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Flashback Episodes: "Not in Portland", "One of Us", "The Other Woman"

Introduction: Dr. Juilet Burke (nee Carson) is a member of The Others, and was introduced in the episode 'A Tale Of Two Cities'. She seems unhappy with her allegiance (particulary, it seems with Ben's position of authority) and lived at the Barracks until The Others abandoned the site. As a result of killing Danny Pickett and attempting to murder Ben, she has recieved a mark on her body and her status among The Others is uncertain. When The Others left the Barracks, she stayed behind in order to infiltrate the survivors camp and gain their trust.
Juliet is a calm, intelligent woman with a background in medicine. She seemed at one time to be a central figure in The Others activities, but unhappy with her private life. She can also be dangerous as she showed in her attempt to convince Jack to kill Ben during a medical procedure.
Following the events of 'Through The Looking Glass', The Others claimed that she had betrayed her people by informing Jack of the plot to take more pregnant women from the Losties' camp - as she is currently domiciled with several Losties back at the beach, her allegiance is currently unknown.

Who she was before: Before 2001, Juliet was a fertility doctor working under her ex-husband, , at the , a biological research facility in Miami. While working on her research in the labs, she was secretly administering her experimental treatments to her sister, , who was stricken with cancer. Chemotherapy had left her unable to have children.
One night Juliet sneaks into the laboratory to steal some medicine for her experiment on Rachel. , her ex-husband, and a woman named stumble upon her, and Edmund asks what Juliet is doing. Juliet says she was just correcting a mistake, and Edmund tells her to go home and leave Sherry and himself in the dark.
Juliet attends her meeting with from Mittelos Bioscience, who is presenting a slide show about their facilities in , in the hope of recruiting her as a head of a team of highly trained people. His pitch of independent funding and research freedom intrigues Juliet, who asks why they are interested in her. Alpert talks about Juliet's research, in which she managed to impregnate a male field mouse, and is clearly impressed with her work.
He asks her to examine a slide of a CT sequence. Juliet assesses that it is a human womb, and judging by the scan, most likely of a barren patient in her 70s. However, she is told that the woman is in fact just 26 years old, and that she could find out why if she worked with them. However, Juliet begins to cry, stating that her ex-husband Edmund would never let her go, jokingly saying that short of his getting hit by a bus, she would not be able to leave the University. Apologizing, she leaves, adding that she is no leader.
Back at home, Juliet tells her sister about the interview and her feelings of failure, but is shocked to learn that she has not failed, and that Rachel is pregnant. Rachel has the box and instructions for a on the table. With the resolve that all she must do now is get healthy again, Rachel and Juliet embrace, and talk about confronting Edmund. Juliet finds Edmund talking on his cell phone to his mother outside the lab. She tells him that Rachel is pregnant, but refuses to allow collaboration and testing on her sister. As Edmund argues, he steps out into the street and is hit by a bus and killed.
Juliet goes to the morgue to identify Edmund's body and sign paperwork. The doctor leaves her alone, and she starts to cry. She is interrupted by the appearance of Alpert and Ethan Rom. She then begins to think back to her interview with Alpert where she had spoken about Edmund getting hit by a bus. Alpert brushes off the comment, saying that Juliet must still be in shock, and that he doesn't recall her statement. He asks her once more to join Mittelos, asking her to just give them six months, in order for her to be able to return to Miami in time for her sister's delivery. Juliet is shocked, and asks how they knew about her sister's pregnancy. Alpert replies that "we're very thorough in our recruitment process". When Juliet asks whether she can bring her sister with her to Portland, Alpert tells her that it may be difficult for her to get her treatment at such a remote facility, as it is in fact "not quite in Portland". ("")
Later, after Juliet hugs Rachel good-bye and tells her that she'll be back to see the baby born, she is asked by Richard Alpert to drink orange juice with tranquilizer to prepare her for the journey to the Mittelos facility. When she hesitates, Alpert tells her that she has a gift and they hired her specifically because they believe that gift is unique. She drinks the orange juice too fast and quickly becomes unconscious. ("")

Who she is: Stephen King Fan, Fertility Doctor, Love interest of Jack(?), Marked as a murderer or as traitor (for shooting Pickett). An Other who wants to go home, which Jack says makes her 'one of us.'

Juliet appears to be struggling with Ben's autocratic leadership of the Others. She has several cold interactions with Ben in the Season 3 premiere, "A Tale of Two Cities" including Ben's discovery that he is apparently out of the book club; and Ben simply says "Okay" when Jack threatens to kill her. Ben then deserts her to fend for herself or drown when Jack opens a hatch door releasing a torrent of water--because they're under water in another hatch. On the next episode, Ben makes the comment that she never used to make soup for him, when she brings Jack food in this underwater hatch. Two episodes after that, she told Jack that they all make decisions together.

In "The Glass Ballerina", it is revealed that Juliet is not just in charge of overseeing Jack, because she is present during Kate and Sawyer's rock-busting detail. She manages to end Sawyer's revolt by holding a gun to Kate and assuring Sawyer she will kill her if he doesn't drop the rifle. Later in the episode Sawyer tells Kate that Juliet would have definitely killed her had he not done exactly what she said.

During the fourth episode, "Every Man for Himself", she tries to save Colleen's life from Sun's shot to the abdoment, but she has to ask Jack for help. After "freezing" during surgery she confesses to Jack she's only a fertility doctor. And he finds out that one of them, around 40 years old, has a tumor on his spine, and it just so happens Jack is a spinal surgeon.

