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thinkigotit Did It Really Happen? 6 Sep 8 2007, 12:08 PM EDT by bobbie140
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It is highly possible that the theories regarding the whole event being in one person's imagination are on the right track. The ending of the season finale seems to suggest that. I theorize that several people, not one, were in a mental institution together when some sort of "jailbreak" happened, and the patients ran amok, killing the medical staffers. There seem to be elements involving things like phobias (like fear of numbers), schizophrenia, and persons bearing scars from events in their lives that left them emotionally scarred; that would indicate a need for mental and emotional counseling. It all is being played out in a delusional fantasy that they are seeing together, only because they are acting it out together. The Dharma Initiative may actually be The Dharma Institute. In the final scene it seems that Kate is cured in the future. But Jack was not successfully rehabilitated and still believes it really did happen. Furthermore, I believe Ben is the hospital's chief psychologist and he is trying to regain control over the situation by playing along with the fantasy. That is why he appears to be frightening to the "survivors" and yet all-knowing.
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