Boone Carlyle


(About the actor: Ian Somerhalder)

Flashback Episode:
"Hearts and Minds"

Appears in Shannon's flashback in "Abandoned". Appears in Nikki's and Paulo's flashback in "Expose".

Boone Carlyle was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and was Shannon's stepbrother. He attempted to assume a semi-leadership role with the survivors but failed due to being rash and young, although he became Locke's apprentice when the two formed a close bond. Boone was on the island for 41 days before he died of injuries sustained in a fall. According to Locke, Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded.

Before the Crash

After Shannon's father, Adam Rutherford died, Boone went to Los Angeles to meet his mother. There he was offered a job by his mother, as the COO of a wedding company. Boone offered his attractive stepsister, Shannon, money, but she refused. Although Boone refused to believe it, he was madly in love with Shannon, and often rescued her from her abusive relationships, which were just scams to get money and attention. Shannon's latest relationship was with a man named Bryan, who was living in Sydney, Australia. When he saw a bruise on Shannon's face, he went to the police station, where he saw Sawyer being arrested. After Boone wrote Bryan a check for 50,000 dollars, he ran off leaving Shannon with nothing. Later that night, Shannon showed up at Boone's hotel room, and while drunk, seduced him into sleeping with her.

On the Island

After the crash, Boone tried his best to help Rose, but eventually, Jack had to step in and sent him off looking for pens. Later, Boone attempted to save a woman named Joanna who went swimming, but started to drown. Jack went out to rescue both of them, but only came back with Boone. After this, Boone took on hunting duty with Locke. When Claire was kidnapped, both Boone and Locke went out to look for her, and stumbled upon the Hatch. They tried several different ways to open the Hatch, including a trebuchet, but each attempt resulted in failure. When Boone told Locke that he was going to tell Shannon about their situation with the hatch, Locke drugged Boone, and tied him to a tree in the jungle. While drugged he experienced hallucinations of being chased by the monster, and seeing Shannon being killed. This experience helped Boone let go of his feelings for his sister. After Locke had a strange dream about finding a plane, he and Boone ventured into the jungle to find it. They found it, and Boone climbed up to see what was inside. There he found virgin Mary statues filled with heroine and a radio, which was picking up a transmission (this turned out to be Bernard trying to communicate from the other side of the island). When Boone tried to use the radio, the balance of the plane shifted, and it fell from the trees, crashing to the ground, fatally injuring Boone. Jack tried to treat him, but ultimately Boone asked to be let go knowing he was beyond saving, and he subsequently died.

Boone then appeared to Locke in a vision, when Locke desired to talk to the island after being rendered mute after the hatch's implosion. First of all, he forgave John for his death, since he was "the sacrifice the island demanded". He told John he would help him recover his way, so he can reunite the family. He leads Locke through the Sydney airport, telling him there was someone in there in grave danger. He says about Aaron and Claire: "They'll be OK... For awhile". He says that Sayid can handle Jin and Sun, that Hurley is alright, and that Desmond is helping himself. When both of them look at Jack, Kate and Sawyer being inspected by Benjamin, Boone says that Locke must first clean his own mess. John is finally shown Mr. Eko's stick, and Boone finally tells him: "They have him. There isn't much time."

STATUS: Deceased
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Anonymous Boone 5 Mar 19 2008, 2:18 PM EDT by alexanderTM
Thread started: Mar 13 2007, 2:02 PM EDT  Watch
It's too bad that the writer's killed Boone off. I thought Boone and Shannon's "predicament" was a good one. On top of all of that, I thought Somerhalder and Grace displayed a lot of acting talent.
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SkyGirl Excuses.. 4 Sep 1 2007, 7:28 PM EDT by elkinsknight11
Thread started: Jan 26 2007, 7:26 PM EST  Watch
Doesn't it annoy you how Locke always uses "it was a sacrifice the island demanded" as an excuse? Damn you Locke. Boone was awesome. He never annoyed any of the survivors or the viewers. :p Too bad he's gone.
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elkinsknight11 Boone 0 Sep 1 2007, 7:26 PM EDT by elkinsknight11
Thread started: Sep 1 2007, 7:26 PM EDT  Watch
I think Boone was the best character on the show, for one thing, he was HOT and he was pretty much an awesome guy.
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