3.04 "Every Man For Himself"

Episode Title: "Every Man for Himself"

Flashback Character: Sawyer

Episode Number: 3.04 (Overall: #51)

Production Number: 304

Air Date: 10/25/06

3.04 "Every Man For Himself" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: Sawyer discovers just how far his captors will go to thwart any plans of escape he and Kate might have, and Jack is called upon to scrub up in order to save the life of one of "The Others." Meanwhile, Desmond's behavior begins to perplex the survivors when he starts construction on an unknown device. (ABC)
While in the "operating room" trying to save Colleen's life (she was shot by Sun on the boat during the last episode), Jack notices some spinal x-rays on the lightboxes. He sees an opportunity there! Not only does this "forty-year-old male" need to have a tumor removed, but Jack is just the person to do it. ("I'm a spinal surgeon," he says, though I have the feeling the Others already know this--consider the thick file of information they have on him!). So, now the question is: who needs the surgery? Previews indicate it might be Ben. If it is, then Jack really has some leverage. Desmond is starting to have accurate premonitions: Last week he knew about Locke's speech before he made it. This week, he knew it was going to rain and that lightning would appear, so he built a lightning rod. What happened to him in that Hatch explosion?Meanwhile, Ben and some of the Others take Sawyer and tell him that they've put a contraption in his heart so that if his heart rate exceeds his maximum, his heart will explode. Sawyer believes this half-baked story and ends up getting beat up by an angry Pickett without fighting back. Pickett asks Kate if she loves Sawyer and she says yes, but then later tells Sawyer that she only said it to make Pickett stop beating him up. Ouch. Kate also climbs out of her cage and Sawyer tells her to run, and it's "every man for himself", but then Kate contradicts him with Jack's phrase "live together, die alone". Ben takes Sawyer on a cliff and tells Sawyer that the heart monitor was a load of crap and the best way to gain respect from a con man is to con him. At the end of the episode, Ben reveals to Sawyer that he is on a different island than the other plane crash survivors, and that he has little to no chance of escaping.

Flashback: This episode is centered around Sawyer, in prison, after he conned Cassidy. It begins with him fighting in a ring with a fellow inmate, and he wins the match. As they walk back to their jail cells, he sees a man beating up another inmate; his friend tells him it's Munson recently jailed for stealing 10 million dollars from the government. Sawyer wins Munson's trust after he predicts the Warden will try and take his money and use his wife against him.
When Munson meets with Lila, his wife, Sawyer meets with Cassidy and is very cruel and abrupt with her, even after she throws down a picture of a baby. The infant is Clemeniten, Sawyer and Cassidy's daughter. Sawyer leaves angrily, but later he betrays Munson and tells the Warden where the cash is. He had told Munson never to get attached because you'll only get hurt because of it. The last six years of his sentence are commuted, and when asked where to put his commission for giving up the information, Sawyer tells Treasury Agent Freeman to put it in a bank in Albuquerque under the name of Clementine Phillips.

Jack begins the episode with confronting Juliet about the conflicting authorities within the Others. Juliet insists there is a common authority, and it is not Ben who makes the decisions; however, this is proven doubtful when Ben demands that she come quickly to assist Colleen(who was critically wounded by Sun in "The Glass Ballerina"

