3.13 "The Man From Tallahassee"

Episode Title: "The Man From Tallahassee"
Flashback Character: "Locke"

Episode Number: 3.13 (Overall: #60)
Production Number: 313
Air Date: 03/21/07

Synopsis: Ben tries to persuade a determined Locke to call off his destructive plan by offering him some of the secrets of the island, and Kate's reunion with Jack does not go off as planned when she discovers that he has made a deal with "The Others."

Guest starring are M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper, Patrick J. Adams as Peter Talbot, Barbara Baehler as Mrs. Talbot, Don Nahaku as Detective Reed, Marlene Forte as Detective Mason, Stephen Bishop as William Kincaid, Cleo King as government worker and Brian Goodman as Ryan Pryce.

"The Man from Tallahassee" was written by Drew Goddard & Jeff Pinkner and directed by Jack Bender.
(ABC Press Release Info)

Flashback: John Locke

OMG Moments: It's a tie between seeing:Locke being pushed out of the window by his father, and seeing Locke's father being held hostage by the Others!
  • Lock's dad on the Island.
  • We find out where Locke received his famous "Don't tell me what I can't do!" line.
  • Locke blows up the submarine, which according to Ben is their only connection to the outside world.
  • French/Russian lady sees her baby girl finally.
  • The first five minutes! We slowly realize John is on disability for depression, not something else...then he gets up and walks away. I thought: "This is the show I fell in love with."

New Clues: A Tallahassee connection.

- How did Anthony Cooper get on the island and how long has he been there?
- Is this "box" thing for real?
  • Ben said he would explain in a way Locke would understand. The box thing was used as a metaphor for something else in my opinion. This was further clarified by The Official LOST Podcast, where they pointed out that Ben said "Let me put this in a way you'll understand..." Given that The Other know Locke's background, they know about his former career at the box company.
- Is Locke the person who flies by the window when Hurley is talking to his accountant in the Numbers episode?
  • According to Carlton Cuse on The Official LOST Podcast (03/30/07), no. The timeline does not work: Locke had been paralyzed for four years before the crash and Hurley had not won the lottery at that point.
- Did Jack get a new tattoo on his arm? If so, did they HOTT asian chick give it to him?
  • He did not get a new tattoo, but for some reason, it was much more visible in this episode.


- The tactic Ben used to get John to blow up the submarine was classic reverse psychology of the Br'er Rabbit style.

- The alcoholic drink that Locke's father pours two glasses of in his apartment before throwing Locke from the window, is the same drink that Charlie, Hurley and Desmond share on the beach which is also the same alcohol that Desmond's girlfriends father says Desmond is not worthy to drink.


- This episode seemed to cement the idea that Anthony Cooper is the original Sawyer in many people's minds.

Humorous Moment: Ben telling Locke that the island is powered by two giant hamsters running in a wheel underground. (When Locke asks where the others get their power from).

The Surreal of " The Man From Tallahassee":..At least 120 questions asked in this episode..Yeaa,,in the dialogue!!,,somewhere around 120 questions, depending on how many questions are accounted for in one phrase,,but 120 questions...most in the " Island reality". Heck, the opening scene was nothing but questions and answers. We know his back story, so when John answered about girlfriend,,parents,,how did that make you feel? John was being " discrete" with his answers?..Words make up,,constitute, questions and answers,,yet as was so well demonstrated in the dialogue thru-out this episode,,they don't convey All of the information. There were segements between John and Ben,,when no answers were given at all,, just like the tennis ball being a question,,back and forth,,back and forth. No answers tho.

Lots of lies given to all those questions. It was comical relief when the physical therapist came to introduce John to his wheelchair..classic line.." I don't remember asking you!"..And there was the answer,,how John ended up in the wheel chair. His supposed Dad pushed him out the window, John got manipulated to go make a call..check out how the word " call" was used like 3 or 4 times by his Dad before suggesting to John that the phonewas over there..You Ask Questions Of Everyone Else,,You Are Subject To Manipulation,, You Are Not Receiving Your Truth, ..You Ask Question to Your SELF,,then You May on The Path To Your Truth....

John has bought the Island Reality. He is fully invested inthe Powers of the Island..because,, afterall..he can walk.. He believes he can walk..He is fully delusional. Hes Bought the Illusion. Ben ,, The Deceitful, the manipulator gladly introduces John to his father,,as Johns reason for loving the Island...Of course Ben will add to delusion ,,the Illusion,,he is Deceit..Poor John still doen't understand,,,its not Bens fault for allowing the C4 to stay in Sayids pack...etc,,etc ,,etc..Its really about John.. and his lack of Faith in HIMSELF. As long as he continues to put faith in everything else..he asks everything a question that can be answered anyway the everything so chooses. When he starts asking Himself the hard questions,,sure he'll have finally gotten it right,,but he will also,,loose the ability to walk. John remains the Surreal Metaphor for Modern Man. Happy and content and wishing to spread the " Joy" of his Island Reality,,insisting its as real as it gets,,and so blinded by his delusion,,tha he can't see it for the Illusion that it is,, can't see the way to his Truth as long as he keeps asking everyone else to get him there.

