Frank LapidusFrank Lapidus

(The Actor: Jeff Fahey)

Flashback Episodes: "Confirmed Dead"

Occupation: Pilot

Hails from: The Bronx, New York

Who He Is: Frank Lapidus is a pilot, currently for Ajira Airways. He was originally a pilot for Oceanic Airlines, and was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 before being replaced at the last moment. He was assigned to be part of the Kahana crew, being the helicopter pilot. He escaped from the Island with the Oceanic 6, but returned three years later during the crash of Flight 316.

Before the Island:

On the Island:

Lapidus struggles to maintain control of Flight 316
The Island comes into view.
After the Rescue: Some point after he was rescued, along with the Oceanic 6 and Desmond, he took a job for Ajira Airways. He was assigned Flight 316, a flight from Los Angeles to Guam. This flightpath flew over the Island at one point in time, prompting the Oceanic 6 to take this flight to return to the Island, as Eloise Hawking told them to do. During the flight, Jack discovered that Lapidus was flying the plane. He went to talk to him, and Lapidus discovered that Jack, along with Sun, Sayid, Hurley, Kate, and Ben were also on board. They, along with Caesar and Ilana, were the only ones in business class. Lapidus figures out that there are "not going to Guam".

During mid-flight, the plane is hit by heavy turbulence. There is a flash, and the plane appears over the Island, in daytime, despite the plane just having been travelling during the night. Lapidus and the co-pilot struggle to maintain control of the plane, as it loses power. Lapidus notices a runway, and attempts to do a landing there. The plane is travelling too fast, and the plane crashes into the trees at the end of the runway before coming to a complete halt. Lapidus suffers a few cuts to the head, while the co-pilot was killed due to a tree branch impaling him.

Sun and Lapidus see the Photo from 1977
Christian shows the picture from 1977 to Sun and Lapidus.
Return to the Island: After the plane crash, Lapidus exits the cabin. He talks to Sun, and discovers that Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley are missing. Many of the passengers are disorientated. On the beach, Lapidus attempts to gain leadership among the survivors, but Caesar ends up taking the role of the leader. Sun leaves, following Ben, and Lapidus decides to follow her.

On a beach, Ben reveals a few canoes which they can use to go to the main island. Sun, who does not trust Ben, knocks him out with an oar. Sun and Lapidus travel to the main island, and dock at the Barracks. There, they meet Christian Shephard, who is inside one of the buildings. Sun tells Christian that she is looking for her husband. Christian says that he is with her friends, and finds a picture showing new Dharma Initiative recruits from 1977. Christian says that she has a journey ahead of her.



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