Sawyer realizes that it's Colleen who has been shot, so Pickett might be preoccupied with concern for her. He decides to strike back against his captors and plan an escape. His idea is to move the water pipe leading to the trough and connect the electricity from the warning button to the water which leads outside the cell, in order to electrocute himself and the Other standing in the puddle which he has created. As Ben edges ever closer to the puddle, Sawyer considers his chances. Ben asks Sawyer how old he is (at first Sawyer says 32... then admits to being 35) and how much he weighs (Sawyer says around 180). When Ben steps into the water, Sawyer grabs him and pokes the button several times, but there is no charge. Ben tells him they turned it off (which is obvious; the fact that the Others are observing all audio and video from the cages was established at the end of the "The Glass Ballerina"). Ben then proceeds to beat Sawyer with a collapsible baton to the point of unconsciousness.
Sawyer reawakens; he is restrained upon a table. As he regains consciousness he can hear Tom discussing the fact that for the past two days they have been "blind" and that the comms have been down, with Ben. Jason and Matthew come and stand over him while Tom and Ben watch. Sawyer starts yelling, and then one of the two men tells him to bite down on a stick, "for the pain". Sawyer starts to panic when an other squirts liquid out of a huge needle. The two lean over Sawyer, and whilst he's screaming through the stick, Jason tells Matthew to "just do it how they do in the movie...". Whilst the scene isn't shown, it's inferred that Matthew stabs Sawyer with the needle near the sternum/heart (very comparable to John Travolta's actions in a scene in Pulp Fiction). During this, Jack can hear Sawyer's screams through the supposedly broken intercom in his cell.
Sawyer reawakens once more; Tom lays a cage containing a white bunny with the number 8 on its back upon his chest. As Sawyer begins to question what's going on, Ben begins to furiously shake the cage, frightening the bunny, which panics, then falls still. Ben tells Sawyer the bunny had a pacemaker in him, and that so does Sawyer. He is told if his heart rate approaches 140, his heart will explode; Ben attaches a watch to Sawyer, which monitors his heart rate. It will begin beeping if Sawyer's pulse goes over 125bpm. As insurance, Ben declares that the same fate will befall Kate if Sawyer misbehaves or tells Kate what happened to him.
Sawyer is brought back to his cage, and Kate is given some new clothes. When Kate begins to change clothing (presenting an unclothed back to Sawyer); he cannot avoid interest, and naturally his pulse-monitor starts beeping. Kate questions him regarding the beeping, and Sawyer does his best to avoid the question. He douses himself with cold water in an effort to lower his pulse and angrily shrugs her queries off.
Jack is listening to idle gossip from Others coming through the intercom. When Juliet rushes in, her clothes spattered with blood, to ask him to help save Colleen. On the way to the surgery, a hooded Jack is marched past the Hydra's bear cages while klaxons blare loudly to drown out Kate and Sawyer's calls to Jack. Despite this, Jack appears to turn his head toward Kate and Sawyer's shouts.
Ben objects to Jack entering the surgery. When Juliet explains that Jack can help because he's a doctor, Ben starts to say, "Well this isn't why...", but Juliet cuts him off by saying, "Do you want her to die?". While scrubbing up before entering the surgery, Jack sees some interesting X-rays on the wall. Ben, Tom, and Pickett are watching from an observation room. Jack and Juliet try to save Colleen, but she suffers a cardiac arrest and Jack asks for a defibrillator. Juliet tells him that this has not happened before, and that they do not have the batteries for the defibrillator again. Jack immediately goes into emergency mode, but he cannot save her.
In a fury, Pickett goes outside to the bear cages and attacks Sawyer, who doesn't fight back. Pickett brutally assaults Sawyer in front of Kate's cell, demanding to know if Kate loves Sawyer, repeatedly punching Sawyer in the face until he is very raw and bloody. Kate, sobbing, throws her arms through the cell bars and clutches Sawyer from behind. She finally cries she does love him, and begs him to stop. Pickett leaves.

Ben has left Jack handcuffed to the table where Colleen's body lays, purposely. However, Juliet arrives. She tells him that she is a fertility doctor, and has not experienced death much before. Jack says she couldn't have done anything (neither could he) - and Juliet asks if he's saying that to make her feel better. He scoffs that he doesn't care about making her feel better. When Juliet goes to unhandcuff him, he tells her that the X-rays outside are of a man in his 40s with a large tumor on his spine. Jack says he is a spinal surgeon, and knows he is there to remove that tumor in the X-ray. He asks who is he really there to save.

Kate manages to escape by squeezing between the bars in the top of her cell. She is disturbed that Sawyer will not talk about what they did to him, and demands they escape together. Sawyer tells her to go alone, but she will not, trying to break his lock. When Sawyer says "if you really love me, run" --- Kate tells him that she only said that to make Pickett stop hitting him. As she climbs back into her cage, Sawyer screams "Every man for himself!" Kate explains her decision to stay by saying "Live together, die alone."
Later, Ben wakes up Sawyer and takes him for a walk. Sawyer makes a joke about Ben killing the rabbit, and jokes that Ben would like Of Mice and Men for its puppy killing. The further they climb up a ridge, Sawyer's heart monitor goes off, and he is uncomfortable with this. Sawyer asks if Ben brought him up to the mountain just to kill him. Ben stops him and tells him that he doesn't have a pacemaker in him. He brings out the bunny labeled 8 and tells him the bunny only had a sedative and isn't dead, because they aren't killers. Sawyer tells him that it could be another bunny, and Ben agrees, yet showing him the rabbit was not the point of this walk.
As they climb over the hill, Sawyer is stunned to see another island across from the one they are on . Ben announces that the nearby island is Sawyer's island, and that he cannot escape from his cell, because he will have nowhere to go. Ben also quotes from Of Mice and Men, saying that even men get lonely and mentions Sawyer only gave in when he threatened Kate and perhaps Sawyer should be aware he's only trying to distance himself from her, when he really does need her. Ben tells him to return to his cage, and Sawyer, unsettled, follows.

