2.02 "Adrift"

Episode Title: "Adrift"

Episode Number: 26

Production Number: 202

Air Date: 9/28/05

2.02 "Adrift" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: Taking off from last season’s cliffhanger, this episode opens with a wounded Sawyer (shot by one of the Others) pulling Michael from the water after their raft was destroyed by Walt’s kidnappers. Back on the island, Claire discovers Charlie’s Virgin Mary statue stash, but she does not know the heroin hidden inside is the real reason he is keeping them. And in the hatch, Kate and Locke are held at gunpoint by Desmond, the person who’s been manning the hatch for many years, and who is tasked with entering some very familiar numbers in a computer every 108 minutes in order to “save the world.”

Flashback: The flashback tells the story of how Michael lost Walt in a nasty custody battle and how they came to be passengers on the fated Oceanic flight 815 after Walt’s mother died a sad and early death.

OMG Moment: As a wounded Sawyer and Michael slowly drift to the beach on another part of the island, they see a bound Jin running and warning them to turn back because people he believe to be the Others are there. But it’s too late …

OMG Moment Runner Up: In one of the infamous Lost Easter Eggs when we see the shark swimming there is a Dharma brand on its tail... freaky.
You can see it in the scene when sawyer tries to reach that big part of the raft. You can see them from underneath when that shark thing is swimming by showing his tail.

No way? Really? Now I have to go back and watch that episode just to see the shark. thanks for the tipoff.

Questions and clues:
  • Why is Desmond entering the same numbers every 108 minutes?
    • He has to do so, or else they will witness a "system failure" and the magnet will suck every metal object towards it.
  • And what happens if the numbers aren’t entered in time?
    • System Failure (as explained in above answer).
  • Who were the men who kidnapped Walt and what did they want with him?
    • The were four of the Others.
  • What is the significance of the numbers?

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