6.05: "Lighthouse"

airdate: February 23, 2010
episode: 6.05

"Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission, and Jin stumbles across an old friend".

6.05 Lighthouse
written by: Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof
directed by:Jack Bender

Burning Questions

On the Island:
  • Is Claire the evil that's coming to the temple?
  • How will Jin stay alive with caretaker Claire?
  • What's the thing that Jacob says Jack needs to do?
Off the Island:
  • Who's David's mother?
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Answered Questions

On the Island:
  • What's Claire been up to the past three years?
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  • ---
Off the Island:

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On the Island

Off the Island

Intro: Jacob turns up, visible only to Hurley (thus far).

Intro:Jack's father is still dead, and his mother is looking for Christian's will. Plus, we meet another member of Jack's family.
Jack from Lost
While on a trek to the lighthouse with Hurley, they stop at the caves where the survivors lived for a while, and Jack recalls his father's ghost led him there originally.

Hurley and Jack get to the top of the lighthouse. The two adjust a contraption that controls mirrors which signal ships at sea. Around the edge of the device are names, most of which are scratched out. When they turn the wheel to Shepard, Jack sees the image of his family home in the mirrors. Jack demands that Hurley ask why Jacob's been watching him, then he goes nuts with a pipe and breaks all the mirrors.

Jacob later tells Hurley that there's something Jack needs to do -- he just has to realize it.
Kate from Lost
Jack and Hurley run into Kate on their way to the lighthouse. She tells them she's going solo to find Claire.
The Man in Black
He shows up as Claire's "friend" at the end of the episode.
Hurley from Lost
Hurley goes into the temple and sees Jacob, who says he needs him to do a few things. He says some people are coming to the island, and Hurley and Jack need to help them find it. The two set out, using Jacob's instructions to get to the lighthouse. Jacob later tells Hurley that he needed to get the two of them away from the temple because someone bad was coming.
Sayid from Lost
Sayid wants to know why everyone is staring at him at the temple. He wants to know what Jack is hiding from him. The pill was poison, Jack tells him.
Jin from Lost
Jin gets caught in Claire's leg trap. After she frees him, she takes him back to her camp. To save the guard's life that she's tied up and threatening with an axe, he tells Claire that Kate took Aaron. That doesn't help -- she kills the guard anyway and tells Jin that she'd have to kill Kate if she took Aaron.

Jin changes his story -- now he says that Aaron's at the temple, so presumably he, Claire and "Locke" will be on their way...
Claire with gun
Claire finds Jin caught in a leg trap and frees him. She's been out in the jungle for the three years they've been gone.

Claire brought an unconscious Jin back to her camp. There he finds dynamite and a creepy crib. Claire brings back one of the guards and says she wants to know where they've hidden her son. The guard says he and Jin need to get out of there or she'll kill them both.

Claire cleans up Jin and stitches up his wound. She's convinced that the templers took Aaron. "first my father told me then my friend" (we don't know who this "friend" is).

Claire wields an axe over the guard, who insists they never had Aaron. She claims the templers tortured her. Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron. The guard just wants to be untied. Claire puts the axe in him.

She threatens to kill Kate if it's true that she took Aaron, but Jin now says that Aaron's at the temple.

Jack from Lost
Jack looks at his appendicitis scar. While talking with his mother, she tells him he had it out when he was 7 or 8. (In the other reality, Juliet removed his appendix.) He goes to pick up a boy at school who calls him "dad."

Jack's son, David, just wants to "get through" the monthly visits with his father. They're tense and Jack's desperate for connection.

Jack's mother tells him that David was very upset at the funeral. She suggests that David's terrified of him. They find Christian's will, which mentions Claire.

Jack brings home pizza to share with his son, but the boy is gone. He goes to David's mother's house (she's away) and gets a message on David's answering machine that he has an audition for a music conservatory.

Jack goes to David's audition, where the boy is playing virtuoso piano. The father of another boy is there -- it's Dogen. He tells Jack that David has a gift. Jack admits he doesn't know how long he's been playing.

David leaves the conservatory, and Jack tells him he was great. David had his mother promise not to tell Jack that he was still playing. Jack was too into it, he says. David didn't want Jack to see him fail. Jack's father would tell him he didn't have what it takes. "I just want to be a part of your life," he tells his son that he could never be a failure in his eyes, which breaks the tension between them.

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I thought last nights episode ws pretty good! A couple fo things:

!) Kate wasn't "invited" according to Hurley which ties into her name not being ont he cave wall...Hmmm...
2) the numbers next to the names at the cave corresponds to the degrees the mirror needs to be turned to in order to spy on the chosen ones....
3) Obviously, the numbers associated withthe namea re the numbers involved in Lost all along
4) Who is David's mom and HUH?!
5) Did Claire's frioend look like Locke for the past three years?
6) is Claire the bad thing going back to the temple or is Flocke the bad thing?

Anyway, more questions as always!
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