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First of all, I want to say that the storyline of LOST is totally unbelievable. Gilligan's Island is more believable to me. There is no way flight 815 could crash the way it did and have so many survivors. I refuse to believe we are observing people on an island, week after week. In fact, the producers/writers imply that the island is not an island, it is a character. So I put my creative mind to work and came up with this theory. I'm warning you now, you will not like it...

Have you ever noticed that LOST is always in upper case letters? I think that was the very first clue given to us viewers. Acronyms are always in upper case. LOST stands for something!

So far, we have met four groups of characters, five if we count the island itself - the passengers of flight 815 (Losties), the Others, Dharma, and Mr. Widmore's strike team. Imagine if you will that these characters are not people. Let's scale everything down to 1/10000 scale. OK, now the island is about the size of a person and everyone else is microscopic. From the island's point of view, the Others are the original inhabitants. The Dharma members were insurgents, there to harm the island. The Losties were placed there on purpose for the benefit of the island. Mr. Widmore's crew were there to finish off the annihilation of Dharma so in a way, from the island's point of view, they are the good guys.

Now let's give each of these a role. The island is a patient being treated in a hospital. The Others are the original lifeblood of the patient. Dharma (notice the word "harm" in the word Dharma) is like a cancer, let's say lung cancer. The Losties are either a treatment or maybe a replacement organ for the patient. Mr. Widmore's assassins are there to kill the cancer even if it means killing part of the patient, kinda like chemotherapy.

The patient lived a normal life until one day he was diagnosed with lung cancer. His body's lifeblood beat the cancer into remission but it still wasn't gone (Ben). Doctors continued treatment of the patient by injecting two medicines, tail section treatment and cockpit section treatment. The tail section treatment was a total failure and was systematically removed from the patient's body. Time passed and the cancer started taking control again so the doctor started chemotherapy treatments.

As we can see to this point in the series, Mr. Widmore's team was responsible for the forceful removal of Ben, the Oceanic 6, and for the deaths of several Others. This is exactly the way chemotherapy works.

I envision the closing scene of the final episode going something like this... The Oncologist tells the patient that the chemotherapy worked and he is free to go home. The patient thanks the doctor and stands up to leave the room. The camera pans by the name tag on the doctors uniform and it says "Dr. Widmore". The camera continues to pan to the patient's hospital wrist band showing his name and phone number 481-516-2342. The final shot will be of the folder holding the patient's medical records. On the outside, it will contain the letters L O S T, with the meaning of the acronym.

See, I told you you wouldn't like it. But it is amazing how much of the show can be fit into this framework.

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