On the Beach
Desmond tells Clair she needs to move down the beach, so he can fix her roof. Claire insists it is fine, as does Charlie, who says he can fix it himself. Desmond reluctantly agrees and walks off.
He then meets with Paulo and borrows a golf-club from him. Desmond constructs a large tower, with the club at its top. Hurley asks if it's art, and Desmond says no, that it's an experiment. He also turns down the fruit salad Hurley offers. Just as Hurley is about to leave, Desmond suggests he wait a moment. A spontaneous rainstorm falls on them. Claire's roof is broken, and water splashes over Aaron. Claire and Charlie sweep him up and cover him, with Charlie staring at Desmond. Just then, a lighting flash occurs, and the lightning strikes the tower, making it a lightning rod. The wires that Desmond used appear to be burning. Charlie first looks around in shock, but then stares confusedly at Desmond.

OMG Moments:
  • Sawyer gets conned by Ben.
  • And, HE HAS A BABY GIRL! Have we heard the name Clementine before? And, it's nice to see the less-selfish side of Sawyer now and then--this time he thought of his daughter and set her up pretty nicely. (Even though she'll never know it was him.) However, it is still under debate about whether or not the baby is actually his. Cassidy could possibly be conning Sawyer for money.
  • Kate says she loves Sawyer in answer to Pickett's demand.
    • (And later claims that she did that only so that Pickett would quit beating Sawyer.)
  • Ben shows Sawyer another island and tells him that's his island so there is no place to escape to. I don't believe for a second that the crash victims and the others are not all on the same island.
    • But remember, the Others had a boat, so there's no reason to think they couldn't have brought the survivors over to an adjacent island.
      • but they gave the boat to Michael at the end of Season 2
    • Maybe they are all at the same island and they can switch islands at will. If you remember, the Others wanted the sailboat because they said "they could find us" in "The Glass Ballerina." I don't think that they're on an adjacent island because they can't see any islands or anything else ever. I think that Ben brought Sawyer to the other island to show him that they can get off whenever they want, but that he couldn't.
    • Perhaps the island isn't stationary but is moving all the time, and it's just coincidence that they passed another island. I've come to this conclusion since surely Desmond would have seen this second island whilst he was attempting to escape on his boat.
    • There is also speculation about whether the Others own a submarine.

New Clues:

  • I think that was Lenny in the jail with Sawyer! - Who's Lenny? Lenny as in "Of Mice and Men."
  • Juliet says that she's a fertility doctor. Hmm. Does this have anything to do with the fact they're trying to steal children and babies? Could there be a reason the Others can't reproduce? I think there's more to this...

  • The number eight on the rabbit was a nod to Stephen King, who mentions it in his book On Writing. An episode in season one was called "White Rabbit"
  • Tom told Ben that it has been two days since the sky turned pruple and the comms (or communication system) between the Others are down and inoperative. This is the 3rd reference to a purple sky: first by Claire, second by Hurley (talks to Desmond in ""), and now by Tom.
  • The episode draws its title from a line delivered by Jack to the crowd in "": "Every man for himself is not going to work. If we can't live together, we're all going to die alone."
  • In response to Sawyer's "It's every man for himself," Kate simply states, "Live together, die alone." This occurred directly after she said that she only stated she loved him to save him.
  • do not work the way Ben described. Rather than applying a "kick-start" to the heart when the heart is excited, pacemakers deliver a small shock during every cardiac cycle to regulate heart rate. do work in a similar manner to what Ben described, responding to various types of cardiac arrhythmia with a high voltage shock. Implanting either device is a delicate procedure requiring several specialized devices and specific training. Immediately following surgery, most patients will be able to feel the device both from the inside and through the skin.
  • Jack hears voices through the intercom three times:
    • (1) Christian Shephard's voice saying, "Let it go", echoing his advice to Jack about . Juliet suggests this is a hallucination.
    • (2) Sawyer's shouted protests just before a large hypodermic syringe is plunged into his chest.
    • (3) An apparent discussion between Others, just before Juliet asks for Jack's help treating .
  • are shown on the background when Ben and Sawyer goes up to see the Island's view.

