Daniel Daniel Faraday

(Played By: Jeremy Davies)

Flashback Episodes: "Confirmed Dead" "The Variable"

Who he is: A physicist who is one of the four members of the freighter to arrive on the Island.

Hails From: Essex, Massachusetts

Who he was before: When Daniel first found out about the crash of Flight 815, he became emotional about it, and started to cry. Later, he was selected by Charles Widmore, his father, to go to the Island, being led by Naomi. His mission is to find Ben Linus.

Who he is now: Daniel Faraday was the first of the four to parachute out of the malfunctioning helicopter. After landing, he was soon found by Jack and Kate. He says to them that he had lost his satellite phone, and Kate says they have one. He uses the phone to call Minkowski, and says he has lost communication.

At the CoveJack, Kate, and Daniel go looking for the rest of his team when they come upon a metal container. Daniel says it is from the helicopter, and when Jack opens it, he finds inside, gas masks. Jacks asks why he is carrying a gun, and he says rescuing them is not his primary objective. They then find Miles, who had landed at the Cove. Jack goes up to him, and then Miles points a gun at Jack. Daniel says not to point the gun, and that they are good people.

Charlotte's signal appears on the phone, and Jack says to put the guns down, because his friends are in the jungle with guns pointed at them. They do not believe him, and Juliet and Sayid fire. Daniel and Miles immediately give up their guns. When Charlotte's signal finally comes to them, it turns out it had been attached to Vincent.

They find Frank's signal, and finds him unconscious. He soon wakes up, and explains that he had safely landed the helicopter. They reach the helicopter, which sustained little damage.

Big Secrets:
  • When Desmond was sent back to 1996, Daniel helped Desmond. He later discovers that he wrote in a notebook (probably around '96) that "Desmond is his constant". This could mean that he and Desmond changed the past.
  • His parents are Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore.

  • Why does he cry when he finds out the news about Flight 815?
    • It seems that there's no significance behind this because in "The Variable," he explained that he just found it very depressing.
  • Why was he chosen for this mission?
    • Widmore chose him because he is Daniel's father. Daniel had a mental disorder (constantly forgetting everything) and Widmore new the island could heal him. Also, he was chosen becuase he was a physicist.
  • Is it possible that Daniel has OCD?
  • Why is his mother so special?
    • His mother is Eloise Hawking. Although she hasn't actually admitted it, it seems that she can see the future. Also, she was an Other during the time of the Dharma Initiative.

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sleepyrobin who is daniel's mother? 6 May 30 2009, 1:27 PM EDT by Ingridellevset
Thread started: Jan 27 2009, 1:55 PM EST  Watch
could daniel's mother be the woman with the white hair from desmond's "dream" and from the last episode that told ben that he has limited time to get everyone back to the island, or "god help us all."

i think it's interesting that desmond and daniel are each other's constant.
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flyboymadman My theory on Daniel 7 Jan 28 2009, 7:20 AM EST by Clancey
Thread started: Nov 12 2008, 6:21 AM EST  Watch
I believe 'Daniel's crying' when he first saw the news report had something to do with his scientific theory on time travel. When desmond was leaping back and fourth in time he had lost his memory of everything that happened on the island. So I reckon that in the future of LOST daniel's going to suffer memory loss and he'll jump back to that moment where he was in front of the tv crying and that's how desmond will be end up being his constant.... that's if daniel survived the boat explosion.
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Shelly_Welly112 omg 8 Apr 24 2008, 3:34 PM EDT by FutureLost
Thread started: Apr 1 2008, 11:52 AM EDT  Watch
daniel is my favorite rescuer! he's so funny and creepy at the same time. i like his ocd'ness and he's super cool. who's ur favorite?
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