Eloise Hawking

Ms. HawkingEloise Hawking

(The Actress: Fionnula Flanagan)

Episode Appearances: "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "Catch-22", "The Lie", "This Place Is Death".

Occupation: Jewelry store cashier.

Hails from: England

Who She Is: Eloise Hawking is a character who appears to have a strong understanding of time travel. She is currently helping Ben to get back to the Island, along with the rest of the Oceanic 6. She is also the mother of Daniel Faraday.

Flashbacks: Desmond walks into a jewelery store to buy an engagement ring. Eloise Hawking greats him, noticing that he is a first-time buyer. He shows him a ring, and he decides to buy it. She takes the ring back, and tells him "no you won't" and that he is not supposed to buy the ring. She then goes on saying that he will break Penny's heart, go on a sailing race around the world to redeem himself, but crash on an island typing numbers in a hatch to save the world for three years, and that if he does not do this, everybody will die.

Ms. Hawking demands to have the ring back
"Give me the ring!"
They go outside, and Eloise Hawking buys chestnuts. She makes notice of a man wearing red shoes, who had just come out of the subway. They sit on a bench, and Eloise tries to explain that his path is to go to the Island. Suddenly, scaffolding collapses, and underneath the rubble a pair of red shoes are sticking out. Desmond realizes that she knew he was going to die. He asks why she didn't stop it from happening. She says that the universe has a way of "course correcting", and that if she saved him, the next day he would get run over a taxi. If she saved him then, he will slip and break his neck in the shower. She then says that the only great thing he will ever do is push the button.

At Moriah Vineyards, there is a picture of her with Brother Campbell.

Ms. Hawking warns Ben
Eloise meets Ben.
After the Rescue of the Oceanic 6: Three years after the Oceanic 6 were rescued, Eloise was working at a lab, trying to to figure out where the next "event" will occur. She writes calculations on the chalkboard while a giant pendulum swings across the room. She goes to a computer (similar to the one in the Swan) and types. A map of the world appears, with markings in various locations. The words "Event Window Detected" appeared, and she leaves to go upstairs. There, she meets with Ben. She tells him that the Oceanic 6 must return to the Island in 70 hours. Ben insisted that he needed more time, and asks what will happen if he cannot meet the deadline. She replies, saying that if he fails, then "God help us all".

Ben returned to Eloise, but only with Jack and Sun. Desmond also arrived, for a different reason, in search of Daniel's mother, who is Eloise. Disappointed, she said that the amount that are currently here will do for now, and said "lets get started".

Big secrets:
  • Appears to have knowledge of time.

  • How can she see the future of other people (such as Desmond)?
  • Why is she in the photo with Brother Campbell?
  • Does she have a connection to the Island?
    • Yes, she was once an Other.

  • She is Ellie, one of the Others who was on the Island in the 1950s.
    • This theory is proven to be true in "The Variable".

Ms. Hawking and Brother Campbell
The photo of Eloise and Brother Campbell.
  • Shares her name with Stephen Hawking, a well known physicist.
  • The photo of Eloise and Brother Campbell appears to be photoshopped, due to the way the light shines on their faces. This could be a blooper.

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