Hans Van Eeghen

Hans Van EeghenHans Van Eeghen

(The Actor: Wolf Muser)

Occupation: Head of recruiting for the Dharma Initiative.

Hails from: Unknown

Who he is: Hans Van Eeghen, the head of recruiting for the Dharma Initiative, is involved with Octagon Global Recruiting, a company recruiting volunteers for the Dharma Initiative. He is mentioned in the July 18th email to the people who signed up, stating he will attend Comic-Con, and his address is mentioned in the June 19th email.

At Comic-Con, he announces that six people passed the test at the Octagon Global Recruiting station, and will watch a video. Dan Bronsen, one of the people chosen, managed to sneak in a video camera to tape the video, allowing everyone to watch it. Dan Bronson was condemned for his actions, and banned from the project.

Hans Van Eeghen is the mastermind of the tests on DharmaWantsYou.com. In a on DharmaWantsYou.com, he announced how pleased he was at the progress of participants on the tests, and that despite attempts by "Black Swan", volunteers managed to reach stunning results.

He appeared in weekly videos, usually during the release of a new test. For test seven, instead of a test was a video. Hans Van Eeghen said that the people who have cheated will be cancelled from the recruitment process, and that he himself is Black Swan. He also stated that people will receive the final results on December 15th 2008.

Big secrets:
  • He is Black Swan


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