3.01 "A Tale of Two Cities"

Episode Title: "A Tale of Two Cities"

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written By: Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams

Directed By: Jack Bender

Episode Number: 3.01 (Overall: #48)

Production Number: 301

Air Date: 10/04/06

3.01 "A Tale of Two Cities" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis:

The episode begins with a blonde woman pouting in front of a mirror, trying to psych herself up for having company over to her suburban tract house. (At first she looks a little like Penny Widmore) Poor pouty blonde, nothing is going right for her: she tries to put on a Talking Heads CD, and out pops Petula Clark, singing "Downtown". This is reminiscent of the first episode of Season Two in which the first thing we heard was another '60's/'70's song, "Make Your Own Kind of Music." She tries to bake muffins, and ends up with burnt crumbs all over the floor and a dishtowel wrapped around her burned hand. Her plumber hasn't had any luck fixing her pipes, and worst of all, her plumber is the now-dead Ethan, the Other who posed as a survivor of Flight 815, and kidnapped Claire. And what does the pouty blonde (whom we learn is called , "Juliet ") get for inviting her neighbors over for a little book chat? She has to take crap for having chosen an unidentified Stephen King book instead of "real literature". Real literature that BEN would approve of. At this point we know not of whom they speak. But one thing is clear: the problem is not the book, so much as it is Ben. Next thing you know, Juliet's book club/party is all ruined because of an earthquake. After the rumbling stops, all of the party guests run outside, and who do we see running outside from the tract house across the way? Henry Gale! The man that Jack and the others held captive.

The camera pans upward, and it becomes apparent that this is a flashback to Flight 815 breaking up midflight, only it's being seen from the perspective of the Others. And this suburban enclave? It's Craphole Island, as the late Shannon called it. And it is populated by the Others. Suddenly Henry is barking commands, telling Ethan and Goodwin (also now-dead, killed by the also-now-dead Ana Lucia) to infiltrate the survivors. The scene ends, but not before Henry snarks to Juliet, "So, I guess I'm out of the book club?"

Next, we cut to Jack, who is being holed up in what turns out to be a (now empty) huge shark and part-time dolphin aquarium (Dharma station the Hydra). Jack is being tended to by Juliet, whose pretty face belies a heart filled with tough love and who reveals that the dart with which the Others subdued him (and his friends) contained drugs which can cause dedration, among other things, which can lead to hallucinations. Jack may or may not be hallucinating when he hears his father's voice over a long-defunct intercom. But the biggest issue seems to be that Jack won't accept the icky grilled cheese sandwich and Dharma Water that Juliet offers. But when Juliet eats the sandwich herself, it becomes clear that the problem more likely lies with Jack: seems Jack won't accept anything at all, in fact, let alone food. In particular, we are shown that back on the charted earth, Jack wouldn't accept that his wife has left him for another man. Jack has many flashbacks to his days as an ex-wife stalker. We learn that Jack's father, Christian, who drank himself to death in Australia, was a recovering alcoholic until Jack drove him back to the bottle.

Jack and Juliet engage in what might later turn out to be a little foreplay - him trying to escape by tackling her, her punching him out when he opens a door that leads straight into the ocean, nearly drowning the both of them (Henry would have been in danger too, had he not quickly bolted and slammed the door behind him, leaving Juliet to fend for herself) and eventually, a subdued "getting to know you" discussion, by which I mean that Juliet has already gotten to know everything about Jack, and Jack gets to know nothing about Juliet.

Meanwhile, Kate has awoken in a locker room. Tom (the meanie with the fake grizzly beard from last season is there, sans fake grizzly beard) to tell her to shower. Kate says through clenched teeth that she will NOT shower in front of him, and he amusingly replies "Kate, you're not my type" and leaves her to shower in privacy. After her shower she finds that her island clothes are gone and that she has been instructed to put on a pretty summer sundress. She is then led out to meet her creepy breakfast date: Henry Gale. Seems Henry has had an elaborate breakfast set up for himself and Kate under a thatched roof palapa, complete with strawberries, scrambled eggs,.and shiny pair of handcuffs. Lots of "Why's" ensue from Kate, like "Why did you make me wear this dress?" and "Why are you feeding me breakfast?". Kate should be commended for asking the good questions, unlike Jack. Henry is pretty straightforward in response, basically saying, "I want to give you a nice memory to hold onto because the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant." This is quite ominous, of course. But what is even more striking is that obviously, Henry doesn't have, or hasn't carefully read, the dossier on Kate because if he did, he would never have presumed that the memory of wearing a pretty little party dress would be something the cargo-pants wearing, gun-toting, bank-robbing tomboy might find comforting.

Kate is eventually led to.....

Sawyer. Or actually, into a cage/cell across from Sawyer's. These cages/cells, unlike Jack's, are outdoors in a clearing in the jungle. In fact, were they not housing humans, one might think they were cages in a zoo. Or, perhaps, a science lab! And, in fact, it is implied that these cages may have housed bears (polar bears, perhaps?) that participated in some behavioral psychology experiements. Sawyer is looking greasy and stressed out when we first see him. Across from Sawyer in another cage is a young man named Karl. When Karl escapes from his cage by picking the lock, he wastes his time by helping to set Sawyer free as well, thus ensuring both of them being re-captured. Sure enough, Sawyer doesn't get very far before Juliet appears in the jungle with her trusty stun gun. Sawyer is stunned into submission, whereupon he is thrown back into his cage. After being recaptured, a bloodied Karl is forced to appologize to Sawyer. "I'm very sorry for involving you in my escape plan," he says before being led away to who knows where. Sawyer after playing with the levers, he quickly uses his cleverness to outfox the Rube Goldbergian food-vending contraption into giving him a fish-shaped dog biscuit, some kibble and best of all, some water. Although not as quickly as the bears, who apparently we find our from Tom took "only" two hours to accomplish the same task.

