3.03 "Further Instructions"

what happened to sun after she shot one of the others and what has happened to the sail boat she was on?

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Episode Title: "Further Instructions"

Flashback Character: Locke

Episode Number: 3.03 (Overall: #50)

Production Number: 303

Air Date: 10/18/06

3.03 Synopsis: The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch, while Hurley returns to the beach camp to tell the tale of what happened when he, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer encountered The Others. The island tells Locke (huh?) that he must save Mr. Eko. He enrolls Charlie in his rescue operation, having him guard the entrance to a sweat lodge he builds while he meditates. While in the sweat lodge, he encounters a spirit guide in the form of Boone, who leads him to the conclusion that he must first "clean up his own mess" if he is to rescue his friends from their various fates. He busts out of the sweat lodge and heads off to rescue Mr. Eko from the polar bear's cave. Locke and Charlie take a badly injured Mr. Eko back to the beach for treatment.

Flashback: Locke flashes back to his tenure working on a farm, which on the surface is a working peach orchard -- but in actuality is a front for a thriving marijuana operation. We see him pick up a hitchhiker named Eddie, whom he brings back to join the collective of "farmers." Later it is learned Eddie is an undercover cop looking to bust the operation, and Locke, in an effort to save his family, leads Eddie into the woods to kill him. Did he really let him go or kill him?

OMG Moments:
  • Boone makes his grand (albeit slightly zombified) return in Locke's sweat lodge visions!
  • Desmond has apparently seen the future!
  • Locke was part of a drug ring!
  • The hatch explosion blew off Desmond's underwear!
  • Ben turns up as an airline worker in Locke's guided vision -- that guy is everywhere!

Surreal Moments of Further Instructions,,Another Eye Opening, this time, that of the conflicted Locke begins the episode.,,the Eye, the surreal metaphor of the gateway between the two realites of Man..the exterior world,, and the interior world,, the Island ,,and the Flashbacks...Locke can't speak, as Charlie couldn't hear,,and who can't see no evil? The viewer? ( Desmond's nakedness anybody?).. The conflicted Locke: resides in a commune,,but needs to have guns...picks peaches but claims hes a " Hunter"..says diner prayers,, but is easily led to shooting Eddie..realizes He's made a mess..but lets the Spirit World tell him how to fix it..The polarity so often symbolized in LOST is abit more subtle in this episode. The surreal " rise up", realization, the resolving of the diametrically opposed conflicted life comes with the short simple line from the Herald of the Surreal. ,Eko,," You will find them John,,afterall, you are a hunter.."..the surreal is seeing he means , not a stalker/killer,,but a seeker...It fits the Man of Faith,, as well as the police's profile having him pegged as easily manipulated. When you seek in everybody but yourself..yes, you are easy targets for Illusionists. That is Lockes, handicap, his wheelchair. Tricky episode episode dealing with conflicted life: how many "realities" were presented? the Island and its illusionary Polar Bears,,the illusionary " commune" flashback..and the Illusionary " Spirit World"..The only Truth spoken,, was by the Surreal Eko.

I spoke of exploring LOVE in the previous episode surreal moments...consider, Locke's Love of Himself.. or his Self; he still hasn't got it quite right. He has returned to his faith in the Island,,rather than Faith in his Self. His not LOVING him self,,just guarantees his continued conflicted existance...But Desmond,, after pledging eternal Love to his Penelope,, and then liberating all that electro magnetic mumbo jumbo,,is changed by being motivated by his guilt to "realize" that Love,, and is free'd by it. He has broke free from the constraints of Time. The Real mystery is.. what will Hurley make of his knowing about Desmond's new found " freedom".
New Clues:
It was interesting that Desmond was found naked by Hurley, as if he was "Adam" from the Bible. However, after he received the shirt from Hurley he began to look like Jesus, in a long "dress-like" clothing, long hair, and beard. And then the way he looked out into the ocean and knowing what Locke would say before he said it.

This episode was originally set to air on 10/11/2006 as the second episode of season three, but was switched for unknown reasons.

