2.23 "Live Together, Die Alone"

Episode Title: "Live Together, Die Alone"

Episode Number: 47 (Second Season Finale)

Production Number: 223

Air Date: 5/24/06

2.23 "Live Together, Die Alone" Synopsis: A sailboat appears on the horizon during Ana-Lucia and Libby's funeral. Jack, Sawyer, and Sayid entered the boat, to discover Desmond.. He says that he should of been in Fiji, but the island is like a snowglobe.

Sayid has suspicions on Michael's plan to rescue Walt from the Others. He asks Desmond for the boat, as he plans to go to the decoy village. Desmond gives him the boat, and Sayid asks Jin to come along. He accepts, and Sun comes also.

Michael, along with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley walk through the jungle to reach the Others. Then, a large bird flies over them, and seemingly says Hurley's name. Michael tries to shoot it, but there is no ammo in the gun.

Locke talks to Desmond that night, and asks him "What does one snowman say to the other snowman?". Desmond replies "Smells like Carrots". Locke tells him what he saw on the Pearl orientation video, and says that the button is not real. Locke talks him into helping him stop Mr. Eko from pushing the button. Desmond fakes a lockdown and, locking Mr. Eko out of the control room.

The Four-Toed StatueBack on the Boat, Sayid, Jin, and Sun discover a strange object in the distance. There is a giant statue, but it was destroyed. Only the foot was left, which had only four toes.

Back in the jungle, the people encounter a couple of Others. Firing breaks out, and Sawyer manages to kill an Other. Michael is upset bout this, causing Jack to confront him. Michael admits about killing Ana-Lucia and Libby, and that he released Henry Gale. Hurley says that he is going to head back, but Jack talks about Sayid's plan.

Mr. Eko returns to the hatch with Charlie. Mr Eko plans to use dynamite, so he can destroy the blast door, and get his way inside. Charlie is worried that the dynamite detonating in a confined area will kill them. Mr. Eko light the dynamite, and Charlie runs for cover. The dynamite explodes, but it does not destroy the blast door. Desmond wants to open the blast door to see if they are hurt, but Locke says it's a trap. Locke talks about the time he came to the hatch after Boone died, when the light went on. Locke saved Desmond's life, because he was thinking of suicide that night, but he realized there was someone up there.

The Capsule dumpSayid reaches the Other's village. He explored the tents, but they were all empty. Then he went to a hatch, and opened it. Inside was nothing, just rock wall.

Back at the jungle, they see a pile of pneumatic tube capsules from the Pearl. In the distance, Jack sees the smoke signal Sayid set up. They all hear whispers, and suddenly the Others use electronic darts to stun them, and capture all of them. They are then taken to a pier, where many Others, including Henry Gale, Tom, and Ms. Klugh are at.

I Was WrongDesmond is looking at the log printout from the Pearl. He sees the words SYSTEM FAILURE on it, and realizes that this was the time the plane crashed. He then says "I think I crashed your plane". Charlie, whose ears are ringing from the blast, finds Mr. Eko unconscious. The Timer is getting close to zero, and Desmond and Locke are still arguing over the reality of the button. But Locke destroys the computer, and Desmond yells, "You've killed us all!" He then opens the blast doors, and runs to the bookcase, taking the book Our Mutual Friend. Inside is the fail-safe key. He then says "I'll see you in another life brother, and goes down to turn the fail-safe key. The timer reaches zero, and the hieroglyphics appear as a voice repeatedly says "System Failure". Metal objects go flying everywhere, and Locke simply says "I was wrong". Desmond reaches the fail-safe key, but before he turns it, he says "I love you Penny". He turns the key, and there is a bright light, and the sky turns a bright purple, and a sharp noise is heard.

Michael and Walt on the BoatThe people at the peir also heard and saw the affects of the discharge. Henry Gale tells Michael that "a deal's a deal," reuniting him with Walt, giving him a boat and the coordinates he needs to sail to freedom, which was 325 degrees. Michael and Walt get in the boat, and sail away. Ms. Klugh tells Hurley to go back to camp with word that the rest of the survivors must never come to this part of the island. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer remain their captives, with bags over their heads.

I Think We Found It.In a cold region, most likely Antarctica, two men are playing chess. One of them notices a flashing red light on the computer. They look panicked, and after arguing, one says to make the call. The phone rings, and someone turns on the light. It's Penelope Widmore. The man says "I think we found it". Penny is shocked by the news.

Flashback: Desmond is at a prison, and was dishonorable discharged from the army. He walks to a car, and enters it. Inside is Charles Widmore. He gives him two boxes, one is his past, which has the letters he sent to Penny, the other is his future, which is a large sum of money.

Desmond and LibbyLater, Desmond is in America, and is at a cafe. He went to buy a coffee, but ran out of American money. A woman, who goes by the name of Elizabeth buys a coffee for him. Desmond talks about the boat race, and says he needs a boat. Libby says she has a boat, and is willing to give it to him. Desmond thanked her, and accepted the boat.

At a Stadium, Desmond is getting prepared to train for the race when Penny appears. Desmond explains that he undertook the race around the world as a way to win over the father of her. She promises to wait for him. This would be their last conversation.

Desmond Reads Penny's LetterCrashing on the island, he is rescued by Kelvin Inman. Kelvin teaches him to push the button and only ever ventures outside the hatch in a HAZMAT suit. After three years, Desmond finally follows him outside and realizes the quarantine is a hoax. Kelvin has been restoring Desmond's boat and was planning to leave. They fight and Desmond accidentally kills him. He hurries back, but the timer had already reached zero. He finally managed to reset it, but the damage was already done.

Desmond is about to read Our Mutual Friend, when a letter from Penny falls out. He reads it, and is about to kill himself in despair when he hears Locke banging on the outside of the hatch, it's the night Boone died. Knowing he's not alone after all, he now has a reason to live.

OMG moment: "I think I crashed your plane," Desmond tells Locke. Ambushed by the Others, Sawyer is hit with a dart and convulses on the ground; Jack and Kate are next. A huge blast of light and sound comes from the hatch -- stunning everyone on the island.

Questions and clues:

  • Why isn't Charlie more concerned about them?

  • Is that the last we've seen of Michael and Walt?
    • A: No

  • What is the four-toed statue remnant?
    • It's a remnant of an ancient Egyptian statue, and it's where Jacob lives.

  • Did the green bird say Hurley's name?
    • A: No, it did not. Just sounded like it did.

  • What did Henry Gale mean when he told Michael that the Others are "the good guys"?
    • He most likely meant that the Others are good, and people like Widmore and the Dharma Initiative are bad.

  • Do those Portuguese monitoring the island work for Penny, not Dharma?
    • They work for Penny, because they called her and told her they found it, meaning they located the island.

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