Ana-Lucia Cortez

(About the actress: Michelle Rodriguez)

Flashback Episodes: "Collision", "Two for the Road"

Ana-Lucia - The Hatch

Connections Before The Crash: Jack (through Jack's father), Sawyer

Ana-Lucia was an ex-police officer who sat in the tail section of Flight 815 when it crashed. She took a leadership role in the group and led her party across the island reuniting them with the rest of the passengers. Ana was known to be very emotionally cold and her background in policing helped her in her leadership role. Ana-Lucia was on the island for 65 days before being shot by Michael.

Plane Section: Tail

Before the Crash: Ana Lucia worked as a cop for the Los Angeles Police Department. On a call to a burglary, Ana was shot, while pregnant, and suffered a miscarriage. After a leave of absence, Ana Lucia returned to the force much to the dismay of her mother and boss, Teresa Cortez. When asked to identify the man that shot her, Ana Lucia lied, and let the culprit run free. She later followed her attacker to a bar, and shot and killed him. Ana Lucia then quit the force after being confronted by her mother. She later got a job as a security guard at LAX, and there she met Jack's father Christian Shephard. She accompanied him to Australia where she served as his bodyguard. She left him in a bar in Australia, after his father confronted a woman that he claimed had his daughter. She then met Jack at the Sydney Airport, where she shared a drink with him before getting on Flight 815.

On the Island

Ana Lucia was in the tail section of Flight 815 when the plane crashed. She landed on the beach, and helped others get to shore. On her first night on the island the group was attacked by the Others. When the Others attacked a week later, Ana killed one, finding a list of the people they kidnapped. She became the unofficial leader of the tail section telling them to leave the beach, and head into the jungle. When she became suspicious of one passenger, Nathan, she threw him into a pit, and interrogated him. Later, Nathan was killed by Goodwin, an Other posing as a passenger. Ana then confronted Goodwin, and killed him. As the remaining passengers went through the jungle they discovered the Arrow Station, where they made camp. Soon Jin, Michael, and Sawyer washed ashore, and Ana decide to throw them in the pit. Pretending to be a prisoner, she was convinced that they weren't the Others, and let them go. Ana and the tail section were led to the camp, but before arriving, they heard the whispers, and in the confusion, Ana accidentally shot and killed Shannon. Ana then became an outsider to the Castaways, though still contributing by helping Jack build an army to go against the Others. As a result of her experience with the Others, Locke asked her to interrogate Henry Gale, Henry drew her a map to his balloon, and Ana found it with the help of Charlie and Sayid. When Henry was exposed for being an Other, he blamed and attacked Ana Lucia for the murder of two Others, almost killing her. To get revenge, Ana needed a gun, so she had sex with Sawyer, taking his gun in the act. She went back to the hatch, but couldn't find the heart to kill Henry. Michael then offered to kill him for Ana, but when he took the gun he shot Ana in the chest. She died, and then appeared to Mr. Eko in a dream, telling him to "Help John." She was buried, and Jack spoke at her funeral; following her example of dealing issues with few words.
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Madproductions incorrect 3 Nov 26 2008, 1:10 AM EST by flyboymadman
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you have not done your home work
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Anonymous Killed Shannon? 1 Jun 27 2007, 11:25 AM EDT by Shelly_Welly112
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They say she shot and killed Shannon... I was under the impression that while Ana Lucia did shoot Shannon, what killed her was actually a knife wound.
I think there are actually posts about it in various places - it's usually said that an Other can be seen when Ana shoots Shannon, but it's unclear who it actually is.
That Other is often blamed for Shannon's death.. not Ana Lucia.
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meganhally anna LUCIA 8 Apr 9 2007, 8:55 AM EDT by Anonymous
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how can they kill of one of the most impotant chracters on the show soooooooo shocked when she got shot.
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