In the episode "The Cost of Living", Juliet tells Jack that she's putting on a movie, then begins talking to him about Ben and the surgery. As the movie plays, we find that it isn't the said "To Kill a Mockingbird". Instead it shows Juliet with note cards that tell Jack not to listen to what she is saying, that Ben is a dangerous liar, and that she wants Jack to kill Ben during the surgery. But that he has to make it look like an accident and that she would protect him.

In the episode "One of Us"
Ben then calls after Juliet asking if he can have a moment to speak with her. Juliet and Ben approach the Flame, calling out to so he doesn't open fire. Inside they are greeted with a stack of TV monitors showing 815 leaving, and news reports possibly reporting that the flight is missing. Ben points out the date on a newspaper rather blatantly to Juliet but she doesn't seem to care. Mikhail connects Ben to Richard and a video feed of a healthy Rachel with long hair is shown as she plays with her toddler son . Juliet is overjoyed and grips the screen while crying. Ben points out that he wasn't lying. He coldly closes the connection with Richard and Mikhail shutting down the video feed. Juliet frantically begs for a few more moments. She asks again to return home, but Ben says she cannot leave until she finishes her research. After the submarine explosion, Juliet was sent by Ben to infiltrate the beach community. She pretended to have fallen out of favor with the Others, and to have been left behind and gassed along with Kate, Jack, and Sayid. Juliet, under orders from Ben, used the opportunity to handcuff herself to Kate, "in the hope that she wouldn't be left behind" by her as well as everyone else. Juliet then went to recover the medical kit (which had actually recently been left by ) but before she could return to Claire she was confronted by Sayid and Sawyer who wanted answers about who she really was and what the Others were doing on the Island. Juliet, using her background knowledge of them, told them that they oughtn't to take the moral highground as their own pasts were quite shady themselves. She asked them how long it took after the crash before they told their fellow survivors about how Sayid was a torturer and Sawyer was a killer. She told them that if she wasn't allowed to return to Claire she would die and her blood would too, by added to their hands. She then took the medical kit and returned to the beach where she successfully treated Claire.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet
Big Secret: Juliet was not left behind by the Others. She and Ben concocted a plan in which she deceives the survivors on the beach while implementing his plan.

Hails from: Juliet is originally from Miami, Florida.

Possible romantic entanglement: Juliet may possibly be a new love interest for Jack. In "The Cost of Living," Juliet Juliet - LOSTjokes with Jack about his cheeseburger meal, and the effect is flirty. Jack seems to be showing some interest, then later tells Ben he doesn't mind her being there.
When Isabelle asks Jack if Juliet asked him to kill Ben he lies for her and says she didn't. Later while putting aloe on Juliet's mark/brand, Jack tells her he helped her because they are going to work together to make Ben keep his word (letting them go home). When Juliet asks how they are going to do that, Jack says "Together."
In "Through the Looking Glass" Juliet and Jack share a quick kiss before she heads off with Sawyer back to the beach.

She also had a relationship with Goodwin before Flight 815 crashed.

In Season 5, it shows that after 3 years of being stranded on the island without Jack and Kate that Sawyer and Juliet fell in love and lived together in a house as they worked for the Dharma Initiative. When Jack and Kate return Juliet seems to be worried that their relationship could end.

Trivia: The name "Juliet" is most commonly known from the Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet'. "Two households, both alike in dignity" -- the two households referring to the Survivors and the Others. Another cue is that Kate might be akin to Roseline, Romeo's first love interest which was frustrated.
Juliet breaks her shoulder in "Left Behind" an allusion to Jack and her being similar individuals (Jack broke his shoulder in "The Moth").


Q: What is her history with Ben?
A: They've known each other for over three years. There is tension between them because Juliet wants to leave the island to see her sister, but Ben refuses to let her go.

Q: Will Ben really let her go home?
A: Perhaps that is part of the reason she is tricking the survivors.

Q: Does she have feelings for Jack or is she just using him to keep herself safe?
A: All I can say, is that she never made soup for Ben.

Q: Was Juliet one of the people who went with Tom to take Walt away from Michael?
Juliet was never shown on the boat or is there any indication of this.

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Another flashback episode of Juliets is The Other Woman!! That's my fave episode!
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I LOVE Juliet. Her flashbacks have been great so far, they show a very insecure woman who has now become a very strong woman. For some reason she reminds me of Locke who also used to be very weak until he came to the island. I don't like that she constantly lies, but to be honest wondering if she is good or bad was one of the most interesting parts of S3. As for Juliet and Jack, I just think they have so much in common, both being divorced haveing thought they were not leaders. Jack trust this woman! I don't even know why, he lets her go with Sawyer in a suicide mission (he wouldn't never have done that with Kate) and he lets her handle the dynamite (remember when he switched the dynamate from Kate's backpack?). I just think it's time that something good happens to Jack, and if Juliet is that I'm all for it.
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Juliet is one of the most complex and intresting character on the series. She was a very sensitive and insecure woman before she arrive to the island. When she arrived to the island, her character start to change when she saw all the deaths of the pregnant women and Ben won't allow her to go home. She doesn't feel loved anymore, she feels like they (the others) are only using her. Now that Jack is showing intrest in her, she is begining to trust people again by helping the survivorse live the island, thing that she want's more than anyone.
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