Charlie Hieronymus Pace:Charlie Pace

(About the Actor: Dominic Monaghan) Before joining Lost, Dominic is best known for his role as Merry Brandybuck in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Dominic currently is enjoying a serious romantic relationship with Evangaline Lilly (Kate), whom he met filming Lost.

Flashback Episodes: "The Moth", "Homecoming", "Fire + Water" "Greatest Hits"

Appears in Desmond's flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes".

In a Nutshell

Hails from: Manchester, England.

Plane Section: Middle

Who he was before: Bassist for one-hit wonder band Driveshaft, heroin addict.

Who he is now: Surrogate dad to Aaron; very close to Claire.

Why he was in Australia: Failed attempt to talk his brother Liam into a reunion with his old band.

Family issues: Mom died young, presumably; Father was a butcher who wanted his sons to learn the trade; brother Liam turned to drugs first.

Big secret: By

Charlie Pace

now everyone knows he was a junkie; they don’t know he was Sawyer’s partner in the Big Island Gun Heist. He was the one who kidnapped Sun. The most intriguing secret by far is what happened down in the hatch.

Current Status: Hurley confirmed him dead in his flash-forward in the season 4 premiere when he sees Charlie in the Mental Institution.

Charlie Hieronymus Pace was a survivor from the middle section of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, Charlie was the bassist and main songwriter for the rock band Driveshaft. When Flight 815 crashed, Charlie was snorting heroin in one of the plane's bathrooms. Charlie's drug addiction and crippling self doubt were the biggest obstacles in his life. Like many of the Losties, the crash provided Charlie with a fresh start. On the island, Charlie formed a relationship with Claire Littleton and her son Aaron. He gave up his heroin addiction.

Before the Crash

DriveshaftCharlie was a devout Catholic, an altar boy as a child. His mother gave him a piano for Christmas. She told him he was "special", but his father opposed his musical dreams. As he grew older, he formed the band Driveshaft with his brother Liam. The band had one big hit song "You All Everybody" that was popular in both in United Kingdom and the United States. While Charlie was the lead guitarist that was doing good but then led him to a trap and then he collapsed under the weight of the band's heroin use. Charlie tried to confront his brother and get him to quit, but after being told by Liam that he was useless unless he was in the band, he tried heroin too, and also became addicted.

You are every-butties!Liam was still addicted when he and his wife had their first child, named Megan after Charlie and Liam's mother. Charlie covered for his brother's problems and his own until one day Liam sold Charlie's piano in exchange for a plane ticket to Sydney so Liam could enter rehab and start a new life with his family. Charlie was left behind with no money, a drug addiction, and no means of support.

He became indebted to his dealer, Tommy, for drugs, so Tommy suggested that Charlie form a relationship with Lucy Heatherton, a wealthy girl, so he could steal from her family. Because Charlie liked Lucy, he felt guilty betraying her, so he took a job instead working for her father's company selling copiers. Before his first day, his heroin withdrawal became too much and, in desperation, he stole from her after all. When he was discovered, Lucy dumped him.

Charlie eventually went to Australia to find his brother Liam to convince him to get the band back together. Liam refused, but offered to let Charlie stay with him and get him into a rehab program. Charlie turned down his offer and left to board flight 815 to Los Angeles.

It seems that Charlie has a really good way of getting a girlfriend. More then once in a flashback he has been seen with a girl, or at least waking up with one. And when I say seen with a girl, I don't mean his mother. But when on the island, he doesn't act in any way towards any of the women, and definitely not with Claire. In fact, out of all the times he was with Xlaire, they've only kissed twice.

On the Island

On the island, Charlie accompanied Jack and Kate to locate the cockpit of the plane and retrieve the heroin he left in the bathroom.

Shortly after crashing on the island, another survivor, John Locke, finds out about Charlie's addiction and tries to help him kick it before it's too late. While holding Charlie's heroin stash, Locke compares Charlie's life as an addict to a moth that hasn't hatched from its cocoon yet. Locke explains to Charlie if he asks for the the heroin three times then he can get it back. Up until the third time, Charlie goes back to find the others. Later, Jack was trapped in a cave-in, and Charlie rescued him while suffering from withdrawal. By doing that he noticed a moth flying around a path, which then helps him to find light which he then manages to get out with Jack.. Then Charlie finds Locke again, and when Charlie remembers about the moth, he gives up his addiction.