I do not believe that Lock blew up the sub. Once inside, I think he figured out how to drive the sub., and then hid it. He probably used an escape hatch on the bottom of the sub, so the water couldn't not come inside the sub., then swam back to the pier. He then blew up the pier and lead everyone to believe he sank the sub.

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RAMROOM5 I think I Cracked LOST 0 Aug 17 2007, 11:11 PM EDT by RAMROOM5
Thread started: Aug 17 2007, 11:11 PM EDT  Watch
I just watched the 11th episode of season 3 last night at around 9 pm, it’s the one where Kate, Lock, and Saeed met the Russian, and then entered the barracks going through the sonic towers, and the episode ends with us watching Jack playing football with the others.

Its now 4 30 a.m. and I think I got it all together, the whole LOST thing, and this is how I see it;

The Others : A Religious – most probably Jewish – colony living on the island for a long long time.

The List : A list made by a magnificent man of all the “GOOD PEOPLE”, who exist in in the least amount of sin. “Al Salehoon”

The Magnificent Man: Which I think I heard in one of the episode been called Jacob, is a prophet, or maybe a descendant of a prophet line. And that’s why his List is so Sacred.

Dharma Initiative: Did exist, but they made the mistake of picking up on the powers found on this Island and developed their research center which conflicted with the The Others Aims.

Statue of a 4 fingered foot: A remainder of the old Kingdom of Suleiman.

Black Clouded figures: Also remnants of the old Kingdom of Suleiman, and I think they are a form of Powerful Spirits. “Al Jin”

Breaking the Captives In: Is bringing them into the religion. “Da3wah”

And the above I think explains A LOT of things, and some of these things from my point of view is this:
1. Why Aaron was baptized
2. How The Others got their info on the list members: as they are backed up by their people back home, or by people who fear them.
3. The visions that everyone is getting: as to guide them to their FATES.
4. The Others understanding the powerful nature of some of the people of the plane.
5. Why the Russian shot the black woman : Zeal

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OUROROBOS888 The Hanzo Corporations... Parapsycology and Electromagnetism 3 Apr 2 2007, 3:28 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Mar 24 2007, 6:24 PM EDT  Watch
Slowly I am trying to place the hard facts into a series of events and discount trivial things from my equation of what is going on with those 'Lost' on the island. Part of me is thinking that the simple answers are the most important and that we are burying them under things that really have little or no importance in the overall image. Okay! A plane crases and people survive. Hanzo set up the island to conduct operations and the study of Meteorology, Psycology, Parapsycology, Zoology, and Utopian social living. We were told that there were others on the island prior to this and they are known as "The Hostiles." We are told that a sickness overcomes those uninnoculated. We are told that the sky turned purple when the Swan imploded and due to this EMP feedback, all outside communications were lost. We see that the survivors are gradualy led from one piece of cheese to the next concerning the islands history and importance. We watch a silent schism slowly divide these survivors; Anarchy and chaos vs. faith. We see some survivors breaking cycles while others continue in similar cycles that dominated their lives prior to the crash. Although there are as many survivors as there are, we keep going back to Jack in many ways and forms which leads me to wonder how important Christian Shepherd is. Is his name indicative of his standing (Religious flock herder and protector)? Jack is John and John was an Apostle. Was this Eden that the Bible cast man from? Is that why it is so difficult to find? Are the survivors just test subjects sent to the island to test the others? Are the children removed in order to gain an emotional hold over the minds of the other survivors. Do the names have deeper meaning beyond Christian Shepherd? Ms. Clugh..."CLUE"..."INSIGHT" Locke..."CLOSED" ..."RESTRAINED" As I said way back when I began typing...It has to be a simple solution. Please leave comments or opinions because I would love to hear what you think concerning what I have just written. AC
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Anonymous The Scotch 0 Mar 28 2007, 5:33 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Mar 28 2007, 5:33 AM EDT  Watch
I don't know how to edit pages, but for the person that just updated...the drink was a fictional brand of scotch called McKutcheon (sp?).

Also, was anyone else totally expecting Locke's father to bring out two glasses and then only pour scotch into one of them like Penny's dad did with Desmond? I know I was. I think it would have been a great callback to the Desmond episode as well as great foreshadowing of what was about to happen...
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