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Mr Cluck's Yummy Chicken Shack

- a fan madeparody of Hugo's NEW Mr. Cluck's (

- A fan made page about the couple of Jack and Juliet.

- Role Play your favorite character!

- Over analyzing Lost, one episode at a time - A blog analyzing and theorizing on each and every episode.

UK based Lost Fan Site. Come and join a really friendly lost site!

Experience the tension of the Lost Hatch from your web browser. Enter the numbers every 108 minutes to prevent the world as we know it from ending and lets see how long we can keep the timer going!

Fan Fare - LOST- A growing Lost site with soon to be many new features and a growing forum. Be sure to join!

A fanlisting for the the awesome show, Lost. Just a place to show that you are a proud fan of one of the best shows on TV! - An interactive blog with weekly episode analysis, lots of theories, and a sense of humor. Plust, interviews and episode archives.

Updated daily with information, recaps, and commentary about Lost and its actors.

- the fanlisting for the episode, "Homecoming" from the first season

Fan Fare - LOST
A blog with posts about episodes, theories, news, and anything related to "Lost".

TheTail Section
Popular news/opinion blog with active community.

Fan Fare - LOST
The Lost Portuguese blog and forum. O fórum e blog português de Lost.

Everything Lost, including blog, news, photos, analysis, theories, and more.

Lost blog with news, actor information, spoilers, interviews, and more!

Dharma Station Zero, media observation and integration.

An unofficial Losdcus on news, theories and episode discussion. With new posts often being published several times per day the site is one of the most active members of the Lost online community.

- Lost Fan Fiction

- A Lost fansite in German!

- Fanlisting for LOST Season 2

Islote Perdidos
A Spanish-language blog for LOST. With information, news, photos and more.

PerdidosporLOSTClub ,. Spanish Site.
Completo blog donde estarás informado diariamente sobre lo último en LOST ! Complete blog in LOST !

- Fanlisting for The Other 48 Days

Ryan and Jen live in Hawaii, and give you the lowdown on Lost from an islander's point of view. They used to do a great podcast (which has recently been revived), and now they keep the best Lost blog out there.

- Fanlisting for Episode Dave

Lost News, theories, and more

One of the top Lost blogs on the Internet. There is tons of information, news, commentary, pictures and episode reviews. It's a must have for any Lost fans' bookmarks.

- A Lost Blog that reviews each episode of Lost plus has the latest scoops on upcoming episodes for the series. 3 dedicated writers keep this blog running.

In addition to the cool podcast, this Lost site has a great collection of Lost cartoons! Click through the archives to make sure you see them all.

An unofficial fan site with lots of LOST links, the latest LOST news, and a growing episode and character guide. Check of .

A MySpace profile dedicated to the color orange on LOST. The color orange is a sign of evil/doom/death lurking around the corner. Learn more about the mysterious color orange and the placement of the color on the show with weekly updates of each episode.

Entertainment Weekly feature wherein the Lost map is decoded.

Study those hieroglyphics or Sawyer’s changing hair in as much detail as you need; with screencaps of every episode.

I.D. all those red shirts!

Pretend you’re in the Hatch -- enter the numbers yourself!

Thanks to Creative Screenwriting magazine, you can check out the scripts for eight first-season episodes online. If you find any inside info, be sure to let us know.
Show your love for our phantom Leader! Do you believe?

The LOST Tacktometer is a flash tool created by , co-owner of The Tacktometer counts down the minutes till the next episode of LOST (mouse over it for more info) in the style of the clock in the Swan Station Hatch. This beautiful piece of functional art is fully animated. It can be embedded within anyones personal webpage (as seen here) and makes a wonderful addition to any lost fans life or myspace page. It is available at:

Role Play Lost Want to live the life of your favorite character? Join to be your favorite character! Join fast, before all the characters are taken! Some available characters are: Sawyer, Jin, Desmond, Aaron, The Freighter Four, many more, and all the 'Others'!

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Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. It's a cool addition to my LOST wiki!!! Very coolio!!

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