Cindy Chandler

Cindy Chandler

CindyThe Actor: Kimberly Joseph

Flashback Episode: She is seen in Charlie's plane flashback chasing him and Jack's flashback serving him a drink.

Who she is: She is the girlfriend of GARY TROUP. Gary Troup wrote the book "Bad Twin." Gary Troup based one of his book characters on her. He dedicated the book to "...Cindy my highest flying angel."

Hails from: Tallies

Who she was before: She worked on Oceanic 815.

Cindy Chandler

Who she is now: She watched and takes care of 2 children.

Big secrets: Not any so far.

    Theories: She might be an other, as seen in the episode "Stranger in a Strange Land" at Juliet's trial, and looks to be one of the others.

    INFORMATION FROM: Gary Troup's book, "Bad Twin."

    In the book, Gary said that his girlfriend was a flight attendant on 815. He said her name was CINDY CHANDLER. That is where the information on her last name came from.

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