Charlie and Claire's budding relationshipCharlie also developed a relationship with the then pregnant Claire. They were both kidnapped by Ethan, and Charlie almost died after being hanged by his neck from a tree. Jack returned the favour of the cave-in rescue and saved Charlie's life. After Claire returned, Ethan came back and threatened Charlie again, promising to kill a survivor each day until Claire was returned to him. The next morning, a survivor was found dead on the beach. The survivors made a plan to capture Ethan using Claire as bait, but Charlie, intent on protecting Claire and believing that Ethan deserved to die for what he had done, shot and killed Ethan after his capture.

After Claire had Aaron, Charlie developed a fatherly relationship with the baby. When Rousseau kidnapped the baby, Sayid and Charlie went out to rescue him. While tracking Danielle, the two passed the site of a small downed plane filled with heroin. Charlie secretly took a Virgin Mary statue containing heroin and stashed it in his bag. Claire found the statue and eventually questioned Charlie about it. He explained that he found it in the jungle, but didn't mention the heroin inside. Claire later told Locke and Eko about the statue. When Eko broke the statue open in front of her, Charlie's lie was exposed. Claire packed his things and told him to stay away from her and the baby.

Charlie explaining the baptism to ClaireNow alone, Charlie began having vivid dreams that Aaron was in danger. One night he woke confused to find himself standing in the water holding Aaron. Claire reclaimed Aaron, and slapped Charlie. When he tried to tell Locke that he was sleepwalking, Locke accused him of using drugs. When he spoke to Mr. Eko, Eko suggested that Charlie's dream meant that Aaron needed to be baptized. Charlie went to Claire and begged her to baptize Aaron. She wouldn't listen. While visiting his drug stash and about to open a bag, Locke stopped him and took the statues away, still refusing to listen about his dreams.

In the end, Charlie started a fire near the camp as a distraction, and took Aaron to the water himself to baptize him. After talking to Claire, Charlie handed the baby back to Locke, who punched him. Angry and ostracized, Charlie helped humiliate Locke by assisting Sawyer in his long con to get the guns and medicines. Charlie abducted Sun to frighten the camp. Afterwards, when Sawyer offered him the statues back, Charlie refused.

Charlie found a case of vaccines in the food drop and offered it to Claire. Claire accepted it and began warming to him again. Eko began building a church and Charlie assisted him, helped him redevelop his faith. After Eko stopped building the church, Charlie continued to do it on his own. Vincent led Charlie to Sawyer's stash of Virgin Mary statues, and Charlie finally quit his addiction by throwing them into the ocean. The drug plane was eventually burned by Mr. Eko ridding Charlie of any leftover heroin. Later, at the funerals of Ana-Lucia and Libby, Claire held Charlie's hand.

Later, when Locke and Desmond locked Mr. Eko out of the hatch in an attempt to see what would happen if the button didn't get pushed, Charlie helps Mr. Eko by showing him where the extra dynamite that could blow open the blast doors was. When he realized what Mr. Eko was about to do, Charlie had second thoughts and tried to reason with Locke to open the doors. Eko set off the dynamite, and he and Charlie were injured in the blast. While Desmond went to activate the failsafe, Charlie returned to the beach, bloodied and ears ringing, where he found Claire concerned and looking for him. That night they shared their first kiss (pretty romantic.).

Charlie and Hurley tried to find out how Desmond could predict the future after the hatch imploded. Desmond told Charlie that he flashes which show the future. He then told Charlie that he keeps on saving his life and he will eventually die. Charlie is shocked to hear the news. Desmond continues to save Charlie's life. Desmond has saved Charlie from being struck by lightning, drowning trying to save Claire, slipping and falling into rocks, and being hit by an arrow.

