1.08 "Confidence Man"

Episode Title: "Confidence Man"

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOST
Episode Number: 8

Production Number: 107

Air Date: 11/10/04
Synopsis: This episode focuses on Sawyer. In combination with a flashback that shows him to be a hustler, Boone becomes convinced that Sawyer has his sister, Shannon's asthma refills and is beat up by Sawyer when he is caught rummaging through Sawyer's stash. Both Jack and Kate ask Sawyer to do the right thing, but Sawyer is not interested other than to ask Kate for a kiss. When she refuses, to illustrate what kind of man he is, shows her a letter written to "Mr. Sawyer" saying that after he swindled the (author of the letters) parents, his Father killed his Mother and then committed suicide and that one day he would get vengeance.

As Shannon's breathing becomes more difficult, Jack and Sayid take matters into their own hands and Jack allows Sayid to torture Sawyer to find out where the asthma medicine is. Sawyer gives in and asks for Kate and the kiss he did not previously get. After complying, Sawyer tells Kate he does not have the drugs indicating that he has some self esteem issues as he has made no attempt to let the others know he never had the drugs. By the postmark on the letter/envelope, Kate figures out that this letter was written by Sawyer when he was a kid and for whatever the reason, has taken on the name "Sawyer". Sawyer tells her, he became the man who killed his parents.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTThe Story: Kate's walking along the shore with fruit when she notices on the beach Sawyer's clothes and
a book. She then sees Sawyer in the ocean, he says
"It's a hell of a book, it's about bunnies" as he walks out of the ocean toward her. Sawyer flirts with Kate which doesn't work. Kate walks away. He leaves and heads back to his belongings and he catches Boone looking through his stuff. Sawyer asks Boone "What are you doing with my stuff son?" Then beats him up. When Jack finds out he finds Sawyer sitting down and asks "Where is it?" Sawyer asks "Where's what?" Jack says "The inhalers that Shannon needs for asthma." Sawyer says "Oh, that." Jack confronts Sawyer for attacking a kid who's trying to help his sick sister. He says "I whooped a thief cuz he was going through my stuff." Jack's mad that Sawyer thinks the things from the crash is his stuff. Sawyer says "I don't know what kinda share fest you got going at the caves, but down here possession is 9/10ths and a man has a right to his property." Jack says "Get up!" Sawyer says "Why, you want to see who's taller?" Sawyer says "You really want to make this your problem Doc?" Jack says "Yea I'm sure." Sawyer gets up. Kate walks up asking what's going on, so they stop and Jack walks away.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTKate finds Sawyer to talk because he thinks they have a connection. She thinks that he might tell her where the inhalers are. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he's got so many answers to that question, he don't know where to start. Kate asks him what does he want for the inhalers. Sawyer says "Ah, good question, hang on a tick." He tells her he wants a kiss from her, right now and that outta do it. She tells him, she don't buy the act and that he tries too hard. Kate tells him that she asks him for help for a girl who can't breathe and he wants to kiss her. She tells him nobody's that disgusting. Kate tells him she sees him with that piece of paper, the way he looks at it, how he carefully folds it and puts it in his pocket. She tells him that it means something to him. Kate says "You can play games all you want but there's a human being inside of you somewhere." Sawyer says to Kate that she thinks she understands him. She says "Yes, I think I do." He tells Kate to shut up. He makes her read the letter out loud to show her what type of human being he is. Kate reads the letter from a boy to a con man named Sawyer who seduced his mom and stole his dad's money too. His dad got angry, killed his mom and than killed himself. The boy only knew his name and one day he will find him and give him this letter to let him know what he did to him. "You killed my parents Mr. Sawyer." Sawyer grabs the letter back and glares at her. He says "Now about that kiss". Kate puts her head down, he says "I didn't think so."

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTBefore Jack found out what Sawyer did to Boone, he was tending to a wound on the back of Sayid's head. Sayid said they were trying to find the source from the distress call. Sayid saw the flare from the beach and then the flare from Sawyer's position in the jungle, he then switched on the antenna, activated the distress call and then "darkness". He tells Jack that whoever hit him came from behind and that it destroyed all the equipment. Jack says "They're gonna figure this out." Sayid says "I will do whatever I need to do to find out the man who is responsible." Then Shannon comes running up screaming help for her brother Boone who is badly beaten. Boone tells Jack that Sawyer did this to him because Sawyer caught him looking through his stuff. Boone explains that Shannon has asthma and can't breath and she used up the last of her inhaler, they had four more but can't find them. Boone tells Jack that Sawyer had their book from their luggage so they think he has the inhalers too. Shannon's breathing is getting worse. Boone tries to calm her down. Sawyer walks past them all and he stops to get himself some water. Jack goes after him and says "Give me the inhalers, now! Sawyer says "Hell, I was wondering when you were gonna start asking nice." Jack starts punching Sawyer but he doesn't fight back. But Jack keeps punching him. Sawyer says "That's all you got." Jack looks up, sees people watching this, so he finally stops.

