Dexterity and Attentiveness Evaluation

Dexterity and Attentiveness EvaluationThe third test on, Dexterity and Attentiveness Evaluation, started in the late hours of September 2, in the United States. The objective of the test is to keep the Dharma logo, which is controlled by your cursor, from hitting any of the four spheres or the walls of the octagon. There are 100 seconds, and the game ends when a collision occurs, or when 100 seconds are reached. Points are awarded for the amount of seconds that go by, for a maximum score of 100. However, as time goes by, the spheres become more erratic, increasing the entropy, making it harder to dodge the spheres.

There is a cheat that can be used in this test, like all other tests to this point. In the progress video at the home screen, the glitched frames show B, P, M, 40, and 60. BPM 40-60 is connected to the musical term "lento" which means to play slowly. Typing lento during the test causes the spheres to slow down for a limited period. Lento can be typed repeatedly, so gaining 100% can become easy to accomplish. Also, right clicking can make the logo telport to a different location. If you click on the strip on the left or right of the playing screen, the logo is moved there safely.

AntaeusThere are four groups in this test: , , , and . All are giants in Greek mythology. Antaeus was a gaint of Libya, wrestled and killed people, and collected their skulls to make a temple for his father, Poseidon. Hercules discovered his weakness, and managed to defeat him. Enceladus was disabled during a battle by a spear, and was buried alive at Mount Etna, a volcano. The fire of the volcano is said to be his breath, and earthquakes are caused by him rolling. Otus was one of the two Aloadae, the other being his brother Ephialtes. They attempted to storm Mount Olympus, but here killed. There are multiple versions of their death, including Apollo killing them, and them killing themselves by throwing spears at each other in an attempt to kill Artemis. Tityos is the son of Elara and Zeus, and attempted to rape Leto, but was slain by Apollo and Artemis. He was taken to Hades as punishment, where vultures ate his everlasting regenerating liver forever.

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