Danielle RousseauDanielle Rousseau

(The Actress: Mira Furlan and Melissa Farman)

Occupation: Scientist

Hails from: France

Who she is: Danielle Rousseau was a member of a six person scientific expedition. She crashed on the Island in 1988, while seven months pregnant with Alex. 16 years later, her distress signal was discovered by the survivors of Flight 815. She eventually was reunited with Alex, who was kidnapped by the Others when she was a baby. In an attempt to protect them, Ben sent her, Alex, and Karl to the Temple. However, they never made it as Rousseau was killed by Keamy and the mercenaries.

Young Danielle Rousseau
Danielle Rousseau in 1988.
On the Island (1988): Rousseau and the science expedition were three days out of Tahiti when they crashed on the Island during a storm. She was seven months pregnant at this time. During the storm they came across Jin, floating in the water. When they reached shore, they heard a transmission on the radio: 4 8 15 16 23 42. They attempted to find the source of this transmission, so they went to the radio tower. On the way, they were attacked by the smoke monster. It killed Nadine, and dragged Montand down a hole at the Temple, resulting in the loss of his arm. They went down the hole to rescue Montand, but Jin prevented her from going down with them before disappearing through time.

Around two months later, Danielle killed Brennan and Lacombe after believing the smoke monster caused them to become sick. She then killed Robert, as witnessed by Jin. She spotted Jin, and attempted to shoot at him also. He was then rescued as another flash occurred, moving him through time.

On the Island (2004):

Family issues: Had to shoot her own husband when he became “infected”; her daughter Alex was kidnapped by the Others right after she was born. From what we have seen, she's spent her island time searching for Alex. (Actually, it seems she hasn't been searching for her, at least not in hopes of a touching reunion. We see this when Kate asked Rousseau to lead her to the others camp because she has seen Alex. Rousseau didn't ask questions about Alex or even want to see her.)

Big secrets:
  • Was not part of kidnapping Claire and actually helped her escape (two Rousseau attempt: Alex helped her escape too at first, although they didn't see each other).

  • She won't leave the island with the rest of the Losties, stating that she has no place in the real world. But that decision may change now that she is with Alex again.

  • There is a philosopher named Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  • In French-speaking countries, Rousseau's character was changed to be German.

  • She is actually an "Other" and misled the plane survivors for the sole purpose of getting Ben captured and to get to know the hierarchy of the survivors.and why does she want to be alone.

  • The story Danielle tells is one that was implanted in her by the others through drug therapy and mind control. I think they did this because Danielle was originally a member of their group but was unhappy about their plans for her daughter. They also implanted the idea that she must search and build traps but will never harm one of them. This way they can use her for their own purposes when the need arises as in Ben getting to the survivor's camp.

  • Did she ever have a relationship with Ben, who claims to be Alex's father?
    • No, Ben admits that he stole Alex from Daniella when she was only a baby, whom he defined as an insane woman.
  • How could she have been on the one island for 16 years and 1) not realized there are other islands 2) not figured out how to track and follow the "Others" 3) not been captured by the Others (she obviously knows a lot about them, like Mikhail's station was and their village-why don't they want her?) and 4 (and most importantly) why hasn't she done any and everything in her power to find and get back Alex? She has all these hunter/survival skills (sure, she had no choice but learn to survive), she knows about Mikhail's station, the village, etc. She knows there is dynamite on Black Rock...so why no rescue attempt in 16 YEARS? Possibly because she assumed her child was dead and going after the others would have been a suicide mission. Though now that she has seen her child (when Locke went to blow the sub in "The Man from Tallahassee") and actually met her in "Through the Looking Glass" things may change.

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TipzF TipzF 0 Mar 1 2009, 5:41 AM EST by TipzF
Thread started: Mar 1 2009, 5:41 AM EST  Watch
Danielle Rousseau's death scene in Season 4 of Lost was down right ridiculous. Unlike Ecko and Charlie's death scenes in Season 3, it seems as if a lazy approach is to blame for the way in which Danielle was killed by the Freighter Merceneries. After the death of Carl who nobody misses, she immediately was shot dead. I mean come on, what has happened to Lost since Season 1 and Season 2. Too many mistakes have been made since the Season 2 Finale. Season's 3 and 4 and I'm guessing the upcoming Season 5 will have and have had many great moments but the prime element of it is gone. I'm not just talking about being flooded with many people like in Season's 1 and 2, but the mystery element of the island and the DHARMA Initiative is also getting stale. I like the flash forward approach the show has taken which finally removed it from flashbacks that were getting extremely annoying and pointless to watch anymore. However this stupid idea of the Oceanic Six leaving the Island and knowing that they need to get back to it is as stupid as Danielle's death scene. No matter what sort of shocking finale the creators have in mind they should do it quickly because from what I've been seeing ever since the start of Season 3, Lost is Lost!
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ScarClaw Dead? 3 Apr 25 2008, 12:35 PM EDT by Shelly_Welly112
Thread started: Apr 19 2008, 5:55 PM EDT  Watch
did she like...die?
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lostpleiade Danielle 0 May 31 2007, 11:58 AM EDT by lostpleiade
Thread started: May 31 2007, 11:58 AM EDT  Watch
I seriously do not believe that Danielle is part of the hostiles or Dharma. I believe her when she said that she was on a crew of six, that was brought to the island by a storm when they tried to answer a distress signal.

What is interesting is that the distress signal would have occurred just over sixteen years ago, about the time that the hostiles attacked the Dharma village. I wonder if this is the distress signal that they heard.

I would like to know what kind of research vessel she was on and what they were doing in the area. I'd like a Danielle flashback to show us the events of their arrival to the island, the infection, the unfortunate shootings of her crew, and the frightening first week of Alex's life and how the hostiles came to kidnap her.

There is a lot to tell behind the story that Danielle has told the 815 survivors. There is also much story in Danielle and Alex getting to know each other. Alex has just learned that her whole life was a lie. But, she will also learn the traumatic first weeks of her life and what happened to her father, Robert. S4 should prove to be very interesting.
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