[Untitled]Jack tries to calm Shannon down and tries to teach her how to breathe, he tells Boone to keep her calm and walks away. Sayid follows Jack asking what will happen to her if she doesn't get her medicine. Jack shakes his head. Sayid tells him we'll have to make Sawyer give it to us." Jack tells Sayid that's what we are gonna do. Sayid tells Jack that he will do it. Jack says "I thought you were a Communications Officer." Sayid tells him that part of his training was getting the enemy to communicate, he then goes on to say "Just give me 10 minutes with him and he will give us the medicine." Jack and Sayid grab Sawyer and as they walk past Kate she gets real angry about what they're about to do as they walk pass her. Sayid interrogates and tortures Sawyer. He doesn't give in until Sayid puts a knife by his eye that Locke gave him earlier. Sayid was questioning Locke about who hit him in the back of the head. Locke convinces Sayid that it was probably Sawyer who hit him from behind because Sawyer has nothing to gain by leaving the island. Locke then gives Sayid a knife telling him in case there's a next time. When Sayid threatens to cut his eye out, Sawyer gives in and says the only person that he will tell is her, Jack says "Kate?" Sawyer says that's the deal.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTKate goes to Sawyer thinking he's just going to tell her where those inhalers are. He tells her he will be happy to tell her after he gets that kiss. Kate can't believe he's serious. Sawyer reminds her that he's just been tortured by a spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi, he tells her all he wants is just a kiss, he also tells her that she can't let that poor girl suffocate. Kate agrees and they kiss. When they're done Sawyer tells her he don't have the inhalers and never did. Kate slaps him and walks away. She finds Jack and Sayid and tells them that he doesn't have the inhalers. Sayid says he's lying and goes after Sawyer and stabs him with Locke's knife in the arm, it hits an artery. Jack sends Sayid to get his backpack with supplies to try to stop the bleeding to save his life. Saywer tells Jack to let him die, he has nothing to live for since he already made out with Kate. Sawyer says "If the tables were turned, I'd watch you die."

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTBack at the beach, Charlie is trying to convince Claire to move over to the caves with him. Claire would rather stay on the beach, she thinks it's a better way to get rescued.They start kidding around about things that they miss from home. Charlie can't believe being pregnant, she doesn't miss or crave any food. Claire says "Peanut Butter." That is what she misses. Charlie makes a deal with Claire that if he can get her peanut butter, she will move from the beach to the caves with him. Charlie finds Hurley to see if he has any peanut butter. Hurley tells Charlie that the food from the plane has been gone for a week. Charlie insists that there has to be some secret stash. Hurley tells him "There is no peanut butter, no peanuts, no nothing." Charlie tells Hurley that there has to be something because of the way Hurley looks. This insults Hurley and says "What man, fat guy hoarding the food." Charlie tells him, "Well we've been here for 2 weeks and look at you." Hurley says "What, fat guy hasn't slim down. I'm a big guy, it's gonna be a while before you want to give me a piggy back. And for the record, I'm down a belt notch." Charlie apologizes to him. he goes back to Claire, he tells her that she can move to the caves. Then he takes out an empty jar and they pretend it's peanut butter.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTSun goes to Michael and tells him that she thinks she can help the girl with asthma and asks Michael if he would help her. He later finds Sun with the eucalyptus and asks her if these are the right ones, he's not sure if he found the right tree. Sun looks at it and is very pleased and says they are good. Jin then comes out of no where and starts yelling in Korean. Sun walks away and Michael says to Jin "Don't man, I'm telling you, don't." Sun brings the mixture of eucalyptus and applies it on Shannon, this mixture starts to work right away on Shannon. Jack walks up to Boone. He tells Jack that it's a miracle. He tells Jack that after ten minutes of this mixture she starts to breathe normal. Jack is impressed with Sun. He couldn't believe he didn't think of it himself and he thanks her very much. Jin walks by and he
stops and stares at Sun. She turns away and looks at Shannon calm and relaxed and sees how relieved Boone is.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTSawyer wakes up with a bandage wrapped around his arm. Kate is sitting there beside him. She tells him that he's lucky to be alive. Sawyer asks for Jack. She tells him that he is checking on Shannon. Kate tells him that she read the letter again and again. She tells him she's been trying to figure out why he beat up Boone, instead of just telling him he didn't have his sisters medication. She tried to think of why he would pretend to have the inhalers when he didn't. Kate tells him that the thing that she keeps coming around to is that he wants to be hated. She noticed the envelope America's Bicentennial. From Knoxville, Tennessee. Sawyer looks at her and he tries to stop her from talking. And with pain in his eyes, he says "Kate." She tells him that he was just a kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old and that he was the one who wrote the letter. This letter was not written to him. She says to him "Your name isn't Sawyer is it?" Sawyer says "It was his name, he was a
confidence man, romanced my momma to get their money, wiped them out clean, left a mess behind." He tells Kate he wrote that letter with the hope that one day he'd find him. He tells her, the sad part is when he was 19, he needed
6 grand to pay these guys he was in trouble with. So he found a pretty lady with a dumb husband and he got them to give him their money. " How's that for a tragedy, I became the man I was hunting, I became Sawyer." He looks over at Kate and sees pity in her eyes. He grabs the letter back saying "Don't you feel sorry for me, get the hell out, get out!"

