Charles Widmore

Charles WidmoreCharles Widmore

(The Actor: Alan Dale, Tom Connolly (1950's Widmore))

Episode Appearances: "Live Together, Die Alone", "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "The Constant", "The Other Woman", "The Shape of Things to Come", "There's No Place Like Home: Parts 2 & 3", "Because You Left", "The Lie", "Jughead".

Occupation: Owner and executive of the Widmore Corporation.

Hails From: United Kingdom

Who he is: Charles Widmore is the executive of the Widmore Corporation. He is the father of Penelope Widmore, who is in a relationship with Desmond. He was formerly an Other, living on the Island in the 1950's. Ben and Charles Widmore have a strong rivalry, and are currently both in search of the Island.

Widmore on the Island
Charles Widmore was an Other in the 1950's.
On the Island: Charles Widmore was on the Island, as one of the Others in the 1950s. He, along with Cunningham and Mattingly capture Sawyer and Juliet. Locke appears, and kills Mattingly with knife, and capture the remaining two people. They speak in Latin, but Juliet understands it. She says that all Others must know Latin, revealing who these people are. Cunningham starts to tell where their camp is, but before giving them all the directions, Widmore snaps his neck, killing him. He runs away, and Locke decides not to shoot him, because he is one of his people. He underestimates Locke's tracking abilities, as he follows him to the camp. Locke meets with Richard Alpert, who does not recognize him at that time. Locke eventually gains Richard's trust, despite Widmore's doubts. Richard reveals Widmore's name, and Locke realizes who he is.

Desmond asks Widmore if he can marry Penny
Widmore claims Desmond is not worthy of drinking MacCutcheon
Off the Island: Desmond went to his headquarters to ask him for his daughter's hand in marriage. He takes out a bottle of MacCutcheon Whiskey, along with two glasses, but only pours a mouthful into one cup. He tells Desmond that he is not worthy of drinking this, and therefore not worthy of marrying his daughter. He does not want them to become married because he is a coward, and will never be a "great man"

He was at an auction at Southfield's during 1996. He bought the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock for £380,000. Desmond found him there, and asked him for Penny's address. He gives it to him, but again, calls him a coward.

Widmore in the video
Widmore is caught on camera, beating up an Other.
After Desmond was released from prison, Charles Widmore met him. He had intercepted all the letters Penny sent to him. Later, Desmond decided to join the sailing race which was being sponsored by the Widmore Corporation in an attempt to regain his honor.

On the Island, Ben shows Locke a video titled Red Sox, which he says he has taped over. In the tape was Charles Widmore, who is in charge of the Freighter mission. It shows him beating a blindfolded man who is an Other. He must be Matthew Abaddon's boss, even though it was Abaddon who recruited everyone.

After the Rescue of the Oceanic 6: Ben is expelled from the island and travels to Widmore's penthouse in London. Ben asks how long he has had a bottle of whiskey by the bed, and he responded by saying "since the nightmares began". He asks if Ben is here to kill him, but he says he cannot kill him. They argue over who is responsible for Alex's death. Widmore says that Ben stole the Island from him, and that the island has always been his, and will be again. Ben then threatens to kill Widmore's daughter, Penelope Widmore. Widmore says that he will never find her.

Widmore and Sun in London
Sun claims that she and Widmore have "common interests".
Later, Sun meets Widmore in London, and represents herself as Mr. Paik's daughter, and the managing director of Paik Industries. Widmore starts talking about her father, but Sun confronts him, saying that he knows that the Oceanic 6 have been lying. She also says that they have common interests, and gave him a business card. Before leaving, she says that the Oceanic 6 are not the only people that left the Island.

Sun arrives at the airport and goes to the checking desk. The attendant asks her to hold on, and is taken to a room and locked inside. Widmore appears, and tells her the he sent her in here because she did not give him respect when they met earlier on. He asks what their common interest is, a topic Sun brought up at their previous discussion. She says that their common interest is to kill Benjamin Linus.

At his office in London, Desmond unexpectedly arrives. They have not met for seven years. Desmond demands where he can find Daniel's mother. Widmore does not understand what he was talking about, so Desmond reveals that he knows that he was the benefactor to Daniel's experiments. Widmore asks if Penny is safe, but Desmond keeps on insisting to want to know where Daniel's mother is. He writes him an address, located in Los Angeles, and pleads to him, telling him that he must return to the place where he has been hiding to keep Penny safe.

Big Secrets:

  • How and when did his and Ben's rivalry begin?
  • What are the rules, and how did Alex's death change them?
  • Why can't Ben kill him?
  • What are the nightmares and when did they start?
  • How did he become an Other?
  • How did he get off the Island?


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