16 Dots in the Oceanic Airlines LogoThe number 16 is the fourth number in the numbers sequence. Below is a list of the appearances of this number in chronological order by episode, and the number 16 in real life.

In Lost:

Season 1:

"Pilot: Part 1"-
  • Jack says the first spinal surgery operation he did was on a 16 year old girl.
  • Jack, Charlie and Kate find the pilot 16 hours after the plane crash.

"Pilot: Part 2"-
  • Danielle Rousseau's transmission was running for 16 years.

"White Rabbit"-
  • Jack told the ticket agent at the airport that he

"Confidence Man"-
  • Sawyer needs $160,000 to con Jessica.
  • The date on the calender in the bar is June 16th.

  • Hurley was the first person to win the lottery in 16 weeks.

"Exodus: Part 2"-
  • Hurley paid a man $1600 for the scooter.

Season 2:

The Exercise Bike at 16 MPH"Man of Science, Man of Faith"-
  • Desmond was peddling at 16 miles per hour on the exercise bike.

"Everybody Hates Hugo"-
  • One of the pumps at the gas station had 16 on it.

  • Shannon said she would be working at her internship for 16 hours.

"Maternity Leave"-
  • Alex is 16 years old.


"Two for the Road"-
  • One of the police cars had 16 on it.

  • A system failure occurred September 22, 2004 at 16:16 (4:16 PM), which was later discovered to be the reason of the plane crash.

Season 3:

"The Glass Ballerina"-

Juliet typing 1623 in the sonic fence keypad"Left Behind"-

"Through the Looking Glass"-

Season 4:

"The Economist"-
  • The time on Daniel's second clock is 3:16:23

In Real Life:
  • The current Pope is Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Each player has 16 pieces to start with in the game of chess.
  • The average person is awake for 16 hours of a day.

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