(The Actor: Saïd Taghmaoui)

Episode Appearances: "316", "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", "Namaste", "Dead is Dead".

Occupation: Unknown

Hails from: Unknown

Who He Is: Caesar was a passenger on Ajira Airways Flight 316. He took leadership of the group of survivors not long after it crashed on the Island. He had interest in searching the buildings on the Hydra Island, which once belonged to the Dharma Initiative. He attempted to stop Ben and Locke from leaving to the main island, only to be shot by Ben.

Off the Island: While at the check-in at the airport, Caesar gave Jack his condolences after he overheard him talk about his "dead friend". He boarded the plan, in business class, along with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Ben, Sayid, and Ilana. In mid-flight, the plane hits heavy turbulence. Hurley warns him to buckle up. There is a flash, and he notices that Hurley has disappeared. After the crash landing, Caesar attends to Ilana, seeing if she was okay.

Caesar and Frank
Caesar discredits Lapidus' plan, and comes up with his own proposal.
On the Island: On the beach, Frank Lapidus gathers the survivors, telling them that the best thing to do is to stay put. Caesar rejects Lapidus, and mentions that they should search the buildings which he discovered on the island. Caesar appears to ultimately become the leader of the survivors.

Caesar explores the Hydra, uncovering various maps and papers, including Rousseau's maps, Daniel's journal, and a 1954 issue of Life magazine. He finds a shotgun, and hides it when Ilana comes in, informing him about a man in a suit that was found by a fellow survivor.

Later, Locke approaches Casear, asking if he had the flight manifest. He briefly explains what the Dharma Initiative were, making Caesar question how he knew about this. Locke replied, saying that he has already been on this island before, for over 100 days. Caesar says that all the passengers are accounted for, and there are several injured. He takes Locke to a makeshift sickbay inside the Hydra. Locke approaches a man, and tells Caesar that this is the man who killed him.

Caesar at the Hydra
Caesar explores the Hydra.
Ben approaches Caesar, questioning Locke, claiming that he could be a dangerous man. Later, Caesar discovers that Ben and Locke are planing to leave the island, to head to the main island. Caesar disapproves of this, and attempts to pull out his shotgun. However, Ben pulls out a shotgun, revealing that he stole the gun, and shot Caesar, telling the other people that if anyone attempts to follow them, they will suffer the same fate.

  • Why was he going to Guam?
  • What is his occupation?


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