The number 815 is a very consistent number in Lost, which is a combination of 8 and 15. Below is a list of the appearances of this number in chronological order by episode, and the number 815 in real life.

In Lost:

Season 1:

The Plane Crash"Pilot: Part 1"-

"Raised By Another"-
  • Claire's appointment for the adoption signing was at 8:15.

"Whatever the Case May Be"-
  • The safe deposit box Kate robbed was 815.

  • Charlie was trying to sell the model C-815 copier.

"Deus Ex Machina"-
  • At the toy store Locke worked at, regular balls were in aisle 8, Nerf balls were in aisle 15.

"Born to Run"-
  • Kate and Tom buried the time capsule on 8/15.

"Exodus: Part 1"-

Season 2:

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"-
  • Adam Rutherford's time of death was 8:15.

Henry Gale's Driver's Licence"Lockdown"-
  • The real Henry Gale's address was 815 Walnut Ridge Road.

Season 3:

"Flashes Before Your Eyes"-
  • A delivery man was sending a package for 815.

"Greatest Hits"-

Season 4:

"The Beginning of the End"-
  • The letters H O appear at Santa Rosa, which the numerical value is equal to 8 and 15.

"There's No Place Like Home: Parts 2 & 3"-
  • Before shooting a man at Santa Rosa, Sayid asks what the time is, to which he replies 8:15.

In Real Life:
  • South Korea's and India's Independence Day is 8/15. South Korea even has a soda called 815 soda.
  • The Hiroshima bomb was dropped on August 6th, 1945 at 8:15 AM.
  • 8/15 is a German term meaning "boring".

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