When Kate is led to Karl's former cage, it is unclear how much time has lapsed since her breakfast date with Henry. It could be that mere moments have passed or it could be far longer, as her wrists are terribly cut up from the handcuffs Henry insisted she wear. At any rate, she looks, at best, defeated or at worst, psychologically traumatized. When Kate and Sawyer see each other, the chemistry is tangible. He calls her "Freckles". He throws her a fish biscuit and some longing looks. It's almost like the good old days when their big problems were mere trivialities like how they were going to get food, what they were going to do about the polar bears and what exactly was that big black smoke monster that ate the pilot?

Last but definitely not least, we see Henry and Juliet conferring. Henry smiles beneficently and tells Juliet that she done good. She tells him, "Thank you. BEN." AHA!! Henry's "real" name (assuming he has a real name) is BEN!


Tonight's multiple flashbacks were all about Jack--his marriage to Sarah (played by Julie Bowen) is almost over, now in the hands of divorce attorneys. He's desperate to learn the name of the man who is now with his wife, and harasses Sarah to tell him. She won't, so he starts to get suspicious and searches through her cell phone and starts calling numbers. Paranoia leads him to conclude his Dad--Dr. Christian Shephard played by John Terry -- is sleeping with Sarah. Jack follows his Dad to a hotel hoping to bust him with Sarah, but instead finds himself confronting his dad in an AA meeting. And yes, he attacks him and accuses him of being with Sarah. Bottom line? Jack finds himself being bailed out of jail by Sarah, and learns that after 50 sober days, his dad is drunk again. We're to assume that this is what leads him to the drunken surgery, which brings us full circle to Season One...

OMG Moments:

The whole Other-burbian scenario...one big OMG, especially seeing Henry order Ethan and Goodwin (both now dead) to act as survivors of Flight 815! Jack as an ex-wife stalker. Jack driving his father back to drinking after his father having been sober for 50 days. Henry's real name is BEN!

New Clues:

Blood has been drawn from two of the three captives, so perhaps some strange physiological experiments are in the works, or perhaps some biological experiments? A dove/flash of white light seems to fly from the Other-burban scene as the camera pans away from the Others staring up at the sky after Flight 815 breaks in two. We are told something unpleasant will be happening to Kate in the next two weeks - what could it be? The Others have access to a LOT of info about the Lostaways - creating a dossier about Jack, for example. How did they get it?

Unanswered Questions:

If Ben told Ethan and Goodwin to go make lists of names and then report back in three days, why did 3 of the taillies get "taken" the first night?


In one of the first episodes of season 2, when Sawyer and Micheal are stuck on the raft, they notice a shark circling. Later in the episode, the camera pans under water as the shark swims by. If you watch slowly, you will notice that on the tail, there is a DHARMA insignia. How did it get there? Well, we find out that there was a hatch built as an aquarium to house sharks and dolphins. Presumably the sharks were then released after all experiments were performed and completed?

    See new subpage to ask and answer a long list of questions for the new season!

    Surreal Moments of ToTC: The Eye opening of Juliette as with any character's Eye Opening is a sure sign of what follows is a Surreal exploration. That it was of a mirror image made it different from all the other Eye Openings of LOST. After all the trauma of earthquake and plane crash, Ben;s line to Julie about the book club had to be the most out of place and time , incongruent, " surreal" line of the beginnig of a new season. Again, the sense of " opposites" diametrically opposed sensibilities was demonstrated in the "beach breakfast "scene between Kate and Ben. Sawyer's " Fish Biscuit" seemed like a subtle tribute to Andre Breton's ( a founder of Surrealism) short piece of work, " Soluable Fish".Jacks flashback of singular obsession with having to know Sarah;s Lover's name,," just tell me his name!!" was great metaphor with our obsession, belief, , Trust, in Logic..That Julie got Jack to finally open up to another perspective,, one of " Is She Happy?" was the " rise up," achieving the surreal realization of the episode. While not all, those are some of my favorite " surreal" moments of ToTC..

    Previous Episode:
    (Season 2 Finale)
    "Live Together, Die Alone"
    Next Episode:
    "The Glass Ballerina"

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    I just realized also, that the others viewed the plane crach on a beautifuly bright sunny day! My first reaction was that they made a mistake, but now that Im thinking about it, I dont think the writers of Lost would do that on accident. maybe it is two worlds coliding??? Was it raining to day of the crash though? Or were the survivors all wet because they crashed into the ocean??? Maybe it doesent rain on that side of the Island.
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    Like you said :
    '' OMG Moments:
    The whole Other-burbian scenario...one big OMG, especially seeing Henry order Ethan and Goodwin (both now dead) to act as survivors of Flight 815! Jack as an ex-wife stalker. Jack driving his father back to drinking after his father having been sober for 50 days. Henry's real name is BEN! ''

    And if i'am wrong tell me but i don't think he's dead

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