Jack from LostJack Shephard

(About the actor: Matthew Fox)

Flashback Episodes:
"White Rabbit", "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues", "Do No Harm", "Man of Science, Man of Faith", "The Hunting Party", "A Tale of Two Cities", "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Flashforward Episodes: "Through The Looking Glass," "Something Nice Back Home"

Appears in Sun's flashback in "House of the Rising Sun" and Shannon's in "Abandoned". Appears in Hurley's flashforward in "The Beginning of the End" and Kate's in "Eggtown."

Introduction: Dr. Jack Shephard is often seen as the main character of the series. He is a spinal surgeon and the de facto leader of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. He has control issues and trouble dealing with situations that he cannot fix. However, his attitude of sorting problems through reason has given him the ability to function well in crisis. He is also the half brother of Claire Littleton, although neither of them are aware of this. Jack has formed very strong bonds with Kate and Juliet while he has been on the island.

He Hails from: Los Angeles, CA

Plane Section: Middle

Who he was before: Spinal surgeon, former husband who wasn't home enough, son to a Chief of surgery
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Who he is now: Doctor and leader of the survivors. Love interest of Juliet (and sometimes Kate).

Why he was in Australia: Sent by his mother, Margo, to bring back his alcoholic father, Christian. Unfortunately, his Dad had died in Sydney, so Jack was to bringing his body home on Flight 815.

Daddy issues: Jack caused his dad to lose his job when he reported his father for drinking on the job, which had led to the death of the pregnant woman he was operating on. We later find out his father was proud of him for doing that. Unknown to Jack, Christian had an affair with an Australian woman named Carole, that produced a daughter (Whom we now know is Claire). Jack also thought that his father might have been the man his wife, Sarah, left him for; but later he saw her with that man and it was not his father.

Romantic entanglements: Pre-island:

- Married his patient Sarah., they met when Jack "fixed her". She had irreparable spinal damage, it was a miracle he fixed her. They fell in love and got married, but Jack worked overtime and became absent at home. They grew distant and Sarah turned to another man. She left Jack, who was heartbroken and wanted to make things better. Jack then became obsessed with finding out who Sarah left him for. He gave up when she told him "It's not who he is, it's who you're not!"

Gabrielle - Daughter to one of his patients. She and her father came to Jack asking for a miracle and he accepted the task. Preparation for the surgery caused Jack to spend all his time at work and neglect Sarah. He and Gabrielle forged a connection. When her dad died in surgery Jack went to find her against the wishes of his father. He finds her outside the hospital crying. He comforts her and she kisses him, and he kissed her back. Jack goes home and tells Sarah, she then tells him she was preparing to leave him anyway.

Achara- Jack had been living in Thailand, where he entered into a relationship with a mysterious local woman. They met on the beach when Jack was trying to fly a kite and she helped him. Jack had been sleeping with her for a month, when he followed her one night to her place of business. She told him that she could see things about people, and when they wanted, she tattooed those things on them. She didn't want to put the marks on Jack, but he made her, even after she told him there would be consequences. The next day when Jack got beat up by the locals, Achara stood by watching.

On the Island:

Kate - They neared romance in season one and the triangle Jack/Kate/Sawyer has been the main focus of romance for the majority of the series. It started when Kate stitched up his back in the Pilot episode. They kissed in season 2 but Kate ran away afterwards - she talked to him about it later in the season (apologizing) but he said he wasn't sorry. In the season 2 finale Jack showed how much he cared for Kate by carrying her on his back when the others were after them.Jack - LOST In season 3 they were separated but both showed they were worried about the other, but Kate ultimately hurt Jack when he saw on surveillance cameras of the others, that she had sex with Sawyer. When they did eventually see each other again it was a heart wrenching scene; Jack told Kate he wished she hadn't come back to the other's camp, but he said he would have come back for her (he thought he was going to get on the Submarine and go get help.) In the season finale "Through the Looking Glass" Jack tells Kate he loves her to which she doesn't respond.

Kate and Sawyer escaped because of Jack. Kate went back to find Jack .. determined to bring him home with her. When she found him, she saw that he was living with the others. They shared some very emotional scenes. Jack has continued to act cold towards Kate, which Juliet says is due to a broken heart.

Juliet - Jack flirted with Juliet when she brought him a cheeseburger to eat. After learning that Juliet was going to be executed Jack negotiates with Ben in order to save her life. As a consequence of her actions she is branded/marked on her lower back. Jack takes care of her wound and tells her that they are going to negotiate with Ben together.jackjuliet Because of Juliet's affiliation with the Others, Juliet knows everything about Jack. When Juliet appears to be left behind by the Others, Jack brings her back with him to the beach. He protects her from Sayid questioning, and later he argues with the rest of the camp in order for her to stay there (“One of Us”).
Jack also tells Charlie that he trusts Juliet. By the end of the episode, he brings her supplies like airline pillows and blankets so that she can “get started.” When Juliet asks him why she doesn’t need to explain herself to him, Jack tells her that he saw it in her eyes that she wants to get off the island more than anything. Jack helps Juliet to built her tent, and shares meals with her. In “Through the Looking Glass” before Juliet heads out with Sawyer in what Jack calls a “suicide mission” he asks Juliet not to do anything stupid, she responds that she won’t if he doesn’t, showing that she cares for him, then she kisses him good bye.

Flashbacks: Most of Jack's flashbacks deal with the issues he had with his father, Christian or his ex-wife, Sarah.

