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Oceanic flight 815 was flying from Sydney to Los Angeles until the plane started having turbulance. The plane was blown off course and crashed on a "deserted" island. The remaining 48 survivors try to think of ways to get rescued while living on the island, trying not to fight, and escaping The Others and The Smoke Monster. The island holds many secrets, and you can't be sure of anything until it's answered.
the original survivors
In the first season, the survivors set up camp on the beach and in the caves. Locke and Boone discover a hatch in the island, and embark on opening it. In an attempt to get rescued, Boone goes inside a plane to use its radio. But the plane falls off the cliff and Boone is in fatal condition. At the caves, there isn't much Jack can do, and unfortunately, Boone dies. Sayid leaves the survivors and explores the rest of the island. He gets trapped and gets taken in by Danielle Rosseau, a lonely woman who was part of an expedition, but her team crashed on the island. Sayid learns from her there are other people on the island, but not her people. After Danielle goes into the jungle, Sayid escapes and returns to camp to share his new found information. In the season finale, Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer set sail on a raft. Then, Danielle returns to tell the survivors that the Others are coming. Jack and Locke decide to somehow open the hatch and get everyone inside in order to escape the Others' clutches. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, and Danielle travel to the Black Rock to get dynamite to open the hatch. Danielle leaves the 4 people. They get the dynamite and travel back to camp. While walking, the Smoke Monster appears and takes Locke, The monster travels to its hole, but in a nasty tug of war, Jack and Kate get Locke back, thanks to the dynamite thrown into the hole. Back at camp, Aaron, Claire's baby, is kidnapped by Danielle. Sayid and Charlie decide to go after her to get Aaron. They find Danielle with the baby, saying she wanted her daughter back, and she though the Others would trade. She then reveals the Others want Walt. At sea, the raft is discovered by the Others, and they take Walt and destroy the raft. Back at the hatch, Locke prepares the blow the door open. After seeing the numbers, Hurley tries to stop them. But the hatch is blown open.

In the second season, Michael and Sawyer make it back to the island. Immediately when they go on shore,Jin comes running from the jungle, saying "Others." These "Others" are actually survivors from the tail of the plane. There were originally 23, but after 2 attacks from The Others, they were down to 10. Ana-Lucia accused a man, Nathan, of being an other, and he was never on the plane. But actually, Nathan was innocent. Later on, she discovered her mistake and killed the real other. Less than 10 remaining survivors talk with Michael and Sawyer, and decide they're telling the truth. They all travel back to the beach, but on the way, Ana-Lucia mistakes Shannon as an Other and kills her. Michael is desperate to get his son back, and soon has contact with him through the computer in the hatch. With the help of Locke, Michael learns how to shoot a gun and traps Jack and Locke in the armory so he can go find his son by himself. Jack, Sawyer, and Locke set out to fins him, but encounter an Other. After making the border lines clear, the Other makes them give up their guns and go back to camp. A few days later, Danielle traps a man who calls himself Henry Gale. He gets taken in prisoner by the islanders and lives in the armory. He says he got on the island by hot air balloon, and draws a map to the balloon. Ana-Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie go out to find the balloon. They find it, along with the real Henry Gale, who is dead. The islanders are now convinced that he's an Other, and they keep him locked in the armory. The hatch starts acting weird, with metal doors secluding the living area from the rest of the hatch. With no other options, Locke frees the prisoner to help him. Locke gets trapped under one of the doors, and tells "Henry" to go through the vents and push the button. Soon, The lights go out, and a mysterious map appears on one of the doors. There is a big ? in the center of the map. Then, the lights turn on and the metal doors go up. "Henry" tells Locke he didn't push the button. After 13 days away, Michael returns with information about the Others. He tells Jack that he wants to go out again and get Walt back. But, he only wants Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to come along. Later on, Michael finds Ana-Lucia in the hatch, struggling with the decision to shoot the prisoner. Michael offers to shoot him, and when handed the gun, shoots Ana-Lucia. Libby walks in, and Michael shoots her too. He opens the armory, and shoots his shoulder. The prisoner escapes. Mr. Eko and Locke set out to find him, but instead set out to figure out what the question mark is. It's a ? drawn in the dirt in the middle of the jungle. Nearby under the yellow plane is another dharma station, The Pearl. The orientation video in this hatch reveals the button pushing is a psychological experiment. The people in that hatch are being observed by hidden surveillance cameras. Locke gets upset and decides to quit the button pushing. Mr. Eko takes over. Later, at Ana-Lucia and Libby's funeral, Sayid confronts Jack, saying Michael is not telling the whole truth about going to get Walt. While mourning, a sailboat approaches the island. In the season finale, Live Together, Die Alone, we find out aboard on the sailboat is none other than Desmond. Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley set out to find the Others and rescue Walt. Sayid, Sun, and Jin set out on the sailboat to back up Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley. While in the middle of the jungle, Michael confesses that the Others told him to only bring the 4 to get Walt back. The Others find them and hold them captive. Locke and Desmond bond, and wonder what would happen if the button wasn't pushed. They make the metal doors come down, locking Mr. Eko out of the room with the button. Furious, Eko enlists Charlie's help to get to the button. They get dynamite to blow the door open. Charlie tries to change Eko's mind, but is not successful. The button is finally not pushed, and the whole hatch starts to shake. The islanders even observe weird signs. Desmond says he thinks he caused the plane to crash because the day of the crash, he did not push the button. Meanwhile, Michael and Walt are finally reunited, and set off in a motor boat. The Others release Hurley, but hold Jack, Kate, and Sawyer captive. In a flashback, we learn Penny, Desmond's friend, has ordered a plane to go out and find Desmond.