Charlie made a picnic for Claire on the beach. Then Claire thought of a way to get rescued. She thought that if they capture a bird and then attach a note to it, someone will find the bird and rescue them. Charlie helps Claire, but it is Desmond who captures a bird. He then told Claire about saving Charlie.
Desmond confronts Charlie about his flash.Charlie, Jin, and Hurley go on a walk with Desmond after he had another flash. Desmond doesn't tell about Charlie dying. That night, they hear a helicopter in the distance. It crashes in the ocean, but a person parachutes into the jungle. They walk into the jungle to find the person who Desmond believes is Penny. Charlie steps on a trap. Desmond saves his life just before the arrow hits him. They reach the parachute and rescue the person stuck in the tree.They take of the helmet and find a woman in a suit, but it isn't Penny.

In "Greatest Hits", we have more flashbacks of Charlie. It was about his greatest moments in his life. They are when their song made it to the radio, when he learned to swim, when Liam gave him the DS ring, when he saved a woman (who was Nadia), and when he first met Claire. Naomi (who was also from Manchester) told Charlie that DriveShaft had become a big hit because everyone thought he was dead. Desmond has another flash. It was of Claire and Aaron getting onto a helicopter, but in order for that to happen, Charlie had to push a button. Charlie goes with Desmond to the underwater building known as the Looking Glass. Charlie goes underwater and swims to the building and gets inside just before he runs out of breath. Then, two women, later known as Bonnie and Greta, run up to him with guns, and capture him.

NOT PENNY'S BOATCharlie is held captive by the women, who torture him. They get his name and tell Ben. Ben sends Mikhail to the looking glass station. He shoots the women and Desmond shoots him with a harpoon gun. Charlie goes into the jamming room and turns off the communications jammer. He talks with Penelope and finds out that Naomi and Naomi's boat are not affiliated with her. Outside, Mikhail has a grenade in his hand. The grenade explodes, opening the porthole. Water gushes in. Desmond tries to get Charlie out of the room, but Charlie shuts and locks the door. Charlie quickly writes NOT PENNY'S BOAT on his hand. He goes under the water and shows Desmond his hand through the window. The fate of Charlie is unknown. NOT PENNYS BOAT means it wasn't Desmond's ex girl friend PENNY's boat.

Charlie Pace
Generally speaking, on the island, Charlie seems to get along most easily with Hurley. Hurley and Charlie are often known for their funny anecdotes and quips. While Hurley's jokes are usually more good-natured, Charlie can sometimes aim his at a someone he may be harboring anger at, such as Locke. For example, Charlie recently found Locke crying in the jungle, and appeared amused. Despite this, Charlie is most often known for his clever quips on popular culture, especially if they relate to music and Driveshaft. Charlie is known for humming classic songs like The Kink's "He's Evil" (while fishing with Jin) and for playing his guitar while delivering lines like "Track 2: Monster Eats The Pilot" (while playing guitar for Claire).
It is also realized that although Charlie went on his share of adventures; he was never captured by the Others. They never showed signs of planning on capturing him either. This is most likely because Charlie does not think and know the same sort of things people like Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid know. Those are the kind of people the Others would try to capture. Charlie is a bassist rock star that was an ex-heroin addict. In the beginning of LOST you realize he has never shot a gun. Also Charlie is a little goofy and isn't always so serious. He's not as boring and know-it-all like the Others are; so he does not fit in and they do not want him. Which really; is good. The only time Charlie is captured is when he was caught in the Looking Glass, in which case anyone would be captured. And he does not exactly act like a captured Jack or Kate when he gets there.

Charlie is a common given name. Among famous Charlie's are: Brown, Chaplin, McCarthy, and the Tuna.

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I have discovered enough proof to prove that Charlie will live, even though it looks like he died. Remember the moon pool in the Looking Glass. It is the pool that Charlie, Desmond, and Mikhail went through to get inside the station. It doesn't flood the station, because of the air pressure inside the station. The air pressure is the same throughout the station. When Mikhail blew up the window, the water will only rise to the window because of the air pressure. There will be an air bubble at the top, so Charlie will not drown. When you watch Charlie is writing NOT PENNY'S BOAT, the water isn't rising any higher.
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people charlie will not die am gona tell u why
kate and charlie are bf and gf
kate said that if charlie will die am not gona be in lost
charlie will not die
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