Aaron Littleton

Aaron Littleton

The Actor: Mathew David Viventi*
(Many babies portray him, but he is the main one.)

Flashback Episodes: Mentioned in "Raised by Another" and "Maternity Leave".
Flash Forward Episode(s): "Eggtown"

Who he is: Claire's baby.

Hails from: The island

Off the island:
Aaron is the son of Claire and her ex-boyfriend, Thomas. Claire wanted to give him up for adoption, but when she visited the psychic, Richard Malkin, he said not to do so. Eventually, he said that a couple in Los Angeles would adopt him, and that she should forget everything he said before.

Kate is taking care of Aaron off the island in the future. Is Kate and someone else unknown to us, the couple meant to adopt Aaron. Kate, Jack, and Hurley are all living in Los Angeles in the flash forwards, and would support the season one psychic's prediction.

On the island:
Aaron was born November 2, 2004, which was around the same time as Boone's death. Two days later, Danielle kidnaps him in an attempt to trade him to get her daughter, Alex, back at the location of the black smoke. Sayid and Charlie hurry to rescue him and find Danielle, who discovered the Others were not there.

Aaron, Claire, and Charlie Together Aaron was introduced to Mr. Eko. He said that Aaron is the brother of Moses in the Bible and discovers that Charlie had a Virgin Mary statue with heroin. Claire finds out and loses trust in him, and tells him to stay away from them. Later, Mr. Eko baptised Claire and Aaron.

Aaron comes down with a sudden fever and rash. Danielle claims that he has become "infected". Claire, Kate, and Danielle go to the Staff to find a vaccine to cure him. They could not find a vaccine, but Aaron's fever disappeared. Later, Charlie gives Claire a case of vaccines and a pneumatic injector.

Charlie gives Aaron the DS ring he had in anticipation that he could die in the Looking Glass. Claire takes Aaron and leaves for the walk to the Radio Tower, not noticing the ring.

  • Aaron has special powers, which could be why the Others wanted him.
  • Is Kate one of the people meant to adopt Aaron and live in Los Angeles
  • Could Claire die keeping her apart from Aaron.

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