Claire's Disappearance

Claire's Disappearance

Claire's Disappearance
What we know...
Claire's Disappearance Claire's barracks blow up.
In the Others' camp, Claire's house blows up but Sawyer retrieves her. Maybe she did really die...
Claire's Disappearance She disappears into the woods.
Claire awakens to find Christian holding Aaron and she follows him into the woods.
Claire's Disappearance Claire leaves Aaron behind.
Sawyer awakes in the morning to find Aaron near a tree. Miles informs him that Claire left with some guy.
Claire's Disappearance Locke sees a relaxed Claire.
Locke visits Jacob's cabin and sees Claire with Christian. She doesn't seem concerned at all about Aaron.
Mega Clues:
Claire's Disappearance Claire warns Kate in a dream not to bring Aaron back to the island. She threatened Kate by saving, "Don't you dare bring him back." Later Kate reveals her reason for returning to the island — not to see Sawyer as everyone suspects, but to bring Claire back to Aaron. That is, if she's still alive.
What questions are left? Ask other Losties your Claire questions...

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