About the second island: no way there can be 2 islands. In the beginning of both 1st and 3rd seasons, we see images of the crash (1st season: the real crash; 3rd season: viewed from «Otherville»). Specially on season 3, you see the plane in the sky comming from right to left, and then breaking into pieces. So, «Otherville» island should be in line-of-sight from the beach where the plane crased. Or, at least, when they went on the sailboat they should have been able to see it...

It must be some kind of optical illusion or SOMETHING!
I mean, come on! over the past two seasons the survivors have searched the island, I doubt they ALL missed...another one, which is so clear and apparently so close. Not forgetting that Sayid (Mr Find it/Fix it) has sailed around part of the island, and even he missed it. I couldn't be another island. Either that, or the show is entering the Bizarre!!!

As for "Every man for Himself", I do believe Sawyer was conned by his exgirlfriend about having a daughter. If he was, that will explain a little bit more his behavior towards people, women in particular, and his desire to be a bad boy.
~i agree. i think that cassidy knew that he would give the money to the baby and she could have it...

Also, I do not understand why people find it so hard to believe that there are two islands. And the village where we saw The Others in 3-1 is in deed on the big island. The "Alcatraz" island (where the Hydra station is, and our 'losties" are kept captive) is clearly visible in Danielle's map of the island, along with a set of smaller islands. The questions deal more with transportation: how did Goodwin and Ethan get to the crash sites so quickly? How did Tom and others get to the boat where Sun was in 3-3? how did The Others transport the losties to the "Alcatraz" island without without them even knowing? What other purposes did/does the Pala Ferry serve other than to meet the Pearl station workers to transport them somewhere else? Where were they taken?

Perhaps there is a low land connecting the two islands, which is completely flooded during high tide, causing them to appear seperate.

Surreal Moments of EMFH..Not in any particular order, but the Warden in the Flashback,, just seemed to me a walking E. Munch painting,,eerie...Of course Free Will Kate always finds a way to escape,,ALWAYS..nice stunt Evie..uum, how about.. pullin a #8 white rabbit out of your " bag" in the middle of a hike? Juxtaposition anybody? The whole rabbit Illusion, ben's con so to speak, seemed to address how even our Instincts can be fooled. Even Steinbecks line from Of Mice and Men, about being with anybody is better than being alone, coming from the guy who never speaks truth, is brought to surreal consideration. Instincts, Sawyer, is defeated by it.,,buys the con...Where is the LOVE here?..Sawyer did set up a Trust fund for his daughter in his flashback, despite swearing never to open up oneself so he couldn't be taken advantage of again..and he tells Free Will Kate to take off..run,,everyone for themself..but Kate rejects that also..The surreal " rise Up" is Kate rising up, climbing out of her confinement,, Free,,but Freedom only exists if you have Choice...Free Will can only be expressed if it has Choice..There is a LOVE there, A Love or perhaps,, The Love of Freedom,, what Freedom IS..LOVE IS A FREEDOM,,now,,,now we can look at Desmond's Parable of the #5 Iron Lightening Rod. Consider the camera shot at first.. from behind Desmond it hurrys up ,up to him and then around him to face him in contemplation..a sense of time warp, a sense of the Spherical. Remember he pledged his undieing Love to Penelope rite before he turned the key,,and has been changed ever since. His Surreal LOVE has him free,, free from the constraints of time..he sees the future and more importantly,, this is the key surreal,,even after being rebuffed by Claire and Charlie,, he continues on with what he saw on his mind..and when " coincidence" presents itself.. he is primed to take advantage of it and place a "solution "in place to solve a future problem. He didn't give up. The parable of the #5 Iron Lightening Rod is one of the best surreal expressions on LOST so far...To parallel that parable with Jacks tumor realization, is fascinating.. but then I'd be spoilering into a future episode.
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I'm from Greece,and after watcing the 6th episode season 3 , I've come to the conclusion that the others have inserted a microchip in Sawyers body so that they'll be able to track him down if he escapes with Kate.(Remember episode 4 season 3 when the others shove a stick in his mouth and plunge a huge needle into his heart and told him that it was a pacemaker and then that the only thing they put inside him was doubt. ?They were lying)
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when will kate decide on sawyer or jack? i am tired of waiting. i hope it's sawyer really bad.
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I don't care about the back stories or mysteries or numbers any more. I can't care because of one big, gaping question; why on earth would the Others need to scare, torture, cage, and beat up the plane crash survivors like this? Apparently, they even live on a different island and have the ability to send the plane crash survivors home. Why spend all this time and effort? If you don't want Sawyer to escape, just leave him in his cage. If you need Jack because he's a surgeon, ask him for help. Sheesh.
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