Kelvin Inman

Inman/Kelvin (Actor: Clancy Brown)

Biography: Kelvin Joe Inman maintained the Swan station, originally with his partner Radzinsky, then by himself for a time, and later Desmond.

Clancy Brown as Kelvin Inman
His Story: He is the man who persuaded Sayid to torture his commanding officer for information about a captured American pilot in "One of Them". He is also the man who was in the hatch pushing the button before Desmond showed up. Before Desmond, Kelvin worked with a man named Radzinsky, who designed the black light map. Radzinsky put a shotgun to his mouth and killed himself while Kelvin slept, leaving Kelvin alone to push the button. Kelvin rescued Desmond after his boat crashed and introduced him to the hatch, the numbers, and the infamous button. He showed Desmond the key that would implode the hatch. He lied to Desmond about the island, making it seem like it was uninhabitable and putting on a show of dressing in safety gear every time he left the hatch. Desmond accidentally killed him in a fight when he found out that Kelvin was planning to escape with his boat.

Episode Appearances:
"One of Them"
"Live Together, Die Alone"

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it is a sex film
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maybe radzinsky tricked kelvin into thinking he killed himself, when he really escaped to a different hatch. he can possibly be the man with the eye patch.
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