The beginning of the third season starts with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer being held against their will in an abandoned Dharma station. While Jack gets an inside room and gets food served by Juliet, Kate and Sawyer are in 2 seperate cages outside. In a flashback, we learn that Ben has a tumor on his spine, and will die if it is not removed. That is precisely why Jack is being held prisoner. Ben asks Jack to remove his tumor, but Jack declines. Kate is told Sawyer will be killed if Jack does not perform the surgery, and so she tries to convince Jack to do it, but Jack still opposes. But, after seeing Kate and Sawyer kissing in the cage, Jack tells Ben he'll do it, if Ben provides a way to get off the island. Jack performs the surgery, but makes an "accidental" incision in Ben's kidney, and via walkie-talkie, Jack is able to let Kate and Sawyer escape, becuase the Others want Ben to be fixed, even if they lose two of the survivors. Ben is fixed, and Kate and Sawyer escape. Once back at camp, Kate is determined to go back to the Others' village, and save Jack. She enlists the help of Locke and Sayid. They travel to the Others; village, where Kate and Sayid are caught. Jack gets a chance to see Kate, and tells her about the deal he made with Ben, and how he'll get off the island with Juliet. Meanwhile, Locke blows up the submarine, which was Jack and Juliet's way home. Locke is taken prisoner, where he sees his Dad. The Others abandon their village, and take Locke and his father with them. Ben tells Locke if he kills his father, he will tell Locke anything he wants to know about the island. Locke cannot kill his father, so he gets Sawyer to. We find out that Locke's father was the con man that conned Sawyer's parents, and so, Sawyer kills him. Ben tells Locke about Jacob, and Locke wants to see him. Ben takes Locke to Jacob's cabin, where Jacob is invisible to the human eye. Locke hears Jacob talking, and sees Jacob for a split second. Afraid of Locke, Ben shoots him and leaves him in a pit of dharma skeletons. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Kate, Sayid, Jack, and Juliet return, where Juliet receives an unwarming welcome. Sun wants to know who the baby of her father is, so she asks for Juliet's help. They go to the Dharma medical station, where we find out Jin is the father of Sun's baby. While this is going on, Jin, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond travel to the jungle because Desmond had a flash that a woman would be parachuting onto the island. He was right, her name was Naomi. She has a special telephone with her, that can contact a boat 80 miles away from shore. The survivors attempt to use the phone, but some force is blocking transmissions. Juliet reveals that is a machine in the Looking Glass that is blocking it, and the only way to turn it off is to swim underwater and type in a code. Desmond had another flash that Claire and her baby will get off the island, but only if Charlie fulfills this mission, and dies. Charlie accepts this mission. Juliet also reveals that the Others are coming to kidnap the pregnant woman. With the help of Danielle, Jack gets explosives and creates a plan that will kill the Others that come. Jin, Bernard, and Sayid stay behind to shoot the explosives so they will blow up. Meanwhile, Jack leads everyone to the Radio Tower, where he will attempt to use the telephone with the aid of Naomi. Charlie makes it underwater and types the code, and on small screen, sees Penny, where she reveals that she does not have a boat 80 miles away and she has never heard of Naomi. Mikhail, an Other down at the Looking Glass station, sets a grinade from outside the station, and explodes a window open, causing the station to flood. Quickly, Charlie writes on his hand "Not Penny's Boat," and holds it up to the other window where Desmond is outside and sees it. Charlie drowns, and dies. Meanwhile, Jack is able to use the phone, and reaches help. People are now on their way to rescue everyone.

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