Jacob the Leader


(The Actor: Mark Pellegrino)

Episode Appearances: "The Incident" (also indirectly seen in "The Man Behind the Curtain" and "The Beginning of the End")

Hails from: Unknown

Who he is: Jacob is a mysterious person who is the leader of the Others. He has the ability to never age, as he has been on the Island since at least the 19th century. While it is not known when or where he was born, he is able to travel on and off the Island. He met with various survivors of Flight 815 and Flight 316 before those planes crashed. He lives inside the statue, but sometimes resides inside a cabin. He was killed by Ben and his nemesis, posed as Locke. His final words were "they're coming".

Jacob in the cabin
The figure seen in the cabin.
On Island: The earliest time Jacob was seen was some time in the 1800s. After weaving a tapestry inside the statue, he went on the beach to see a ship in the distance. While it is not confirmed, it is assumed to be the Black Rock. A man appears, and sits next to him. His nemesis told him that he wanted to kill him, but can not. However, he said he will one day find a "loophole" which will allow him to kill Jacob.

Locke's first encounter with Jacob was when Ben took him to Jacob's cabin. Ben began talking to a chair, but it was empty. Locke, unconvinced, began to leave, but heard the words "help me". Locke turns around, turns on the flashlight, and the cabin begins shaking. Ben is thrown to the wall, and a shadowy figure is briefly seen in the chair. Later, Ben claimed that he has never seen Jacob, and everything that happened in the cabin was fake.

"They're coming"
Jacob warns that "they're coming".
After the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316, John Locke demanded to meet with Jacob. He revealed to Ben that he wants to meet with Jacob so he could kill him. He led the Others to the statue, where Jacob resided at. He and Ben went inside the statue, to meet with Jacob. Jacob noticed that Locke was actually his nemesis disguised as Locke, saying that he finally found the "loophole". The nemesis urged Ben to kill Jacob. Ben confronted him, and asked him why Jacob had always ignored him. Jacob said it was because Ben was not of any importance. Enraged, Ben stabs Jacob. He falls to his knees, and says "they're coming", and is kicked into the fire.

Off Island: During various times, Jacob has left the island to visit future survivors of Flight 815 and Flight 316. The earliest known meeting was between Jacob and Sawyer. After the funeral of Sawyer's parents, Jacob gave Sawyer a pen so he could write his letter to the real Tom Sawyer, Anthony Cooper.

Jacob and Kate
Jacob touches Kate's nose .
Kate and Tom entered a convince store, attempting to steal a lunch box. They manage to get through without being caught, until they are just about to leave. They are stopped by the storekeeper, who finds out that Kate was stealing. He threatened to phone the police. Jacob appears, and offers to pay for the lunchbox. The storekeeper accepts this, saying that no harm is done if it is paid for. Jacob tells Kate to "be good" and playfully pokes her nose.

Jack had just finished his first major surgery, but was embarrassed by his father in the middle of the operation after there was an accident. To find relief, he attempted to buy an Apollo Candy Bar from the vending machine. However, it became stuck, and Jack was unable to get it. Jacob purchased a candy bar, causing both to fall out. He gave it to Jack, telling him that it just needed an extra push.

Locke meets Jacob
Jacob "resurrects" Locke after he was pushed out of the eighth story window.
After Sun and Jin's wedding, Jacob approaches them, congratulating them. He tells them, in Korean, that they love is special and should "never take it for granted". After he leaves, Sun asks Jin if he knew who the man was. Jin does not know either, but compliments his Korean.

Jacob is sitting on a bench, reading Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Conner. At this time, Locke is pushed out of an eighth floor window by Anthony Cooper, and hits the ground below. Jacob walks to the unconscious (and seemingly dead) Locke, and touches his shoulder. Locke regains consciousness, and Jacob tells Locke that he is "sorry this happened" to him and that "everything's going to be alright".

