1.07 "The Moth"

Episode Title: "The Moth"

Episode Number: 7

Production Number: 106

Air Date: 11/3/04

1.07 "The Moth" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: The primary focus is Locke helping Charlie kick his heroin habit. In the previous episode, Charlie traded Locke his drugs for his guitar. But suffering from withdrawal, Charlie wants his drugs back. Locke shows him a moth carapace and tells him the story of how nature makes the moth stronger by breaking out of it's shell. He also tells Charlie that if he asks him 3 times for his drugs back, on the 3rd time he'll give them back to him. At one point, Charlie asks Locke why is he torturing him, why not just throw the drugs away? Locke tells him that the effort is meaningless if there is no choice. Charlie finds the strength and after saving Jack from a cave collapse, asks Locke for his drugs for the third time. Charlie takes his pouch of drugs and tosses it into the fire.

Kate and Jack discuss the advantages and disadvantages of moving the camp from the beach to the caves; and Sayid continues tracking down the radio signal.

Flashback: Charlie's rise and steep fall in the rock world sure make for good television!

OMG Moment:
  • Jack gets trapped in the caves when they collapse, and has a close brush with death. Charlie saves Jack. In the process, he sees a moth that leads him and Jack to a hole to the surface.
  • Sayid gets knocked out by something in the jungle as he's trying to locate the radio signal.

Questions and clues:
  • Who or what got to Sayid?
    • Locke
  • Why has the radio signal been on a loop for 16 years?
  • Who was the survivor who created the message and is she still alive on the island?
    • Danielle Rousseau made it, and she's still alive.

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