1.10 "Raised by Another"

Episode Title: "Raised by Another"

Episode Number: 10

Production Number: 109

Air Date: 12/1/04

1.10 "Raised by Another" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: The Dream- Claire has a dream where she hears a baby crying. Wandering into the jungle she sees Locke at a card table reading tarot cards. He tells her, the baby is her responsibility. Locke has a white and a black eye, another reference to black and white. She finds a crib in the jungle. Unwrapping the blankets she finds a pool of blood and wakes up screaming. The next night she believes someone attacked her, trying to hurt her baby while she was sleeping. Jack does not believe her and gives her sedatives. Angry that he does not believe her, she leaves the cave for the beach with Charlie in tow. On the jungle path Claire goes into labor. Charlie enlists Ethan's help to get Jack from the caves for Claire's delivery. Meanwhile, Hurley has started a survivor census and with the aircraft passenger manifest discovers that Ethan's name is not on the list. Sayid returns from his hike, injured, and tells Jack he found the French lady and that "we are not alone!" Ethan does not get Jack but instead confronts Claire and Charlie in the jungle with an evil look.

Flashback: In this week's flashback, we see a pregnant Claire abandoned by her boyfriend. When she goes to a psychic, he warns her that she must raise the baby herself, despite the fact that she wants to put the baby up for adoption. At the adoption office, two pens that Claire tries to use to sign the adoption contract won't write and she ends up backing out of the adoption. Then the psychic insists she flies to L.A. to give her baby to a nice couple and hands her a ticket to Oceanic Flight 815 leaving the following day. He tells her she must be on that flight.

OMG Moment:
  • Hurley takes a census using the flight manifest and learns that Ethan was not a passenger on the plane. So who is he?

  • We find out that Claire's pshycic knew the plane would crash. He told her to take that plane, and no other plane so she could be the one to raise her child, and not two foster parents.
  • Black and White Reference: In Claire's dream, Locke has one white and one black pupil.
  • Sawyer calls Hurley "Staypuff".

  • What is Ethan up to? Why is he interested in Claire?

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