Jin Jin Soo Kwon

(About the Actor: Daniel Dae Kim)

Flashback Episodes:
"... In Translation", "... And Found", "The Glass Ballerina", "Ji Yeon"

Appears in Jack's flashback in "White Rabbit". Appears in Sun's flashbacks in "House of the Rising Sun", "The Whole Truth", "D.O.C."

Introduction: Jin-Soo Kwon is one of the middle section survivors of Flight 815. He is the only middle section survivor that did not speak English. When they first crashed on the island, Jin was very controlling to his wife Sun. He did not want himself or his wife to associate with anyone. In time , he change and became friends with the other survivors. He learned many words and phrases on the island with help from Sun who is bilingual. Their marriage has been a bumpy road since arriving on the island. After some time on the island, their relationship was very good. Jin treated Sun very well, just like he did when they first met and were very much in love.

Current Status: Jin survived the explosion on the Kahana freighter that him and the crew was on. He ended back on the island, passed out. He was found by a young, pregnant Danielle Rousseau. This is when he realized it was 1988, she was with The Science Expedition team and witnessed what happened to them. Then the island began moving in time, then Jin met up with Sawyer and his group. After moving in time on the island, they finally ended up in 1974. Jin and the group joined the DHARMA Initiative and were there for 3 years. Jin speaks fluent English now and worked for DHARMA 's security team. But after the decision was made to detonate the bomb, Jin's current status is unknown.

Hails from: A small fishing village called Namhae in South Korea.

Plane Section: Middle

Why he was in Australia:On a business trip for Mr. Paik, delivering watches to Sydney and to Los Angeles with his wife, Sun. Jin planned to stay in America to get away from his boss Mr. Paik, Sun's father, to start a new life together.

Who he was before: Raised in a small fishing village which he is ashamed of. He fell in love and married Sun Paik, who's mobster father was Mr. Paik, a very powerful, controlling man. In order for Jin to have Mr. Paik's blessing for Jin to marry Sun. Jin had to work for Mr. Paik. The "jobs" he did put a strain on Jin, so he took out on Sun. Instead of the loving man that Sun fell in love with, he was, secretive, controlling and neglectful which almost ruined their marriage.

More pre island info: Jin was born November 27, 1974 and grew up fishing with his father in Namhae. Jin's father is not sure if Jin is his biological son, but raised him anyway. Jin's mother abandoned him. When he was a child, his father told Jin that his mother had died to spare Jin's feelings. Jin served in the Korean army. After that he moved to Seoul. His first job there was a doorman at the Seoul Gateway Hotel, a very upscale establishment in central Seoul.

Jin - LOSTHe quit that job and soon after he met Sun who he fell in love with. Jin also worked as a waiter working parties for Mr. Paik, Sun's father. When Jin asked Mr. Paik for his daughter's hand in marriage, he told Mr. Paik that his parents were dead out of shame. Mr. Paik agreed to the marriage and offered Jin a job working as floor manager at Paik's Automotive. After 2 months of marriage, Jin was promoted to work for Mr. Paik, with the title "the enforcer". This took a toll on Jin because his job really consisted of blackmail, bribery, extortion and murder. Jin kept this all from Sun and it put a strain on him and their marriage. They also found out that they had fertility problems and could never have children which made their marriage even worse. Jin was never home doing "jobs" for Mr. Paik. When he would come home, Jin was so hostile and secretive towards Sun. In time Sun had enough of Jin and his behavior towards her, so she secretly started making plans to leave him.

Jin went to visit his father and apologized to him. He admitting that he was ashamed of him and lied to Sun and her family telling them he was dead. His father forgave him, but sensed that Jin was troubled. Jin confided in him and his father told him to leave this kind of life. He told him to take his wife Sun with him and start a new life together. When Mr. Paik told Jin to deliver two watches, one in Sydney and one in Los Angeles, this was a perfect time for Jin to take his father's advice. So Jin asked Sun to go with him, but he never told Sun about his plan for them to stay in America. At Sydney airport, a Caucasian man who works for Mr. Paik spoke Korean to Jin, warning him that he better return to Korea when he's done delivering the watch in LA. This man told Jin that he's not free, never was and never will be.

Who he is now: A great fisherman, actually the best which turned out to be very helpful amongst other things. Jin is very useful helping his fellow survivors, especially his wife Sun. Jin would do anything that it would take to protect her. He was involved alot with saving and rescuing his fellow survivors and anyone else in need. At first, Jin was the only one who didn't speak English, it didn't stop him from being one of the most useful men on the island. He saved many lives. He's now living in 1977, speaks fluent English, which makes Jin even more useful for his Flight 815 survivors.

More of Jin on island : When Flight 815 first crashed on the island. Jin was not very likable or friendly, even by his own wife, Sun. He had this controlling way with Sun that made him not very well liked. After a few days on the island, he beat up almost killing Michael in front of Walt. Sun knew the reason, because in the wreckage Michael found Mr. Paik's watch and wore it. The other survivors pulled Jin off of Michael. Sayid handcuffed him to a piece of wreckage. Sun told Michael the reason of Michael's beating from Jin was over the watch that Jin saw him wearing. She told him that Jin was being honorable to her father who owned the watch. Michael went over to Jin and with an axe, chopped Jin's handcuff off the piece of the wreckage which let Jin go. Michael yelled at him over trying to kill him over a watch that he found in the wreckage. He gave Jin his watch back and told him that who needs a watch when it doesn't even matter what time it is on a damn island. Jin had the handcuff on his left arm for quite a long time until it was removed. Jin was jealous towards Michael and Sun's friendship and didn't know Michael knew that Sun could speak English.

