Episode Guide: Season Three

Season 3The Basics

Season Three aired six episodes from October 4th to November 8th of 2006 before going on a hiatus. 16 episodes followed the hiatus running from February 7th to May 23rd 2007.

In this second half of season three, answers were revealed including the story of Jack's tattoos; the reason why John Locke lost the use of his legs; the question of Charlie's fate and his impending death; the supposed rescue girl Naomi who was in contact with a ship 80nm off shore of the Island; some information on the mysterious Jacob; and "the snake in the mailbox".

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Episode#--Air Date Episode Title Flashback
3.01--10/04/2006 "A Tale of Two Cities" Jack
3.02--10/11/2006 "The Glass Ballerina" Jin & Sun
3.03--10/18/2006 "Further Instructions" Locke
3.04--10/25/2006 "Every Man For Himself" Sawyer
3.05--11/01/2006 "The Cost Of Living" Mr. Eko
3.06--11/08/2006 "I Do" Kate
3.07--02/07/2007 "Not In Portland" Juliet
3.08--02/14/2007 "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Desmond
3.09--02/21/2007 "Stranger In A Strange Land" Jack
3.10--02/28/2007 "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" Hurley
3.11--03/07/2007 "Enter 77" Sayid
3.12--03/14/2007 "Par Avion" Claire
3.13--03/21/2007 "The Man From Tallahassee" Locke
3.14--03/28/2007 "Exposè" Nikki & Paulo
3.15--04/04/2007 "Left Behind" Kate
3.16--04/11/2007 "One of Us" Juliet
3.17--04/18/2007 "Catch-22" Desmond
3.18--04/25/2007 "D.O.C." Jin & Sun
3.19--05/02/2007 "The Brig" Locke (On Island)
3.20--05/09/2007 "The Man Behind the Curtain" Ben
3.21--05/16/2007 "Greatest Hits" Charlie
*3.22--05/23/2007 "Through the Looking Glass" Jack (Flash-forward)

* = Two Hour Season Finale Episode

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Anonymous Date 3 Jun 7 2007, 2:39 PM EDT by BenGman
Thread started: May 3 2007, 11:14 AM EDT  Watch
Hey, so now that we've had an episode that makes reference to how many days have passed since whenever. Does anyone know what date it is on the island?
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Anonymous What is with IMDB.com? 1 May 18 2007, 2:18 AM EDT by lulamae
Thread started: May 17 2007, 6:52 PM EDT  Watch
I wanted to fact check some Lost info on their site and found that they have season four already listed. All of it is blank except for Episode 16 of Season 4 and it is supposedly titled "The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox." How is it at all possible that they would have such information so far in advance?
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Lostie_Anubis Lockedown 3 May 17 2007, 1:52 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 2 2007, 1:23 PM EDT  Watch
Can't wait for tonights episode,I really hope we get to see some Locke and Sawyer ass kicking action! and yes I agree that if they ended the show with them in Purgatory, that would be the most ridiculous thing on the planet. And as for the rumor about the five people dying I, I heard that too.
I'm guessing something is going to happen to Hurley, Charlie, Desmond, Sun, or Jack. just my guesses.
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