Claire LittletonClaire Littleton

(About the actress:
Emilie de Ravin)

Flashback Episodes:
"Raised By Another", "Maternity Leave", "Par Avion"

Hails from: Australia

Who she was before: Minimum-wage-earning single mother-to-be.

Who she is now: Mother of Aaron

Why she was in Australia: She lived there.

Why she was on Flight 815: Flying to Los Angeles to give up her unborn baby for adoption.

Plane Section: Middle

Family issues: Claire's mother is in a coma following a horrific car accident where Claire claimed she was driving. She has been in the coma presumably for several years. In a big twist, it was revealed that Christian Shephard, Jack's father, is also Claire's father. He was absent from her life because her mother couldn't stand that he had another family and her aunt hated him. Claire's boyfriend, the father of her child, left her because he couldn't deal with the impending life-changing events. At some point after the plane crash, her mother does wake from the coma.

Big secret: She is the half-sister of Jack, though she doesn't know. Jack is not informed until after he has left the island.

Why she was flying to Los Angeles: Claire was flying there because a psychic told her that a family there will take her baby. He insisted she flew flight 815. Did he know she was going to crash on the island? Did he want her to?

Claire Littleton is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She is Jack Shephard's half-sister, although neither of them knows this. She is the mother of Aaron Littleton who was born on the island soon after the crash and has done her best to raise Aaron the best she can. During her time on the island, she entered a relationship with fellow survivor, Charlie Pace.

Claire relaxing in the sunHer life on the island:
Right from the start Claire was in dire need of help due to her pregnancy. Jack is the first one to help her and drops her off in the care of Hurley. She was worried about her baby since she hadn't felt it kick since the crash, her worries soon faded when Aaron kicked after Jin fed her some fish.

Claire and Charlie and the Imaginary Peanut ButterClaire spent most of her time after the crash conversing with various passengers and having daily checkups from Jack. After a while her and Charlie began to casually talk and flirt. It became more romantic when they even shared a moment eating imaginary peanut butter, something she had been longing to taste since the crash.

Charlie soon convinced Claire to move up to the caves with him, saying it would be easier for Jack to check up on her baby. This is when the two began to fall for each other even more. She soon had a nightmare about her baby and when she awoke someone was injecting her with a needle. The only one who believed her was Charlie and even yet she believed he thought she was crazy. After yelling at Jack she left off into the jungle by herself when Charlie caught up with her, he helped her through a false pregnancy only for them both to be stopped by Ethan Rom. He turned out to be one of the others and kidnapped them both.

When Claire was kidnapped by the Others, she was kept under drugs and made to believe that Ethan was good, and was ready to give him up to 'them'. Later Alex Rousseau helped her escape from there and once she was in the jungle, Danielle helped her too. She only remembered this later with Libby's help and when she was searching for a vaccine for the cure to Aaron's mysterious illness, which turned out to be roseola.

Claire baiting Ethan RomShe was discovered wandering through the jungle by Locke and Boone. She had suffered from amnesia and couldn't remember anything but the crash, Charlie then returned her diary to her hoping it would help bring back her lost memories. Jack and the other losties setup a plan to lure Ethan Rom back to the camp by using Claire as Ethan and a drugged Clairebait. This worked but they weren't able to learn anything due to the fact Charlie shot and killed him.

Claire really liked Charlie, but when she discovered he was using drugs, she decided to not let him sleep near her or the baby. When Charlie started behaving even more irrationally she lost all faith in him, but is now warming to him much more. In the season two finale they even shared a kiss. They have continued to be close throughout season three.
Charlie even sacrificed his life when he learned that if he did, Claire and Aaron would get off of the island.

While under control of the Others, Claire had some kind of chip implanted in her. The Others can activate it to make her sick.

When the island splits into people who wish to be rescued and people who wish to stay on the island, she joins the Island group, making the trek to The Others' village. While there, she is mildly injured (miraculously) when the Freighter mercenaries blow up the house she is in. While the survivors of this group are attempting to find safety, she is visited by Christian Shephard in the night and, according to Miles, walks away with him, leaving Aaron behind.

The next we see of Claire, she is sitting, contentedly, in Jacob's cabin with her father. When Locke asks why Aaron is left behind, she says he's "exactly where he needs to be." Off-island, Kate is haunted by the thought that Claire would not raising her child.

Q: Is the baby "special"?
A: Some believed it was. And some believe it still is. But, After Claire escaped from Ethan, the Others didn't want Aaron any more. They wanted Walt. So that leads us to believe that Aaron is no longer special.

Q: Is Claire really Jack's sister, or step-sister?
A: Yes, half-sister, as revealed in "Par Avion."

Q: Will Claire ever find out that she and Jackare related?
A: Unknown. Jack, off-island, knows. If Jack finds a way to get back to the island, he may tell her. Also, she may have been informed by Christian Shephard.

Q: Have Claire and Charlie ever met in the past?
A: From what we know, no. It seems doubtful.

Q: Would Claire have given up Aaron if the plane hadn't crashed?
A: Probably. Maybe the crash was a good thing for her. But everyone has a guilty conscience. She could have kept Aaron even if she had not crashed.

Q: Is she still alive?
A popular theory is that Claire died in the explosion of her house and that the Claire we saw after that is an apparition of the island (ala Christian Shephard or Yemi). This is supported by her interactions with Christian and her strange demeanor in Jacob's Cabin.

Theories: Claire is the daughter of Christian Shephard that we saw in "Two For the Road". (Confirmed in "Par Avion")

Claire is familiar with astrology, she knows what sign Kate is in season 1

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