Jin - LOSTWhen Michael started to build the raft, it was Jin who started to make peace with Michael and helped him build the raft. They bickered alot while building it, but they were starting to become good friends. After the raft was built, somebody burned the raft down. Everyone there was accusing Jin and were attacking him. Sun couldn't take it and yelled in English that it wasn't Jin. This shocked Jin, along with most people because not too many knew she could speak English. This embarrassed him too because everyone could tell that he didn't know she was bilingual. He then stopped speaking to Sun and helped Michael built a new raft. Right before he was ready to set sail he finally spoke to Sun. Jin told Sun that he forgave her and that he was leaving on the raft to try and find help so that he could find a way to bring Sun home.

As soon as Jin, Sawyer, Michael and Walt set sail it wasn't too long before everything went wrong. Walt was stolen by the Others and the guys were captured by the Flight 815 tailies. Jin tried to find and warn Sawyer and Michael, but it was too late, the tailies captured them, but in time realized they were all on the same plane together. Jin was also useful when he offered to sail Desmond's boat to help Sayid. They were trying to stop Michael's trap that Michael made with the Others towards Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate. Sun insisted that she come along to translate for Jin. Sayid, Sun and Jin were sailing across the ocean and were the first Flight 815 survivors to see The Four Toad Statue.

Becoming more into his own, finding out that Sun was pregnant and that he will soon be a father. He is learning more English. He is very helpful when it comes down to protecting his group. Along with Sayid and Bernard, these three stayed behind at the tents when Jack had a plan to blow up the Others with C-4 explosives who were coming to take the woman who they thought were pregnant. He risked his life and almost died along with Sayid and Bernard. Sawyer and Juliet tried tosave them. Then, finally Hurley came driving through with a DHARMA van and helped kill the Others.

Rescue was near from the Kahana crew, who really weren't there to rescue them. Jin found out, but was still trying to get everyone rescued and off the island. Especially his wife, Sun, who was pregnant and on the helicopter. Then Jin was on The Kahana freighter, risking his life with Desmond trying to help people on the freighter, which was about to explode from a Mercenary's plan, named Keamy. Jin would get on the helicopter after he tried to help Michael, sent by Ben as a spy on the freighter, freeze the C-4 explosives. Jin tried to get on the helicopter after he tried to help Michael stop an explosion to save people from dying on the freighter. The oceanic 6 were on a helicopter and saw the freighter explode. Jin was believed to have died. This made Sun bitter who made it home and gave birth to Jin's child, Ji Yeon.

Jin is now in 1977 and is speaking fluent English working for DHARMA security. He is friends with Sawyer, Miles and Juliet since they were the only people left from 2004 when the island moved through time. He knows his wife is back on the island because some of the Oceanic 6 returned. He does not know she is living on the island in 2007. He tried to find her and along with Sawyer, he tried to help Sayid and the rest of the Oceanic 6 not get in any trouble with the DHARMA Initiative. In a short time, everything that was going fine started to unravel. Jin ended up again in the middle of another crisis. Jack decided to take Daniel Faraday's advice to detonate the bomb, with the hopes that Flight 815 never crashes on the island in 2004, instead, lands safely in Los Angeles. Jin was nearby when the incident occurred.

Daddy issues:
  • Ashamed of his rural roots and father’s humble status as a fisherman, he tells everyone his father is dead.
  • Jin's father in-law made his life miserable with his controlling ways and almost ruined Jin and Sun's marriage.

Big secret:
  • Unknown to Sun, her father sent Jin to kill the man, Jae Lee that Sun had an affair with. Jin didn't kill him, even though he was supposed to, but it didn't matter, because the man (possibly) commited suicide.

  • Jin never found out that Jae Lee was the man that Sun had an affair with, this man also taught English to Sun. He was the hotel manager and wealthy son of the family who owned Seoul Gateway Hotel where Jin worked and was treated badly there.

  • Jin was in Australia to deliver a watch and than deliver another watch to one of Mr. Paik's clients in the United States. He planned to never return to Seoul so he and Sun could escape her father, Jin never told Sun this.

  • Sun never told Jin that this woman who claimed to be Jin's mother blackmailed Sun for one hundred thousand dollars. If Sun didn't pay her, this woman claimed that she will expose Jin's family roots that would put great shame on Jin. Sun got the money from her father, this was the reason why Mr. Paik made Jin "the enforcer". Mr. Paik told Sun that Jin would have to pay for this. Jin never found out that this woman blackmailed Sun.

  • Jin's father told Sun that he wasn't sure he was Jin's biological father. Sun and his father never told Jin that he might not be his father's biological son. Also, Jin never found out that his mother was really alive and that she abandoned him when he was a child. Supposedly, she was a prostitute too.

  • When Jin and Sun were married, living in Seoul, both went alone to visit Jin's father. Neither of these two told each other about this visit. Sun never confronted Jin and pretended to believe that his father and mother died.

  • Q: If not Jin, who is the biological father of Sun's baby? Could it have been the man that was teaching her English?
  • A: Jin is the biological father of Sun's baby. Juliet proved this when she took an ultrasound for Sun.

  • Q: Do you think that Jin really does speak English? Has he just never told Sun?
  • A: No, there is no viable reason he would do that, there is loads of proof that he learned English on the island.

  • Q: Is Jin on the island trying to "reenact" the crash?
  • A: Yes. Jin did survive the freighter explosion and is now, unknowingly, on the island with his wife.

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