Locke's guided vision seems to correlate to the state of the island at the moment (or very near future?); behind the glass, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are being checked with a metal detector by Ben. Also, Sayid, Jin, and Sun are in line together, with Sun and Jin fighting, and Sayid breaking it up. Desmond is "taking care of himself" as a crowd of flight attendants follow him eagerly, and Hurley is alone behind a desk in an Oceanic uniform, typing in the numbers a la the hatch. Also, Claire (with very different-looking hair) and Charlie are together, cradling Aaron.

Q & A:
Q: What is at the root of Locke's whole existential "Are you a farmer or a hunter?" conversation?
A: This is an anthropological idea: that the male of the species acts as either a protector or a warrior. For example, look at Odysseus' role as a "king" to his people, he is essentially a farmer himself, leader of an agrarian culture. But when called upon to go to war by his superior, he has a conflict within himself whether he is a farmer (domestic protector) or a soldier (warrior/hunter, etc.). This is basically the central argument for Locke (and possibly, any man) whether he is a caregiver or a killer. Locke's answer is that he is a hunter, or is it that he wants to believe it?

Q: "Claire is shocked to find Nikki and Paulo in Jack's tent." Did I miss this scene? It seems like Nikki and Paulo kind of just appeared as if they'd been there all along.
A: The scene was originally scripted and produced, but was cut out of the TV episode. Some previews for the episode said both of them were having relations inside Jack's tent, when Claire found them out. It could probably be included in the DVD release for third season.

Q: Did anyone notice that Eddie had a Geronimo Jackson T-Shirt on? What relation could it have?
A: Geronimo Jackson was a record that was in the record collection of the hatch. I think it just shows the connection of the island to the outside world, and it's possible Eddie may have something to do with the island later. Besides, he said his father was the one

Q: What was a yellow dump truck doing in the polar bear cave?
A: It could have something to do with Locke, when he used to work at the toy store; or to show off that there are more children in the island.

Q: Why was there a skeleton of a baby/child doing wrapped up in a Dharma blanket in the polar bear's cave?
A: I think that they are showing that babies and adults were killed by these polar bears to make us think that those that were a part of the Dharma initiative were families, or were stuck on the island long enough to become families. Then with that in mind we might be led to belieive that the polar bears killed all those working on the Dharma initiative. -- Ryan W.

Q: How did Locke end up in the "drug camp" and why did he go there?
A: Locke spoke in his blessing about how much anger he had, and how his experience in the commune helped him deal with that anger. What plot events led him there, we don't know yet (maybe the producers don't know either), but clearly Locke found a place where he could be at peace and surround himself with a kind of family. Note to Locke: Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

Q: Why, exactly, did Locke need all those guns? To protect the drug ring, or perhaps for a plan to start a militant group with bigger plans than just selling drugs?
A: Locke doesn't seem the type to stage a coup using his weapons collection, otherwise he would have done so on the island somewhere in early season 2. Locke's experience with firearms made him the likely candidate to protect the commune, his "family".

Q: How did Hurley know about the hatch blowing up when he made the comment to Desmond about his underwear being blown off? Before coming upon Desmond we don't see him getting that story from anyone.
Ummmm, The sky turned purple, there was a bunch of noise, the hatch door nearly killed Claire...Oh wait, he wasn't at the camp yet, was he? Maybe he passed the hatch on the way back to camp?? Good question.

Previous Episode:
The Glass Ballerina

Next Episode:
Every Man For Himself

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The bones in the Polar Bear's lair really seemed like they could be bones from the Other's children. Maybe the Others collect children to sacrifice to the bear so it leaves them alone. Walt maybe couldn't be killed by it so that's why the one Other said, "Walt's a very special boy."
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Dsmond has to live to find out why the astronauts on the monitoring station were monitoring him.
And what is with the phone call from them to Desmonds girlfriend??? That was after he turned the key in the lock. If the blast was nucular then why was there no radiation rain, or ill effects suffered by anyone, unless it was a sham. Remember the notebooks piled up under the air tube laying on the ground? Is this whole thing a plot by Desmonds girlfriend father to keep tabs on his whereabouts?
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