6.04: "The Substitute"

airdate: 2/16/10
episode: 6.04

"Locke goes in search of help to further his cause."

6.04 The Substitute
written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Melinda Hsu Taylor

directed by: Tucker Gates

Burning Questions

On the Island:
  • How are "Locke" and Sawyer getting off the cliff?
  • Who was the boy they saw?
  • What do the numbers means?
Off the Island:
  • Why are Locke and his father on seemingly good terms?
  • Will Locke and Jacks meet up again?
  • What else has Hurley done with his lottery winnings?

Answered Questions

On the Island:
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---
Off the Island:
  • In this reality, Locke and Helen stayed together and Locke still has a relationship with his father.
  • ---
  • ---

On the Island: 2007

Off the Island: 2004

Intro: ---

Intro: ---
Jack from Lost
His name is scratched into the cave that "Locke" shows Sawyer. His name is there, along with those of Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, and Sun or Jin (they share a last name).
The Man in Black
"Locke" seeks out Sawyer, who demands to know who this is. "I'm the person who can answer the most important question in the world: Why are you on this island." He offers to prove that it wasn't just chance.

Along the way they twice see an adolescent boy. The second time the boy says, "You know the rules. You can't kill him." "Don't tell me what I can't do!" replies "Locke."

The two go to a cliff, where they climb ladders (which snap) to get to a cave that "Locke" claims was Jacob's lair. On the walls are scratched hundreds of names, most of which are crossed out. The only ones left are Shepherd, Reyes, Jurrah, Kwon, Locke, Ford (Sawyer).

Sawyer on Lost
While drowning his sorrows in the home he shared with Juliet, "Locke" comes by and promises to reveal why Sawyer's on the island.

En route to the cave, Richard finds Sawyer and tells him "Locke" wants everyone dead. Sawyer pulls a gun on "Locke," who tells him he's trapped, he doesn't know what it's like to be free. "It would be such a shame to turn back now," says "Locke."

Sawyer's name (Ford) is among those designated in the cave as potential island protector. "Locke" says that you can do nothing, accept the job, or just leave. "Locke" suggests they leave together. "Are you ready to go home?" he asks. "Hell yes," Sawyer says.

Sun from Lost
She insists they bury Locke and not leave him to decompose on the beach. And might she be the Kwon whose name is written in the cave?
Jack from Lost
Jack had given his card to Locke while at the airport. Helen finds hope in ever chance for a miracle, but Locke only despairs. She tears up Jack's card and assures Locke that all she wants is him.
John Locke from Lost
Locke and Helen share a suburban house and soon will be married. He still has a relationship with his father too. But he hasn't told Helen about the real reason he went to Australia. His secret is revealed at work, when his young manager confronts him with the information that he didn't attend the conference he'd ostensibly gone to Australia for. Locke later tells Helen the truth too.

Locke is fired and meets Hurley (see below).

When Locke interviews with the temp agency, he finds the manager is Rose. Locke wants a site supervisor job on a construction site, a request she discourages. She tells him she has terminal cancer and suggests he find a job he can do.

The job is substitute teacher in a middle school, where in the teacher's lounge he meets fellow teacher Ben Linus.

Hurley from Lost
After Locke is fired, he meets Hurley, who, it turns out, owns the company. He sends Locke to the temp agency he also owns to get a job. That's where Locke meets Rose.

Characters that aren't in both places.

On the Island

Off the Island

Ben from Lost
Ben tells Ilana that her men were killed by the black smoke and lies that the Man In Black also killed Jacob.

Later, he admits to killing Locke when the group buries his body.
6.01 & 6.02: "LA X" - LOST
She is a manager at the temp agency where Hurley sends Locke. She tells Locke that she has terminal cancer and tries to focus on what she can do with her remaining time. She places him as a middle school substitute teacher, where he meets fellow teacher Ben Linus.

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FutureLost #42: Sun or Jin 12 Apr 16 2010, 5:14 AM EDT by Chamara94
Thread started: Feb 16 2010, 7:07 PM EST  Watch
Which Kwon is it? Sun or Jin? My theory is that it is Jin, based off of the fact that 4,8,15,16 and 23 were all men. And also, Kate wasn't a number, and she's a big character.
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Nile10 What do you mean... 8 Mar 31 2010, 9:56 PM EDT by Nile10
Thread started: Feb 17 2010, 10:44 PM EST  Watch
... by "Characters that aren't in both places"? Ben is definitely in both places (on the island and in the alternative present. On the island Ben killed Jakob, he also is a teacher at Locke's school.

In addition you say, Lock and his father are on good terms. I thought that Locks fathers tossed him out of the window, therefore he sits in the wheelchair. I can't see a good relationship.
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bingyao1 Not the same 2004 2 Feb 21 2010, 9:42 AM EST by Mike1177
Thread started: Feb 17 2010, 5:45 AM EST  Watch
I find it interesting this 2004 timeline didn't just diverge where they were supposed to crash. It diverged much earlier than that. This is a different John Locke and Hurley. John Locke is engaged in this version and seems to have a much brighter demeaner. Hurley is successful and 'lucky', as opposed to the former version of himself that was unsuccessful and unlucky. So this timeline diverged much earlier, but when? Is this the version of their lives without the influence of the island and Jacob, which for some of them went back to their childhoods (Sawyer)? Or did it diverge after the island and Jacob entered their lives? Perhaps it is tied to 1977, when they tried to set off the bomb and jumped 'sideways'? And in what way are other people's lives different in this new timeline, whose lives stayed the same, and why?
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