Intro to the Ultimate Lost Connection

Sawyer and Hurley.
They aren't the likeliest of couples. For one thing, they don't really form much of a complementary pair, in the honored tradition of Oscar & Felix or Laverne & Shirley or Starsky & Hutch. Nor do they have much in common beyond their shared status as castaways, except possibly for the fact that their names aren't really Sawyer and Hurley (James Ford and Hugo Reyes, actually).

So what is it that makes Sawyer and Hurley the best-loved pair on The Island? Is it the fact that we love seeing the roguish, cynical loner softened by the loyal, gentle giant? (Shades of Han Solo and Chewbacca.) Or do we appreciate the irony of watching the island's shameless hoarder and voracious consumer evolve into symbiotic, Risk-playing roomies in the Dharma Village?

Maybe it's just the fact that Hurley represents the perfect medium for Sawyer's art. The Master of Monikers never worked in such fertile clay. Forget Freckles. Forget Zeke. Forget Mr. Clean. If you want to see improvisational appellationism elevated to its highest form, you have to follow the Sawyer-Hurley arc in its entirety, from the punch-in-the-gut meanness of Day One, to their mano-a-mano ping-pong showdown, to the rib-cracking bear hugs between reunited companions.

Yo yourself, Pillsbury.
"Yo yourself, Pillsbury."

Your move, Stay-Puft.
"Your move, Stay-Puft."

I love you too, Grape Ape.
"I love you too, Grape Ape."

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