From the episode "White Rabbit", we see Jack as a child, watching his friend Mark Silverman getting beaten up by a couple of bullies who warn Jack that he won't get hurt if he doesn't interfere. Needless to say, Jack can't bear to do nothing and so ends up with a black eye. When he confronts his father, he is told that in order to have what it takes to succeed, he cannot be a hero.
A later flashback shows Jack's mother demanding that he go look for his father whom he hasn't talked to in 2 months. Reluctantly, Jack sets off to Sydney, Australia, to find him but when he gets to his father's hotel room, Christian is nowhere to be found and has left without his wallet. His body is found in an alley in Kings Cross where he had suffered a heart attack brought about by his excessive drinking. After Jack identifies him at the morgue, we see him at the airport insisting that the coffin with his father's body be boarded on the plane (Flight 815) so that he can be in LA within 16 hours to bury his father - something he needs to be over.

At the end of "Man of Science, Man of Faith", we see that Jack has met Desmond before, while running in a stadium. Desmond gives him advice about believing in miracles after Jack tells him about Sarah's case. We first see Sarah getting operated on and Jack fixing her.

In "The Hunting Party", Jack takes on a miracle case involving a beautiful woman named Gabriela and her father. Jack is up working late hours for the case, and soon develops feelings for Gabriela. After Gabriela's father dies, Jack and her kiss by her car in the parking lot. Jack goes home and tells Sarah what he did, only to find out that she was already planning on leaving him. She had been seeing someone else all along. Sarah parts by telling him that he'll always need something to fix.

In "A Tale of Two Cities", Jack tries to find out who Sarah (his ex-wife) is dating, which would be the person she cheated on him with. Jack becomes convinced that it is his father. Jack follows him to a hotel room, and once there realizes it is an AA meeting. Jack is told his father has been sober for 50 days, but he doesn't care. To him, his father's sobriety proves that he is sleeping with Sarah. He tackles his father, which gets him arrested. His ex-wife pays his bail, and says Jack's father called her to help Jack, and that when he called he was so drunk she couldn't even understand him. Jack runs outside to catch up with her and sees her get into a car with a man that is not his father.

In "Stranger in a Strange Land", Jack has been living in Thailand, where he enters into a relationship with a mysterious local woman. Jack had been sleeping with her for a month, when he followed her one night to her place of business. She told him that she could see things about people, and when they wanted, she tattooed those things on them. She didn't want to put the marks on Jack, but he made her, even after she told him there would be consequences.

Big Secret:
  • His tattoo says, "He walks among us, but he is not one of us." According to the "Seer", the tattoo actually means that Jack is a leader, a great man, but this will also make him lonely, angry and scared.
  • Jack is the half-brother of Claire, though neither knows.

Trivia: Was on seat 23A on the plane.

All about the now: The plane went down on September 22, 2004, Ben gave Jack proof that the 'Others' have current news of what's happening in the world: George W. Bush being re-elected, Christopher Reeve dying, and the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. Jack did not believe it until Ben showed him actual footage of the game.

Shephard/Shepherd: The name Shephard seems to be a biblical reference, and the word is frequently used to indicate a spiritual overseer. Jesus has been described as "the good shepherd": Shepherds are known as caregivers, leaders and providers, much like Jack, who has emerged as a leader largely because of his medical background that allows him to save/assist several other passengers.


Q: What happened to the body of Jack's dead father?
A: Was it ever on the plane (Jack found an empty casket maybe the airline people just let him think they were boarding his body)?

Q: Is Jack falling for Juliet, or is it just a trick to get away from the Others?
A: He clearly felt bad about her getting 'marked' but any other intentions seem purely friendly or as if they're in it together against the others (?)
A: He obviously cares for her, but it is Juliet who has become more invested in the relationship. In the season 3 finale Jack told Kate that he loved her. Jack has difficulty letting go of people/things/events so it will be hard for him to develop a new relationship with Juliet. Even when Juliet might be a better match for him.

Q: Why is Jack playing football and having a grand old time with the Others? Does he now walk among them? But is he one of them or not?
A: Jack is probably just playing along with the Others plans until he can go home on the submarine (which he never gets to do due to Locke in "The Man From Tallahassee"). He is no longer in a cage and has a house, but though he walks among the Others, he is not one of them (See details about his tattoo). He came up with a plan to save everyone.

Q: Is Jack trying to make Kate jealous by using Juliet?
A: Possibly, but it is more likely that Jack is indeed heartbroken courtesy of Kate, as Juliet suggests. It is not definite that there is a relationship between Jack and Juliet, but more of a scenario-similarity fusion (he tells Sayid that Juliet will come with the group because "they left her behind too"). In addition, Juliet seems to be the only woman he has been able to trust recently. Juliet hasn't been revealed to have hurt Jack (yet, "Catch-22" and episodes onwards may annihilate this point) whereas Kate's romp with Sawyer did hurt him, just as Sarah Shephard hurt him long ago. It could be said that while Kate is jealous, Jack's priorities are leagues above this and it is hard to imagine Jack worrying about seeking a little solace via revenge when more pressing matters are at hand. [mbm2007]

Q. Will Jack make the people he has with them survivors?
A. There could be a chance, the last episode of this season was a good turn out. A woman that parachuted onto the island, Naomi, had a tracking device with her. When she was trying to call the person to help them, she was shot by some kind of arrow, courtesy of Locke who has always been against getting off the island. Locke was trying to tell Jack that things couldn't turn out like this. Because, earlier Jack was with Ben and he was trying to make a deal with Jack in order to let Sayid, Bernard, and Jin free. Ben told Jack he had a minute to get the phone from Naomi and bring it back or he would have Sayid, Bernard, and Jin shot. Jack could not risk the lives of all of the Losties for the three men and shots were heard through the Walkie Talkie. Then Jack captured Ben. Just as they thought the others had won, Hurley came to the rescue with the van he found on the island to save the three captives, and Juliet and Sawyer. Jack found the tracking device and he finally got a hold of someone that could be turned out to be rescues.

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