Sayid and Nadia were walking in Los Angeles, talking about what they should do for their annerversry. At an intersection, Jacob stops Sayid asking for directions. Nadia crosses the street, and while in the intersection, she finds her sunglasses. Seconds later a car runs her over. The car continue to drive, leaving Nadia for dead. Sayid runs to her, helpless. Nadia asks for one request: "take me home", and dies.

Hurley meets Jacob
Jacob tells Hurley he should go on Flight 316.
At an unknown time, Jacob visits Ilana at a hospital in Russia. She is covered with bandages. Jacob apologizes to her in Russian, and in English, asks if she can do a favor for him.

A day before the departure of Flight 316, Hurley is released from jail. He enters a taxi, but Jacob is already inside. Jacob says that it is fine for him to come in too. Hurley assumes that he was in prison as well, but says he was not. Hurley then believes that Jacob had died, but he assures him he is alive. Hurley says that he is cursed, but Jacob contradicts this, saying that he is "blessed". He then tells him that he should take Ajira Airways Flight 316, but it is his choice. He leaves the taxi. Hurley tells him that he forgot his guitar, but he says it is not his.

  • In every encounter with a survivor (with the exception of Ilana), Jacob physically touches that person.
  • With several people, he apologizes to them for various reasons.
  • Many Others refer to Jacob as "Him", and describe him as "great" and "magnificent".
  • The words "Jacob Loves You" are written on the cover of the Season Three DVD.

  • What are his abilities, and how did he get them?
  • How long has he been on the Island?
  • Who is his nemesis? Esau
  • Why is he the leader of the Others?
  • What connection does he have with Christian Shephard?
  • What is the history behind Jacob and Ilana? She represents Rebekah (the mother of Jacob and Esau)
  • What does he mean by "they're coming?" Jacob's Ladder - people are climbing the stone hill.

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First_Marti Mr. X (Man in black - Jacob's nemesis) (page: 1 2) 30 May 23 2010, 11:25 AM EDT by elaineewing
Thread started: Jul 2 2009, 7:20 PM EDT  Watch
You speak about Jacob - the person by this point in Lost can only be one person, and that is Esau. Their father was Isaac, who I believe is Richard. (Maybe not Richard, but I believe he is. Who else has not aged?)
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Ms_Shadeslayer Did Jacob...? 19 Feb 12 2010, 9:14 PM EST by milkeman
Thread started: Feb 7 2010, 3:47 PM EST  Watch
I don't think he liked Ben as the leader of his people, and so he ignored him, anyone else get this feeling? I don't know, I just don't think he liked him very much...
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kellysue667 Maybe 14 Jun 28 2009, 6:56 PM EDT by First_Marti
Thread started: May 18 2007, 5:31 PM EDT  Watch
Maybe, Jacob is a manefestation of the Island. Ben showed a connection with the Island when he saw his dead mother and Locke can now walk and seems to have a special bond with the Island. Locke is stil in the process of regaining his faith in the Island, so there for he didn't see Jacob, only heard him.
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flyboymadman Jacob was on Black Rock! 0 Nov 28 2008, 12:51 AM EST by flyboymadman
Thread started: Nov 28 2008, 12:51 AM EST  Watch
Jacob or Jacob Deyer was one of the crewmen on board the Black Rock, the captain was a man named Magnus Hanso and get this his 1st mate and 2nd mate were (drum roll).........Alexander Widmore and Clifford Widmore.

What's interesting here is that with Alexander Widmore, Clifford Widmore and Charles Widmore share the same surname as well does Magnus and Alvor Hanso. But we only know Jacob's first name and the fact that it could be him from the Black Rock suggests that when you're on the island, time stops and you don't age, hense why women can't get pregnant on the island and why Richard Alpert appears not to age. This could be why Aaron is special for he was born on the island and appears to grow like any normal child would.

Another theory suggests that all four form the Black Rock stayed on the island to sustain immortality and changed their first names once they got off the island in which Jacob stayed on the island.

Now Alexander Widmore or Clifford Widmore may have gotten off the island by moving it thus being expelled never to return. He could have changed his first name to keep the island a secret as well as Magnus/Alvor Hanso and ever since then they have been trying to get back to the island and claim it.
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