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Katherine Austen

(About the actress: Evangeline Lilly)

Flashback Episodes:
"Tabula Rasa", "Whatever the Case May Be", "Born to Run", "What Kate Did","I Do", "Left Behind"

Flashforward Episodes: "Eggtown"

Appeared in Jack's flashforward in "Through the Looking Glass."

Hails from: Iowa.

Who she was before: Fugitive. Known aliases: "Monica", "Maggie Ryan", "Annie", "Joan Hart", "Lucy"

Who she is now: tracker, melancholy ocean-gazer, Sawyer's love interest.

Why she was in Australia: She was in Australia for she was running from the Marshall. She settled on a little farm just outside of Melbourne(?) She was on the plane because she was being taken back to America by US Marshall, Edward Mars, after she had been on the run for what appear to be years.

Daddy issues: Blew up her stepfather's (Wayne) house with him in it. Wayne may have abused her - he did abuse her mother Diane, which is why Kate killed him. Kate believed her stepfather Sam, who is in the US Army; was her real father. Her mother Diane does not trust her: when Kate visited her, Diane was scared and started yelling. Diane promised not to tell the police about Kate if Kate never visited her again.

Romantic entanglements:

- Childhood boyfriend Tom, a doctor who helped her run and died for his trouble. She kept his airplane close to her and has a fond attachment to it. She robbed a bank and conned both Jack and Sawyer to get this toy plane. She can often be seen holding it in her fingers looking distant. Kate - LOST

- Was married to policeman Kevin Callis, who didn't know her real name, or that she was a fugitive. After a short time of marriage she told Kevin the truth and left.

- Jason, he was a guy who she used to rob a bank. She used her feminine charms to persuade him to help her rob a bank. She was to be used as a hostage and persuade the bank manager to give them the key. But, when Jason turned on the bank manager with a gun, she turned on him and shot him as well as all his cronies. It turns out all that was in the safe was Toms Airplane

On the island:
Jack and Sawyer. This section will be reviewed and revised to be presented without bias.

Big secret: Her original crime that had her on the run is not known by her fellow castaways. Kate's big secret is that she killed her stepfather. He was abusing her mother and he may have physically abused her. Her stepfather was actually her biological father. She didn't know that, though, until after she blew him up in her mother's house- with him in it. She also robbed a bank for to get back a toy plane, which had belonged to Tom, and was locked away in deposit box 815. Tom got killed while she tried to run away from the police in his car because he refused to get out of the car, and as Kate drove away the cop started shooting at them and Tom got shot in the chest. She has also resisted arrest several times.

Q: Who will she choose, Jack or Sawyer?
A: Kate's heart lies with both men, as has been confirmed. Currently she has chosen Sawyer, but this could change in the future.

Q: What happened with the pregnancy test Kate said she took once?
A: Negative, It as explained in "I Do"

Q: Will Kate hurt Juliet, and if she does, will Jack be mad at her for that?
A: Yes, Kate dislocates Juliet's shoulder during a fight while the two are handcuffed together in the jungle. However, it does not take much to dislocate Juliet's shoulder since it has happened four times before. As for Jack, he doesn't know yet that she dislocated her shoulder. If there was to be any more confrontation between Kate and Juliet it would be hard to determine who's side Jack would be on.

Q: Can Kate be pregnant from the episode " I Do" ,where she and Sawyer had sex in Sawyer's cage?
A: Quite possibly, considering that they've had sex twice and Juliet said that men's sperm count is 5 times the regular on the island.

A: I think there is a chance that Kate got pregnant from Ben... Remember episode 3.1? Ben had her shower and dress pretty, then they had breakfast on the beach (Kate being somewhat reluctant, and with her hands in handcuffs), but we don't know what happened between coffee and Kate's entry in the cage next to Sawyer's... When she got there, she was very distressed, and the impression I got was that Ben had just abused her.

Q: Does Kate feel sorry for killing Wayne, or do you think she will eventually feel sorry?
A: She feels a little bit of guilt, that is obvious.

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