Car Accidents

Below are all the car accidents in Lost.

Season 1:

"Tabula Rasa"-

Ray Mullen, the man who Kate stayed with for three months, was turning her in to the Marshal. Ray was driving, but Kate grabs the wheel when she realizes what is going on. The car drives off the road, and rolls over. She saves Ray, who is unconscious. She is arrested by the Marshal, but could have escaped if she didn't save Ray.


After Michael had a conversation with Susan on the phone, he is hit by a car while crossing the street. Susan pays for all the medical bills, and convinced Michael to give up custody of Walt.

"Deus Ex Machina"-

Locke is trying to find his mother in the parking lot of the toy store he is working at. As he is searching for her, he is hit by a car that is pulling out. He quickly gets back up, and continues searching for her.

"Born to Run"-

Kate and her childhood sweetheart, Tom, are in a car at the hospital parking lot. The exit is barricaded by the police. Kate tells Tom to get out of the car, but he refuses. Kate starts driving, and the police start to shoot at the car. She gets through the barricade, but is hit by another car. Kate realizes that Tom was killed by a shot, and she quickly gets out, and starts running [go figure].

Season 2:


Sarah and Shannon's father, Adam Rutherford, were in a car crash. Adam died from the crash, and Sarah's spine was seriously damaged. Jack did surgery on her, and miraculously fixed her.

"What Kate Did"-

Kate and the Marshal were driving in a car in the rain at night. Suddenly, a black horse appears on the road. The Marshal swerves to avoid it, and crashed into a telephone pole. Kate managed to escape.

Season 3:

"Not in Portland"-

Juliet is asked to work for Mittelos Bioscience. Juliet jokingly says that she will only join if her ex-husband, Edmund, is hit by a bus. Later, Edmund is hit by a bus and dies.

"Par Avion"-

Claire and her mother are in a car crash. Her mother ends up in a coma. Christian Shephard pays for all the medical bills, and Claire finds out that he is her father.

"The Brig"-

Anthony Cooper claims that before he came to the island, he was in a car crash in Tallahassee. The next thing he remembered was that he appeared on the island.

"Through the Looking Glass"-

Just as Jack was about to commit suicide, a car crashes on the bridge. Jack stops, and decides to save the two people in the car.

Season 4:

"Meet Kevin Johnson"-

In an attempt to commit suicide, Michael crashes his car into a shipping container. However, his attempt fails, as he survives.


  • Did the bus hit Edmund on purpose, or was it just an accident?
  • How did Anthony Cooper end up on the island?
  • Why can't Michael die?
The Island wont let Michael die untill he has done his job, which is to blow up the boat. Tom mentions it on the episode Meet Kevin Johnson on the 3rd Series
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