3.17 "Catch-22"

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Episode Title: "Catch-22"

Flashback: Desomond

Episode Number: Season 3, Episode 17
Air Date: 04/18/07


"Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle after experiencing one of his future-prophesizing "flashes" -- but is he purposely placing Charlie's life in harm's way? Meanwhile, Kate turns to an unwitting Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet.

Guest starring are Sonia Walger as Penny Widmore, Jack Maxwell as Derek, Joanna Bool as Ruth, Andrew Connolly as Brother Campbell, Andrew Trask as older monk and Marsha Thomason as Naomi.

"Catch-22" was written by Jeff Pinkner & Brian K. Vaughan and directed by Stephen Williams." (ABC Press Release, 4/02/07)

Flashback: Desmond

OMG Moments:

  • Charlie getting shot in the neck with an arrow in the first five minutes of the episode.
  • "Is that a helicopter?" Who's our new LOST cast member?
  • The parachutist, Naomi, saying Desmond's name when she came to.

New Clues:


  • Catch-22 is the name of a book written by Joseph Heller. Will it play any significance in this episode?
    • "Catch-22" is a situation with no good outcome; you are "damned if you do, and damned if you don't." In this episode, Desmond knows that someone is coming to the island, and his heart tells him that it is Penny, which he thinks will only happen if he allows Charlie to die. However, if he saves Charlie, then he thinks he will change the outcome. As we saw at the end, he was not able to allow Charlie to die, and it turned out that it was not Penny in the flight suit, but some other woman. Poor Desmond! What a terrible choice to make! Yet also very brave, which belies the comment he made in the episode that he is a coward. One can hope that he will somehow be rewarded for selflessly saving a man (who seems destined to die in some horrible fashion anyway) at the expense of his own personal happiness.
  • One of the outcomes Desmond saw was Charlie alive to help open the parachute, so how does he know that whether or not Penny will come depending on if Desmond saves Charlie or lets him die?
    • That is a great point. Desmond also saw a glimpse of Penny in the jungle. Perhaps he was given a glimpse of each possible outcome, depending on the decision he ultimately made regarding saving Charlie. He clearly told Charlie that he needed to recreate his vision exactly, or she won't come, and he was so sure that it was Penny. As it turned out that it was not her in the flight suit, he will surely blame himself. I don't know how Desmond knows that Penny's arrival is conditional, but he seemed to believe that by his insistence on keeping everything the same.
  • Does Kate really love Sawyer?
    • Yes, she does. When she's with Jack she feels like she's not good enough, Sawyer is the only one who understands her.
  • Desmond has a flash showing Charlie die, then he also sees Charlie, Hurley and Jin. Desmond is worried about not changing anything, but yet he saw two different paths. Why does he see Charlie die and live?
  • Why did Naomi say Desmond's name? Does she know him? Did Penny send her to find him or rescue him?
    • Widmore sent her.
  • How did she have a copy of Des and Penny's picture? If I can remember correctly the scene in "Flashes Before Your Eyes," Desmond and Penny got only one copy for both of them, so how did Naomi get another copy? A production error? A continuity error?


On the monk's desk, when Desmond is leaving, a picture of the monk and an old woman is shown. The old woman is the same woman from Desmond's flashback/vision that was in the jewelry shop and talked to him afterwards.


#1: It looks like Desmond can see two different outcomes of the same situation. If he didn't save Charlie, Maybe the parachutist would have been penny, but since he didn't it was Naomi. It's almost like the island is in a different time dimension than the "real world" in the "Real World" the plane was found and all of the bodies were there but on the island it's like a completely different time-line.

#2: Seems like Desmond may be leading them to a new guest on the island. Notice "Naomi" above, previously credited as "parachutist."

#3: The SURREAL OF "CATCH 22": To name an episode after the great absurdist novel is surreal in itself. Yet all the elements where there. The struggle with Polarized situations, past present and abit of future, and attempts to resolve the conflicts were easy enough to see.

Interesting to note,, that the last couple of episodes have been dealing with,, the characters wrangling with who they are not. At the beginning of One of Us,,Julie told her sister that she didn't think she would get along with these Mittelos folks,,and over time,,she was right, She couldn't give up her last vestiges of Humanity to the Others Problem,as demanded by Ben. In Catch 22,,Des also comes to a recognition of what he is not. In his past he came to realizing he wasn't cut out to be a monk,,and in the island reality..he just couldn't let Charlie( Mr Failure) die,,no matter what the consequences where in the future. He had to get to that " point" inorder to find that out about himself..and interestingly,,oh so surreal,,his reward is a complete Mystery,, a complete unknown...(?) in both the past and present..Such a thin tenuous etheral wisp of a thread to hold onto,",Desm mmon...."..How much Hope that thread is tied to remains to be seen, but, she is from outside the Island reality and for whatever howevers,,she recognized Desmond.

Quite the Surreal experience there. The whole episode captured the essence of possibly,, a first surreal experience..The detached feeling ,,the unknowns,the swirl of events causing perhaps a dizzyness,and the grasping for something tangible for a minimum of orientation..and hopefully something new is created..and that was just the Sawyer/ Kate /Jack deal.. Kate didn't get what she went fishing for..Sawyer flubbed the deal,,again,,and in a certain regard..didn't Desmond? I know I wasn't the only one thinking,, if Des had let Charlie die,let go of Mr Failure , then maybe Penelope would have been in that Flite Suit...would have been the angel that dropped out of the sky.

With this episode I am feeling the spiral leading to the finale. As if put into a blender,, TRUST, HOPE , LOVE are swirling around in an ever tightening squeeze. It feels like the Losties are being taken to the edge of the Box,, the parameter of their existance,,and being forced to very soon,,get outside of that box. The so far all time Easter Egg,," Only Fools are enslaved by Time and Space"..is in effect it seems and which LOSTIES wise up and which don't , seems the diviniation we're headed for....Just remember that Heller's Catch 22,,was the basic Catch of all existance...if the reality you exist in is insane and you are oblivious to it,,then you are jus as insane,,,,but if you recognize it as being Insane..then you are sane and thus able to deal with the insanity,,carry on in good service..BUT.. Yorrsarian at end of book..rejected the whole premise that allowed for the creation of the Catch. He ditched his plane in the sea and paddled on his raft the heck away from the insanity.

Previous Episode: "One Of Us" Next Episode: "D.O.C."

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Anonymous Jack and Kate 0 May 1 2007, 2:59 AM EDT by Anonymous
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what will this relationship become? I have been wanting them to be together all 3 seasons , and always kinda knew they would , but this 'Juliette girl" ugh. stupid stupid stupid . she will turn on all the losties soon ..
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CherchezlaFemme Desmond and Ruth 3 Apr 24 2007, 12:43 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Apr 22 2007, 8:19 AM EDT  Watch
Ruth says to Desmond, regarding his apology & explanation for running out on their wedding, seeing the monk to help him and going with him to the monastery because in essence was his destiny: 'And if you were found by a shepherd would you be out with the sheep?' Of course the leader of the island is Jack Shephard. Hmmm
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Port-Ape What took down the helo? 0 Apr 24 2007, 5:39 AM EDT by Port-Ape
Thread started: Apr 24 2007, 5:39 AM EDT  Watch
815 broke up due to Desmond allowing the EM effect that "the Numbers" were suppose to stop.

But why did the helo Naomi was in crash?

Could it be that now that "fail safe" has been activated, and (as Tom mentioned) all communications with the outside world have been cut off, that some "force" surrounding the Island now prevents aircraft from entering its airspace?
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