Lingering Questions: Season One

Whenever LOST answers a question, it raises about five more. Click on EasyEdit to add your lingering questions (under the appropriate episode, if possible), and discuss in the comments.

General Questions:

  • Where exactly is the island?

1.01 "Pilot: Part 1" and 1.02 "Pilot: Part 2"

1.03 "Tabula Rasa"

  • What did the dying Marshal say to Kate?

1.04 "Walkabout"

  • Why did the Smoke Monster retreat from Locke?

1.05 "White Rabbit"

  • Where is Christian Shephard's body?

1.06 "House of the Rising Sun"

1.07 "The Moth"

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1.08 "Confidence Man"

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1.09 "Solitary"

  • Is Danielle crazy or is her story true, is there some kind of disease on the surface?

1.10 "Raised by Another"

  • Did Claire's physhic know about the Island? Did he receive a vision, or did he work for Dharma?

1.11 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

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1.12 "Whatever the Case May Be"

Why was the case under the two people? Why wasn't it with the cargo hold?

1.13 "Hearts and Minds"

  • What is that paste made out of, and how did Locke know how to make it? Could it be to do with his time spent at the plantation?

1.14 "Special"

  • What makes Walt special?
  • Did he conjure up the polar bear, or was it already on the island?
  • Polarbears are designed for Arctic temps and conditions; wouldn't they find it intolerable to live in humid tropical conditions?
  • The bird slammed into the window and died; is it the same bird as the one in the book Walt was reading?

1.15 "Homecoming"

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1.16 "Outlaws"

  • What are the whispering "voices" in the jungle?

1.17 "... In Translation"

  • How did Locke know that Walt burned the raft?

1.18 "Numbers"

  • Why did Sam Toomey and Lenny hear the numbers?
  • Are the numbers cursed?

1.19 "Deus Ex Machina"

  • Was Locke supposed to find the airplane, and allow Boone to die so that he would be "the sacrifice the Island demanded", or was he supposed to find the Pearl Station?

1.20 "Do No Harm"

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1.21 "The Greater Good"

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1.22 "Born to Run"

  • What prompts Walt to change his mind about leaving the island?

1.23 "Exodus: Part 1" and 1.24 "Exodus: Part 2"

  • If the Smoke Monster is a security system, who is controlling it and what is it protecting?
  • How the did Black Rock crash on the island and what happened to the crew?
  • Why do the Others want Walt?
  • Why did the Island bring everyone there?
  • What was in the hole the smoke monster tried to drag Locke into?

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Anonymous Black and white 6 Sep 27 2007, 6:56 PM EDT by evangeline70
Thread started: Dec 18 2006, 2:51 PM EST  Watch
Does anyone remember when Jack and everyone got to the first cave, there were ancient bodies there? Anyway, did anyone see that he removed a pouch containing a white and black stone? What is it used for?
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Anonymous Crew of the Black Rock 0 May 5 2007, 3:56 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 5 2007, 3:56 AM EDT  Watch
Maybe the Black Rock Crew are the Others...
Ben did say that he lived on the island for all of his life, did his dad too? We'll find out after the newest episode, "The man behind the curtain"
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Branfish "Why did Sam Toomey and Lenny hear the numbers?" 0 Feb 4 2007, 10:21 PM EST by Branfish
Thread started: Feb 4 2007, 10:21 PM EST  Watch
I don't understand why this is here. This has never been unanswered - they heard the numbers because they were being broadcast by the transmitter on the island. If the question means "why" on a more philosophical level, then surely you could say that about anyway in the show.
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