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTAfter Sawyer makes Kate go away, she goes and looks out at the ocean. She sees Sayid leaving the beach. She calls out to him. Sayid stops for a moment to talk to her. Sayid tells Kate that he can't stay here and that he is leaving and doesn't know for how long. Kate tells him that they still don't know what's out there. Sayid says "I have worst things to fear than what's in the jungle." He tells her that what he did today, what he almost did. he swore to never do again. He tells her that if he can't keep that promise than he doesn't deserve to be there. He tells Kate that he hopes they meet again, then walks away from the camp along the shoreline. While Sayid walks away with his loss of confidence for what he did. Sawyer walks over to the ocean, he sits down and leans back against a tree on the beach right in front of the ocean. He has with him his book, cigarettes, a lighter and the letter. He picks the letter up and he tries burn it. He flicks his lighter on under the letter. He has the letter over the flame for a while trying to burn his letter. He couldn't do it, he closes the lighter and stares at the letter that haunts him.

1.08 "Confidence Man" - LOSTFlashback: We learn Sawyer 's background as a con artist. This guy is good, his sad tortured past as a child explains about his conniving ways on the island. In this flashback, Sawyer seduces a married woman named Jessica. He makes her think he is in love with her, but he is really pulling a con on her and her husband to get $160,000 from them from an oil deal that doesn't exist. He pretends that they will all triple their money from the deal. Sawyer takes Jessica and her husband David to lunch. But David is still suspicious, he even mentions a loophole. Sawyer pretends to end the deal with them to ease David's suspicion. Sawyer even leaves his share of his money with them overnight to earn their trust. The only problem is that the money is not Sawyer's, it belongs to this man Kilo. When Kilo finds out that Sawyer left the money with them, he asks Sawyer if he want to die. Then Kilo threatens him and tells him that he better get him his money back, plus 50% or else. The next day Sawyer goes to the couples home and is ready to walk away with their suitcase filled with the $160,000 from them. Right before Sawyer is about to leave, this little boy walks into the room. Sawyer realizes the couple has a son. Sawyer stops and stares at this boy. He tells them "Deals off. He then walks away and leaves their money with them. The couple is confused and Sawyer walks out quickly with no explanation.

  • The song at the end of this episode is called I Shall Not Walk Alone, the lyrics in the song include Mother Mary. Season 3 reveals that Mary was the name of Sawyer's mother.
  • The book that Sawyer was reading that was in Boone's luggage is called Watership Down.
  • Sawyer had $160,000 of Kilo's money, but he told Jessica that he had $140,000.

OMG Moment:
  • Sawyer was the victim, not the villain, from a conman named Sawyer, who ruined his life when he was a boy.
  • Sawyer insists Kate must kiss him in order to get the inhalers, so she does it and guess what...
  • Sawyer never had the inhalers.

Questions and clues:
  • Another scene having to do with a character looking in a mirror.
  • Locke conned Sayid into thinking that Sawyer was the one who hit him from behind.
  • Locke later admits this to Sayid in "The Greater Good".
  • Locke's reason for this was somewhat justified, but with the state of mind that Sayid was in, why would Locke give Sayid a knife?
  • When Shannon is having her asthma attack, Jack says to her "Listen to me, look at me." Jack also says this to Claire in the "Pilot".
  • Christian also says this to Jack during surgery when Christian gives what Jack called "A time out" and then tells Jack to count to 5.
  • How did Sawyer know so soon that him and Kate had a connection?
  • Was Sawyer already in love with Kate?
  • Was Sawyer also conning Kilo out of 20,000 dollars?
  • Did Sawyer ever give Kilo his money back?
  • If not, did Kilo ever find Sawyer and hurt him?
  • What ever happened to Shannon's inhaler?
    • Hurley and Jack find it outside the cave in Season 6.

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