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UPDATE: Libby will be getting Season Four episode Eight as an after-death flashback episode.

Introduction: Elizabeth, more commonly known as 'Libby' was one of the tail section survivors of Flight 815. She claimed to be a clinical psychologist before the crash and developed a romantic interest in Hurley on the island. She was first seen in the Season 2 episode 'Adrift' and was later murdered by Michael; he shot her in the epsidoe 'Two For The Road' and she finally died of her wounds in '?'.
A competent young woman, she seemed reserved about her own life and gave out little information. As no flashbacks were specifically devoted to her, little is known about her background. Adding to the mystery is that her surname has not yet been revealed and that she featured prominently in the flashbacks of other Losties. Because of this, Libby has become a keen point of interest amongst fans of the show. Through the flashbacks in which she appeared, it was discovered that she was once a patient at the Santo Rosa Mental Health Institution together with Hurley and that she donated a sailboat to Desmond.

Plane Section: Tail

Who she was before: A clinical psychologist. This has yet to be confirmed, though, since she appeared to be a patient at a mental hospital.

Appears in Hurley's flashback in "Dave". Appears in Eko's flashback in "?". Appears in Desmond's flashback in "Live Together, Die Alone".

  • Libby trained as a young medical student, before dropping out in her first year, undertaking practice to become a Clinical Psychologist instead.
  • She may also have had three different husbands (though this information comes from a deleted scene, and so may not be accurate).
  • Libby did, however, have at least one husband named David. However, David tragically died, leaving Libby a widow at such a young age.
  • In 2001 (approximately), Libby met Desmond in a coffee shop--She offered to pay for his cup of coffee, and the two sat down together; he told her about his plans to sail around the world but he didn't have a boat. Libby offered David's sailboat that David left to her after his death. The boat was named "Elizabeth", and Libby told Desmond that taking it was what David would have wanted.
  • Libby was a patient at the Santa Rosa Mental Institute with Hugo.
  • Before boarding she intervened in an argument between Eko and Charlotte Malkin in the Sydney Airport before boarding the plane.
  • Hurley's imaginary friend Dave may be her dead husband.

Who was she?:
Ana hanger-on, Hurley love interest, island therapist/hypnotist.

  • Libby also played a key role in helping survivors come to terms with demons in their past. For instance, she helped Claire regain her memories of the Medical Station through what looked like hypnotic regression. She also helped Hurley try to rid himself of his eating habit, and stopped him from jumping off a cliff, right before she kissed him.

Why she was in Australia? Will we ever know? Or will Libby's story continue in flashbacks?

How did Libby end up in a mental institution?
Possibly because of her husband's tragic death.

What was Libby's last name?

Big secret: She was a fellow patient of Hurley's.
She gave Desmond the boat (named "Elizabeth", in which he sailed round the world, ending up on the island.

Status: Dead and buried on the island,.

How she was killed: Libby was fatally shot accidentally by Michael in "Two for the Road" after he shot Ana-Lucia. Even though the shot was an accident, as Libby had startled him when coming in to get blankets for her picnic with Hurley, he might've shot her on purpose even if she hadn't scared him, because she saw that he was the one who shot Ana-Lucia.

Theories: This won't be here long, because ABC denies it, but It's interesting that both Michelle Rodriguez's and Cynthia Watros' characters were killed off the show just after getting DUI's in Hawaii.

- No, Libby was probably killed off so the writers could bring Desmond back on the show! Since they know each other, having them both among the Losties at the same time would have caused too many complications. Very conveniently, Desmond reappeared in the boat she gave him during her funeral. I think the writers considered Desmond more vital to the storyline than Libby, and had to get rid of her. I'm sure she'll reappear in flashbacks, though.

The death of Libby's husband, David, may have been why she was in the psych ward with Hurley.

If Libby had married Hugo Reyes would they have called her Elizabeth Hurley?

Hurley went to a mental institute with his fake-buddy, Dave..that he made up. But in one of his flashbacks the camera slowly scrolls to show Libby who appears to be high or stoned.

Gone but not forgotten--Help tell Libby's story!

We want the inside scoop--the backstory, the connections, the speculation--about Libby. Click the EasyEdit button to help fill in the details of her life before the crash and on the island. We want the minutiae!
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