb 24 2010, 8:00 AM EST by dakuzmon
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The island DOESN"T have a location, according to... that one lady... Faraday's mother, appearently the island is always moving.
So this entire page is basically inaccurate.
Thank you.
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hdhaliwal1 Mr. Eko 2 Feb 4 2009, 7:56 AM EST by Lost50s
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If this is the location of the island than how did Mr Ekos brothers plane end up on the island? Do small plain have enough fuel to make it this far from Nigeria?
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Anonymous Map of flight path 2 Sep 2 2007, 12:22 PM EDT by #1LostFan
Thread started: Apr 25 2007, 7:09 AM EDT  Watch
You can't just draw a straight line from Sydney to LA for the flight path - planes fly in "great circles" to compensate for the roatation of the earth. The flight out of Sydney would have been more Northerly.
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