Jacob's Nemesis

Jacob's Nemesis"Jacob's Nemesis"

(The Actor: Titus Welliver, Terry O'Quinn)

Episode Appearances: "The Incident"

Hails from: Unknown.

Who he is: "Jacob's Nemesis" is the name given the man who has an apparent vendetta against Jacob. He vowed to kill Jacob once he finds a "loophole", and final did many years later under the disguise of John Locke.

Jacob and his Nemesis
Jacob and his nemesis argue on the beach.
On the Island (1800s): Jacob was sitting on the beach near the statue when the nemesis arrived. They were looking at a sail boat (possibly the Black Rock) an the horizon. He argued that if the ship came, it will end up in destruction as corruption as usual. Jacob thought otherwise. Before he left, he told Jacob that he badly wants to kill him, and will do one day once he finds a "loophole".

On the Island (2007):

After Flight 316 crash landed on the Island, Jacob's Nemesis appeared on the shore, taking form of the deceased John Locke. When Ilana interviewed him, he told her that he remembered dieing, and the next thing he knew he was on the Island. When Caesar brought the impostor to the makeshift hospital inside the Hydra, he spotted Ben, and told Caesar that was the man who killed him. When Ben woke up, he told him "welcome back to the land of the living".

Locke appears on the beach
John Locke appears to have resurrected.
Despite great surprise and awe, Ben claimed that he knew Locke would be resurrected. Already, he was making plans to kill him...again by making the survivors suspicious of Locke. Later, Ben and Locke decided to take an outrigger to travel to the main island. Caesar attempted to stop them, but Ben shot him with Caesar's shotgun. When they reached the Barracks, they were met by Frank Lapidus and Sun. Ben claimed that he came back to be judged by the smoke monster, and thereby attempted to summon it. However, the smoke monster never came, but impostor Locke said that he knew where it was. They went to the underground section of the Temple. Ben fell to a lower floor, and continued, even though Locke said he would assist him back up. Ben then reached a chamber where the smoke monster appeared. It surrounded him, and flickered pictures of Ben's memory, specifically regarding his late daughter, Alex. It disappeared, but reappeared as the form of Alex. She told him that he must never attempt to murder Locke, and must follow every order he says to do, or Ben would be "destroyed". Ben left, with the assistance of Locke, and he told him that the monster let him live.

Locke meets Richard
Impostor Locke arrives to the Others.
Impostor Locke led Ben and Sun to the Others, where he met Richard Alpert. Richard, surprised to see him, said that he had changed since the last time they met. Locke claims that he is changed because he now has a purpose. During nightfall, Locke said that a time travelling Locke will appear soon, and told Richard that he is shot, and needs medical attention. He also gave him instructions as to what to say to him, most importantly being that when he leaves the Island to bring the Oceanic 6 back, he must die. He then demanded that he visit Jacob, and later told Ben his plot to kill Jacob.

Ben told Locke of what happened down at the Temple, saying that Alex told him to follow his every command. Locke then announced that it will be Ben that will kill Jacob. Ben later admits that he never met Jacob, and that everything loyal he ever did towards Jacob was never rewarded. In fact, the opposite would happen, including getting cancer, Alex dying, and being banished from the Island. When Richard asked Locke of how he came to be alive, he said it was Jacob that made him live, and wanted to thank him for it. They finally reached Jacob's residence, which is located at the base of the statue.

They're coming"
Jacob warns the nemesis "they're coming".
Ben and Locke entered the statue. When Jacob spotted them, he knew that Locke was actually his nemesis, mentioning that he finally found the "loophole". The impostor said that he had to go through a lot to be able to be here. Ben approached Jacob, and asked why he treated him the way he did. Jacob said it was because Ben was insignificant. Infuriated, Ben stabbed Jacob. Jacob fell to his knees, and told the nemesis "they're coming". The imposter kicks Jacob into the fire.

  • In ABC's summary of "The Incident", they refer to him as "The Man in Black".

  • What is his name?
  • How does he appear as the form of Locke?
  • Why does he want to kill Jacob?
  • Why does he need a loophole to kill him?


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