Another Dimension

Ok....i didnt know what else to put up there, but here goes.

Background information on Jacob:
1.Jacob is the Jacob from the bible (thats said alot but dont stop there).
2.Jacob in the bible had a brother Esau (idk how to spell it, look it up if your that intersted).

The Island.
In the bible, Jacob and his brother go different ways and each create there own people, or worlds. I think the Island is where jacob went, and Esau is our world.
In the bible, god tells someone (im not quite sure at the moment) that he loves jacob and hates Esau, and some where else in the bible he says how "Esau and his people will build, and then i will knock it"
What this means is: Jacob can do what ever he wanted on his island, but had no motivation to build cities or
anything on it because it was pure, and loved by god. But Esau went and created empires like rome, and eventually
they were destroyed.

So, the island is really a place god loves, and our world we live in, is the one he hates.

Our islanders went through something unknown, or were teleported there some how.

The island is masked to our world, because Esau and his people arent suppose to be able to find it.

The others kill and do things on the island because they are suppose to be there, and they are suppose to protect it from people from Esaus world.

But the connections still exist between our world and the island, thats why certain people can see jacob (even though every one else on the island cant)

you arent very sick on the island because its holy.
You cant have kids that are concieved on the island because there is no need.

ill add more when i think of stuff.

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