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The Dharma Initiative LogoThe Dharma Initiative is a scientific research project which conducted its experiments on the Island during the 1970s to early 1990s. The members of the Dharma Initiative was killed in the Purge, at the climax of the conflict between them and the Hostiles. Currently, new attempts are being made to revitalize the organization, by Octagon Global Recruiting.

Questioning Richard: I have realized that we see Richard numerous times in different time periods. He is seen; of course; in present day, in the Others camp. He is also seen back a few years ago when he recruited Juliet into the Others facility.
Richard seems to be in his 30's or early 40's. I can not picture him any older. I am also getting the impression he is deffinitely not older then John. That wouldn't really make sense right?
But it shows when John is a young boy in an orphan home, Richard comes to see him,.
He should be young at that point in time... but he looks exactly like how he does in the present day.
Is this just a mess-up that LOST made?
Or is there a story behind Richard?

History: The Dharma Initiative was founded by Gerald and Karen DeGroot, two doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan, and funded by Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation. On the Island, the Dharma Initiative constructed several stations to conduct their experiments, while staying at the Barracks, a village that was protected by a security fence. The experiments were on meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, and electromagnetism. According to the Sri Lanka video during the Lost Experience, part of the mission of the Dharma Initiative was research on the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula that calculates the amount of time left for humanity. The Dharma Initiative attempted to change the equation, and did research on the special properties of the Island, to improve mankind. The Purge

A conflict arose between the Dharma Initiative and the natives of the Island, known as the Hostiles. The cause behind the conflict is not known. Eventually, the conflict ended, in December 1992 during the wipe out of the Dharma Initiative by the Hostiles, known as the Purge. The Hostiles used toxic gas to kill the members, and their bodies were dumped in a mass grave. Kevin Inman, a member of the Dharma Initiative, survived the attack, due to being sealed in the Swan. He died in 2004, and the Swan since then imploded.

After the Purge, the Dharma Initiative collapsed, but work on the Valenzetti Equation, under Thomas Mittelwerk continued until 2006. The Swan station still receives supplies from the Dharma Initiative, with the last known drop off in December 2004. Recently, in 2008, Octagon Global Recruiting has led an attempt to recruit new personnel for the Dharma Initiative in the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project, or "The Project" for short.

Dharma Stations: So far, there are nine known stations that were completed by the Dharma Initiative. The stations are the following, listed in alphabetical order.
Station Number


Mathematics, storage.

4 of 6



Zoological research.


Radio jammer.

6 of 6

Fake botanical research, time/space traveling.

5 of 6

Psychological research/observation.


Medical research.

3 of 6

Electromagnetic research.


Power source, toxic gas containment.

There are other stations that are either never made, or have not been officially confirmed as being part of the Dharma Initiative. These places are The Door and The Temple.

  • DHARMA stands for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications.
  • In Hinduism, Dharma means "sacred law".

  • Why couldn't the Dharma Initiative and the Others coexist with each other?
  • How did the Dharma Initiative discover the Island?
  • Are they responsible, or know anything about the Monster?

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BobTrombone The Purge could NOT have been in 1992 (page: 1 2) 38 Feb 8 2010, 11:15 PM EST by milkeman
Thread started: Nov 11 2009, 3:52 PM EST  Watch
I am pretty sure that the “Purge” could not possibly have occurred in 1992, as so many of the theorists have claimed.

If the Purge happened in 1992, that would mean it happened four years after the French woman, Rousseau, landed on the island and killed all the other members of her team and then got her baby stolen by the Others. (We have recently learned that the baby was actually stolen from her by Ben Linus himself – who was already a member of the Others at that time, supposedly.)

The 1992 "theory" seems to be based solely upon a vision that Locke has where Horace tells Locke that he has been dead for 12 years. Since most everyone assumes that Horace died during the Purge, they do the math where the year 2004 minus 12 years = 1992.

However, even if Locke's vision was true (which may or may not be the case), it is possible that Horace died in1992 but from something other than the Purge, such as time traveling (which, also causes the tell-tale nose-bleeding also associated with the gas-attack deaths). He was, after all, a mathematician, and could very well have been involved in the whole time-travel thing and could have died in 1992, more than four years after the Dharmas were killed off. There are other scenarios, as well. My point is that to base the date of the purge on a statement from Horace from a dream/vision that Locke has just does not hold water and is totally refuted by the hard facts.

Bottom line: I don't think it would have been possible for Ben to have been both a member of the Others/Hostiles (assigned to killing the French Chick - which must have occurred around 1988 - 16 years prior to the arrival of the survivors of flight 815) and then, for four years to pass, all that time still being part of the Dharma Initiative, and finally partake in the Purge. No way. The Purge could not have happened in 1992. It must have happened in 1988 or earlier.

Anyone want to discuss this?
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#1LostFan Massive Dynamic 0 Sep 10 2008, 8:25 PM EDT by #1LostFan
Thread started: Sep 10 2008, 8:25 PM EDT  Watch
Fringe, created by J. J. Abrams, has recently started. I have watched it, and I love to make the connections between Fringe and Lost. There is a company in Fringe called Massive Dynamic. This company has a striking resemblance to the Dharma Initiative. They both are hoping to create a better tomorrow for mankind through various forms of research. There is even a website for Massive Dynamic: http://www.massivedynamic.com/index.php. It contains interesting things that are similar to the original Hanso Foundation website. This is just one of many connections between Fringe and Lost, but I will be keeping a close eye on new developments with Massive Dynamic, and attempt to find more connections in the upcoming episodes.
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ScarClaw Dharma/Widmore 0 Jun 4 2008, 12:51 AM EDT by ScarClaw
Thread started: Jun 4 2008, 12:51 AM EDT  Watch
I think that Charles Widmore funded the Dharma expirement and Ben stole the island by killing all the Dharmas and cloaking the island!
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