Is Faraday Brilliant or Delusional? Is he really dead?

Daniel FaradayI believe that Faraday was brilliant. The brilliance was given to him by his parents. And yes, she DID kill him! The better you knew him, the more you saw the brilliance in him and Jack and Sayid reading his diary and following the instructions to remove the core of the bomb, and the more you trusted him. Faraday's mother did kill him! Because at the same time she was pregnant with him.

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Faraday has known that the Nuk needs to be destroyed, the Energy is the BLACKHOLE to the island. Ben is who originally killed the Darma I. If Ben is never 'given' to the others that won't happen. The Nuk sets them all back to AU at the airport and they never crash on the Island. I think they are all coming back and once in the airport together we'll find out if they changed the outcome once in flight ...
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