Geronimo Jackson

Geronimo Jackson was a band that apparently existed in the 70s. While inside the Hatch in Season 2, Hurley comes across one of their albums (Magna Carta), and asks Charlie if he's heard of them. Charlie says he hasn't, even though he knows a lot about music.

Geronimo Jackson is also mentioned again in "Further Instructions" during Locke's flashback. When John first brings Eddie to the "farm" Eddie is wearing a Magna Carter t-shirt, which prompts Mike to inquire about Eddie's interest in Geronimo Jackson. Eddie then replies that he thinks they're alright, and that the t-shirt was one of his father's old shirts. Mike then replies that Eddie's father had excellent taste in music.

Some fans speculate that Mike is in fact one of the members of Geronimo Jackson. the albulm

Although the producers have insisted in podcasts and other sources that Geronimo Jackson is in fact a real band from the 70s. They do how ever say that it is extremely hard to come across their album.

Some fans, however, speculate that Geronimo Jackson is simply a fabrication by the Lost producers, saying that Geronimo & Jackson were the surnames of the
producers of the Disney animated movie "Alice in Wonderland" from 1951 and ABC is a Disney owned company.


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Ms_Shadeslayer OMG! 0 Feb 10 2010, 4:26 PM EST by Ms_Shadeslayer
Thread started: Feb 10 2010, 4:26 PM EST  Watch
OK, maybe I WAS the only one who noticed this!!!!! I thought maybe someone else would but I guess not...
ANYWAY! In an episode with Locke flashbacks (Can't remember which episode though) it showed Locke in high school or something, and one of his teachers or soemthing tried to convince him to go to Science camp, BUT in his locker there was a Geronimo Jackson poster!!!!!!!
Weird? I think so.
<3 Claire <3
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JPMcD Tom on Geronimo Jackson cover? 0 Sep 27 2007, 9:00 PM EDT by JPMcD
Thread started: Sep 27 2007, 9:00 PM EDT  Watch
The guy with the long dark hair standing over everyone else on the cover looks suspiciously like Tom. Or Kelvin with long hair? We have to have met someone on that album cover... is the guy on the bottom Horace Goodspeed? Am I over obsessing about an album cover?
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Anonymous Geronimo Jackson 1 May 14 2007, 11:20 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 14 2007, 10:53 PM EDT  Watch
band doesn't exist. i watched the producers or writers (whomever) describe the band...way to much info! i can tell by the talking heads facial expressions and body movements that it's all a fabrication.
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